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Anna Nystrom Biography


Anna Nystrom is like this awesome Swedish fitness model and social media star. She’s been sharing pics of her amazing self online and now has like 6 million Insta followers. Plus, she’s got about 75k peeps subscribed to her YouTube channel where she drops workout vids and vlogs. From going through tough times to being all healthy and active now, she’s really inspiring. Nystrom’s all about setting bigger goals and pushing herself further in her career. She’s into photography, painting, and all sorts of creative stuff. Oh, and besides being a fitness model, she’s a certified personal trainer and businesswoman, too.

Quick Facts

  • Boyfriend: Ako Rahim
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Born Country: Sweden
  • City: Stockholm, Sweden


Anna Nystrom set up her Instagram back in 2013. She kicked off by sharing her pics and art, slowly building a small following. Dealing with health issues and pain, she decided to hit the gym for a health boost. Sharing her fitness journey on Instagram, her stunning looks and fit physique drew in many followers who found inspiration in her posts. In a few years, she became an Instagram sensation, landing fitness model gigs with big brands like Kapten & Son, Daniel Wellington, Belissas, SkinnyMint Tea, Workout Empire, and Lush. She even launched her website to keep her followers in the loop, sharing her routines, thoughts, and projects that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Now, as a licensed personal trainer, this Swedish fitness model also manages her own YouTube channel. Though not super active there, she still boasts over 75k subscribers and around 5 million views as of April 2018.

Personal Life

Anna Nystrom, born on June 19, 1992, in Stockholm, Sweden, hasn’t shared much about her family or siblings. She’s a licensed personal trainer and adores animals, with a cute dog named Lea. When it comes to her love life, she’s dating Ako Rahim, a fellow fitness model, and they’re living together. They’ve posted snapshots together on various social media platforms.

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