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Hailey Grice, The Model Mistaken for Dan Bilzerian’s Wife


Dan Bilzerian caused a stir online with a pic showing him with a woman, both decked out for a wedding. Fans speculate on a secret marriage, while some media sources confuse the lady for model Hailey Grice. Known as the ultimate playboy, Dan, CEO of Ignite, flaunts his lavish lifestyle to his 33 million Insta followers.

Meet Hailey Grice

Hailey Grice is a model with nearly a million followers on Instagram. She’s also on OnlyFans, sharing exclusive content with subscribers. With over 160,000 fans on TikTok and more than 100,000 on Twitter, Hailey’s social media game is strong. She’s based in LA, as she mentioned on Twitter. Her Insta feed is full of gorgeous pics, featuring her in bikinis, athleisure, and more. Fun fact: Hailey is in a relationship with Abdel Nader, a pro basketball player for the Phoenix Suns. Check out their cute pics together!

Media outlets mistake Hailey Grice for Dan Bilzerian’s ‘wife’

It’s been circulating that Dan Bilzerian isn’t married. His Insta is usually full of him with beautiful women, so fans were surprised to see him in a wedding-like setup all suited up. People started wondering if he’d tied the knot. In the pic, he’s walking with an unidentified woman in a bridesmaid dress, and his caption was like, “I finally did it.” Even though her identity remains unknown, some thought she was model Hailey Grice, sparking a search frenzy among fans linking her to Dan.

Fans think Dan Bilzerian is married

Fans had some funny responses to Dan Bilzerian hinting that he tied the knot.

“Feels like a scam, but it’s not? Dan Bilzerian saying ‘I do,'” joked one fan.

“Anything’s possible, even Dan Bilzerian saying ‘I do,'” another fan remarked.

“So, Dan Bilzerian joined the married club. Is the world turning upside down?” quipped a third fan.

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