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Lukasz Witt Michalowski – Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wife …


As more time passes by, the world is become more globalized than ever. Because of it, there has been immense increase in the exchange of the ideas regarding culture, food, technology, religion and arts, you name it.

Which means some specific trend which wasn’t considered a norm in a one particular region will inevitably manifest in reality in that region within the few years due to increased globalization for example the art of theatre acting.

Though this form of art expression originally began during the second half of the 19th century in the Europe, however it has managed to sustain despite the occurrences of many dramatic events such as war, pandemic etc.

If you still think that nobody watches theatre dramas anymore then you couldn’t more wrong as this film industry is earning millions, especially in the region of the Europe. The increased demand has caused many European theater directors to become immersed in composing and directing the numerous theatrical plays and drama.

As you have assumed it, today this article will be talking about not just any common theatrical director but a famous polish theatrical director and actor as well who is known as Lukasz Witt Michalowski. Read on ahead as we disclose the information about this polish celebrity.

Lukasz Witt Michałowski Early Life

Lukasz Witt Michalowski was born on 8th October 1974 in Lublin, Poland. His father, Mr. Michalowski worked in entertainment sector while his mother, Mrs. Michalowski worked as entrepreneur. Lukasz has two siblings, one brother named Jurand Witt Michalowski and one sister named Monika Makuch.

He completed his basic education from V LO im. Marii Sklodowskieji- Curie School located in Lublin. Later on, he got enrolled in AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow to study further about theatre arts.

In addition to this, Lukasz also attended Hessische Theaterakademie in Frankfurt, Germany in order to study more about the theatre directing. After completing necessary qualifications, Lukasz shifted all his focus on establishing the career in becoming both professional actor and director as well.

Lukasz’ Career as an Actor

According to the sources, before becoming director, Lukasz opted to start his career as theatre actor, hence he started performing in numerous stage plays whenever he got an opportunity.

In fact on year 2000, he got his first acting debut for the film known as Syzyfowe Pace where he played the fictional role of the character named Tymekiewicz for two years.

As a Director

However, Lukasz obtained his major breakthrough in his career when he began directing the theater plays. Up till now he has directed total twelve theatrical plays which consists of :

1) Aporia 43 Artura Palygi (2012)
2) Gliny z innej gliny ( Part I & II) (2020)      
3) Glod Knuta Hamsuna (2010)                            
4)  Pool (2008)
5) Ponowne Zjednoczenie Korei Joela Pommerata (2017)
6) Pustynia Tankerda Dorsta (2005)
7)  Liza wg F. Dostojewskiejo (2013)
8) Lubelskieji Sunny InVitro (2007)
9) Tankreda Dorsta (2005)
10) Tangen (2005)
11) Tata ma kota Szymona Bogacza (2015)
12) Zly Scenariusz; Dariusz Jez (2009)

Net Worth of Lukasz Witt Michałowski

The current net worth of the Lukasz Witt Michalowski is estimated to be around $ 2-3 million. His main source of earning comes from acting, directing theatrical plays and paid collaborations with other brands.

His Personal Relationship

At present, Lukasz is currently in relationship with his long time girlfriend Anna Maria Sieklucka who like him is polish movie star as well.

They started dating back when they used to study together in the State Higher School of Theater of Krakow. The couple has only one son and is currently living in Poland.

Some Details about his girlfriend Anna Maria Sieklucka

This name sounds familiar right? If not, maybe this hint will refresh your memory, she was the main female leading actress of Netflix’ erotic drama “365 days”. That’s right; you have read it correctly that Lukasz Witt Michalowski girlfriend’s Anna Maria has played the character of Laura Biel in aforementioned steamy drama.

But before we indulge further into her acting career, let us take quick peek in her background.

Anna Maria Sieklucka was born on 31st May 1992 in Lublin which is located in the eastern side of the Poland. While the details of her mother are not disclosed, however we do have information that her father Jerzy Antoni Sieklucki worked as lawyer.

Anna Maria studied from one of the reputable theater schools known as Wroclaw based Faculty of Puppetry of AST National Academy of Theater Arts where she graduated on year 2018.

Currently, Anna Maria Sieklucka has starred in only one television show and one film respectively. With first one known as Na dobre i na zie, which is polish television series about the lives of the hospital staff and paramedics; though she made her debut in one episode only.

However the second one was the Polish Erotic thriller film called as “365 days” which provided her significant boost in her acting profession.

The Netflix Polish Erotic film “365 days” is the story about the female character Laural Biel who is kidnapped by the Sicilian man named Massimo Torricelli who captures and gives her a one year time period to fall in love with him.

The film was released on 7th February 2020 within the boundaries of Poland in theaters while it was released on international range through Netflix on 7th June 2020. 

Though it has earned many million views but was heavily criticized by the film critics and majority of people who stated that the film glorified the notorious sect of the society “Mafia” and promoted the culture of sexual violence.

Even the film actress Anna Maria was quite hesitant at first to play this character by informing the media with statement that this role proved to be challenging for her.

Some fun facts about Lukasz Witt Michalowski

1. Lukasz is multilingual; he can speak up to four languages fluently including English, Polish, German and Russian.
2. Some of his favorite activities consist of playing soccer, reading, singing and listening to music.
3. He is avid traveler and loves to travel whenever he gets the free time from his work.
4. He has earned many reputable awards and achievements for his work. Among these awards, he has rewarded with Nagroda Prezydenta Miasta Lublin for Promoting Culture award twice in row.
5.  He is an animal lover and has kept four cats.
6. In addition working as director and actor, Lukasz has also worked as production designer for the Television Series Theater.
7. There is eighteen years gap between him and his girlfriend. Lukasz is 47 years old while his girlfriend Anna Maria Sieklucka is 29 years.
8. His favorite singer is Leonard Cohen.

Personal Measurements of Lukasz Witt

Heis the tall structure man with of height of 196 cm which is 6 feet and 5 inches. Since he was born in October, his zodiac sign is Libra.

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