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Anna Maria Seiklucka – Star Of Erotica Film 365 days


Anna maria seiklucka- Star of netflix erotica film 365 days- Anna Maria Seiklucka height/ net worth/ boyfriend/ and much more.

Anna Maria Seiklucka rose to fame after her debut in erotic drama netflix film called 365 days. She co starred with Michele Morrone and the onscreen couple’s chemistry was praised all around the world by many. Fans and followers also began speculating that the onscreen couple is dating in real life and all their s*x scenes are real.

So were they real? Is she dating Michele? What is Anna Maria seiklucka’s net worth? Anna Maria’s height?

Keep scrolling down if you are curious about these details.

Early life of Anna Maria

Anna Maria Seiklucka is a Polish actress, singer, model and well known instagram influencer. Born 31st May, 1992, Anna Maria Seiklucka is 29 years old born and raised in Lublin, Poland. Her birth date indicates that she is a gemini.

(Anna Maria Seiklucka height) she is 5’3 tall. With current networth of $ 7M

The 365 days actress has never really opened up about her family however according to some resources, her father is a lawyer, Jerzy Antonio Sielklucka  


Education of Anna Maria

Anna Maria Seiklucka graduated from AST national Academy of Theatre arts in 2018. She is a multi-lingual, fluent in English, french, polish and german.

Anna Maria Sieklucka Net Worth & Movies/Career

Anna (her stage name) started her career a theatre artist. She performed in various plays throughout. Moving forward she played a small role in a polish Tv series called “Na dobre I na zle” (2019). The character’s name was Aniela Gabrek and appeared in in episode named “Jutro Bedziemy szczeliwi”.

Fast forwarding to her Final breakthrough..

Anna Maria Seiklucka eventually landed a breakthrough role in a netflix erotic drama film 365 days in 2020 in which she debuted as the famous hot woman “laura biel” who was a free spirit and a strong independent woman until she was kidnapped by a mafia leader who claims that laura will fall in love with in within 365 days.

The couple has steamy erotic scenes for which the movie was the hot topic in many countries. As per Newsweek it was the most watched movie on Netflix in 2020. however it was reported that around 75000 people had petitioned to remove 365 days from Netflix.

The movie was also called “soft porn” by many. Anna Maria Sieklucka net worth of $700,000 currently, was hesitant to accept the role after she read the script, however she ended up doing it anyway.

Anna Maria Seiklucka is the worst actress?

Well, we don’t know about that, but according to some resources Anna maria Seiklucka was nominated in Golden Raspberry award for worst actress for her performance in 365 days.

What is Anna Maria Seiklucka height?

Anna Maria Seiklucka height is reportedly 5’3. She is an average height actress however extremely beautiful and alluring. As per latest updates, she weighs 51 kgs.

Who is Anna Maria Seiklucka’s boyfriend?

The chemistry Anna Maria and Michelle had onscreen, led to the rise of rumor that both leading stars are dating each other in real life as well. The rumor spread like wildfire. However on April 6 Anna posted a picture on her Instagram with her boyfriend.

Anna Maria Seiklucka is dating lukasz Witt Michalowski.


The couple met each other during their college days, in Faculty of puppetry of AST national Academy of theatre Arts. In the beginning they were just friends and didn’t began dating up until 2018. The 360 days actress revealed in an interview that she and Lukasz have been together for more than a year now.

Otherwise private and cautious of her personal life, Anna only chose to make her relationship with lukasz Witt Michalowski public in early 2020 by posting a cute picture of them. She captioned the photo “Jedno. Prywatne. I więcej nie będzie” which translates as “one. Private. And there will be no more”.

Anna Maria Seiklucka is in a long term and very serious relationship with Lukasz Witt Michalowski. Which only confirms that Anna maria and Michelle morrone are only good friends off screen.

As for the updates about their relationship right now? Well the couple is very protective of their privacy and we intend to respect that.

Anna Maria Seiklucka is famous instagram influencer as well with followers up to 4.4M (almost half of Anna maria Seiklucka’s networth: $7M)

But you will find no information or pictures about her family or boyfriend. Which only ensures how much she is conscious of her privacy. Anna Maria Sieklucka net worth is $700,000.

What is Anna Maria Seiklucka Net Worth

According to Forbes 22, Anna Maria Seiklucka’s networth is around $700,000.

Which is only the beginning. The Polish actress is again talk of the town with the release of sequel of 365 days, 365 Days: this day.  

Are the intimate scenes in 365 days real?

If you have watched the movie, you may be wondering that the scenes are too perfectly shot to be fake. They look real and convincing. The movie itself is filled with graphic and intense scenes. The kind of intimacy and closeness they have shown in the movie has left many viewers questioning the cast over tweeter if the sex scenes are fake or real in 365 days.


Many people believe them to be real. Because according to them its impossible to fake these, as they look very real.

The sequel 365 days:This day was much more graphic and steamy than the previous one.

However, back in the days of 365 days (2020) actor michelle morrone confirmed in his instagram live that the sex scenes in 365 days are fake.

According to the actor “it seems like real. Because we are good actors, we know how to fake. But it wasn’t real”.  The actors used prosthetics, during the scene on yatch where they had to show oral s*x. They never really touched each other’s skin, said the actor of 365 days.

How was the shooting of 365 days done?

Bartek Cierlica when talking to Variety, revealed that their main concern was making the atmosphere as private and intimate as possible so that both the actors can get comfortable and express exactly the same emotions they required to show. So that it looks as real as possible. In order to achieve this, they made camera as invisible to the actors as possible and reduced the crew members to absolute minimum. “We wanted this sex to be pretty authentic” he further added “but not to cross the boundaries of pornography”.

About 365 days

The movie is based on a first novel of series written by Blanka Lipińska, 365 days is a polish erotic drama film directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes. The plot revolves around a young woman Laura (Anna Sieclucka) being abducted by a sicillian Mafia guy (michele morrone) who wants her to fall In love with him over the time of 365 days.


Some facts about Anna Maria Sieklucka:

  • Anna Maria Sieclucka has a net worth was $700,000
  • Anna Maria Sieclucka’s height is 5’3
  • Anna Maria sieclucka’s boyfriend is a director and his name is luckasz Witt
  • Anna Sieclucka is not married
  • Anna Sieclucka lives in Warsaw Poland
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