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Lexi Rivera – Age, Dating History, Bio & More


Renowned for her captivating content on her YouTube channel and her regular appearances on her Brother Brent’s videos, Lexi Rivera has made quite a name for herself in the vlogging universe. She boasts a staggering 6.1 million subscribers on her channel, a commendable feat considering she began her independent vlogging journey just over a year ago. We will delve into Lexi’s rise to YouTube stardom, her various talents, and the buzz surrounding her personal relationships in this article.

No Favoritism among Brothers, According to Lexi

Born on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California, Lexi was the youngest of four siblings, all brothers. Blake Rivera, the eldest, has made a mark as an accomplished hockey player, having represented the Jr. Ducks Hockey Team in national championships. The middle brothers are Brice and Brent Rivera, who are frequently featured in Lexi’s social media posts.

Despite the considerable amount of time Lexi spends with Brent, she insists that she does not favor any of her brothers over the others. She expressed this sentiment in a video titled “Wait, Who’s My Favorite Brother?” saying, “I don’t have a favorite, I love all of them equally… I post pictures of my brothers and everyone is like, ‘Oh my Gosh! You are so lucky. You get along so well.’ I really am lucky. I am really lucky. They all love me very much and I love them all very much.”

However, Lexi asserts that her mother has been her greatest influence. She told A-list Nation that her mother taught her the importance of positivity, hard work, respect for others, and appreciation for diversity.

Lexi’s Journey in the World of YouTube Began in 2010

Lexi, also known as Lexiloulouu on YouTube, started her journey on the platform back in August 2010. The channel was initially created by Brent to display her gymnastic abilities. However, as Brent’s own YouTube fame surged, he put less emphasis on sustaining Lexi’s channel, which eventually went dormant in 2012. Yet, this was not the end of Lexi’s visibility on YouTube. Her appearances on Brent’s channel and Brice Rivera’s channel amplified her social media presence. In addition, her Instagram popularity grew, propelling her decision to revive her YouTube career. Her comeback video on July 1, 2018, was a Q&A session where she responded to queries from her Instagram followers. Today, Lexi’s YouTube content extends beyond fashion and beauty; she also posts humorous challenge and prank videos. If not for her successful YouTube career, Lexi mentioned that she would have pursued a career as a physician’s assistant.

Gymnastics and Fitness are Integral to Lexi’s Life

From a young age, Lexi has been passionate about gymnastics. Her training as a child led to her competing and winning in school contests. Even today, you can see Lexi’s gymnastic prowess on her social media channels. One such example is a recent Instagram video, showing her performing a gymnastic routine. Despite a minor mishap at the end where she accidentally hit herself in the head, it is evident that she still possesses the skills. In addition to gymnastics, fitness is a priority for Lexi. Her fitness regimen is rigorous, and she is also an avid dancer. You can catch glimpses of her dancing videos on Tiktok, where she has amassed 5.1 million followers.

The Dating Rumors Surrounding Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila after her Split with Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart, a talented skateboarder originally from Hawaii, began his YouTube journey three years back, with his channel initially focused on his skateboarding skills and adventurous experiences in Hawaii. In recent times, however, the content has shifted towards pranks and challenges.

For a long time, Lexi and Ben had an underlying chemistry that didn’t go unnoticed by their fans. Despite the circulating rumors and speculation, the duo never publicly acknowledged their relationship. It was only when they released a video on November 22, 2020, announcing their breakup, that fans received confirmation of their relationship.

In the video, Rivera and Azelart praised each other while also admitting the complexity of their on-again, off-again relationship. Azelart explained that having an online relationship added an extra layer of complexity. He also left the door open for a potential reunion with Lexi in the future.

In a later video, Lexi’s mom expressed her approval of her and Ben’s past relationship and gave Ben a high rating of 9.5 out of 10. Despite their breakup, Azelart voiced her support for Lexi, regardless of who she chooses to date.

Presently, rumors suggest that Lexi might be dating Ben’s friend, Andrew Davila. Andrew appeared in a video with Lexi and Ben, where Lexi introduced him as her new boyfriend, but she quickly clarified that they are just ‘really good friends.’ Lexi consistently denies any romantic involvement with Andrew, emphasizing their ‘Bestie Vibes’ in a caption accompanying an Instagram photo of the two on March 28, 2021.

Lexi’s First Acting Role was in the Series, Brobot

Lexi embarked on her acting journey with her inaugural role in the YouTube series, Brobot, where she shared the screen with her brother. In the series, Lexi portrayed the character Max, while her brother Brent brought the character Gil to life. According to the information available on IMDb, the series centered on Max, who, with the assistance of highly classified artificial intelligence, finds her way in a new town and navigates the complexities of a new romance.

What Makes Lexi Rivera So Special

Lexi Rivera is not an ordinary teenager who basks in the limelight of her successful elder siblings. Instead, she is grounded, living life like any typical girl would.

Profoundly passionate about gymnastics, Lexi Rivera has managed to carve out a name for herself. Her elder brothers, Brent and Brice, have been supportive pillars, but it’s her determination and relentless hard work that have helped her emerge as a well-known figure on social media.

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