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Life of Influencer Marzia Bisognin


Marzia Bisognin Kjellberg, you might know her as Marzia or CutiePieMarzia, is an awesome Italian Internet personality, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. You know what’s even more interesting? She’s married to the popular YouTuber PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg! Crazy, right?

So here’s the deal. Marzia gained fame from her YouTube channel, but it’s now inactive since late 2018. But guess what? She didn’t stop there. She ventured into writing, fashion, and business. Talk about being multi-talented!

Now, let’s dive into the top 10 incredible facts about Marzia Bisognin. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Marzia Always Had An Interest In Fashion

Marzia was born on October 21st, 1992 in Arzignano, Vicenza, Italy. She’s got a really close family – her parents Marziano and Franca Bisognin, and her awesome older brother, Davide Bisognin. He’s not just her brother, but also her role model and best friend.

When Marzia was 13, her family moved away from where she grew up, and things got a bit tough. She went through some rough times, isolating herself and feeling down all the time. It was pretty boring and sad, pushing everyone away. But hey, things started looking up when she made new friends in the new area!

Now, here’s a fun fact about Marzia – she loved sneaking into her mom’s closet and trying on all those fancy shoes and clothes that were way too big for her at the time. It was like stepping into a whole new world! She could spend hours in there, getting lost in all the magic and wonder. That closet was her safe haven, her own little slice of heaven.

2. She Met Her Husband Online  

Marzia is actually married to the Swedish Internet sensation PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg. Can you believe it? She actually met Felix through YouTube after a friend recommended his funny videos. She instantly liked both the content and the guy, so she took a leap of faith and decided to send him a message.

And you know what? That’s how their online communication started! They wrote letters back and forth for a long time until they finally had the chance to meet in person. Despite living in different countries, they became incredibly close. Eventually, Felix came all the way to Italy to meet Marzia and even introduced himself to her parents. Talk about a whirlwind romance!

3. She Was Only 19 Years Old When She Moved In With Her Boyfriend 

So, after high school, Marzia decided not to go to university. She wanted to live a more unconventional life, you know, to break free from the monotony of a stable and predictable routine like her friends and parents. And guess what? Soon after Felix met her parents, Marzia packed her bags and moved with him to Sweden. Can you believe she was just 19 at the time? Crazy, right? They didn’t stop there though, they went on to live in Italy, then Brighton in England, and finally ended up in Japan. Yep, Tokyo is where they call home now, but they also have houses in both England and Japan.

Oh, and let me tell you about their love story. On April 27th, 2018, Felix got down on one knee and proposed to Marzia. And guess what? Exactly one year later, on August 20th, 2019, they tied the knot! Can you believe it? They got married exactly eight years after they first met. It was such a beautiful day, filled with their closest family and friends.

4. She Had A Popular YouTube Channel

On January 16th, 2012, Marzia actually launched her own YouTube channel with the help of her boyfriend Felix. It’s kind of funny because she was a bit shy in front of the camera at first, but she totally overcame it and started posting all sorts of interesting content.

Her videos on YouTube focused on all kinds of stuff like fashion, beauty, makeup, DIY, books, movies, vlogs, and even video gaming. And get this, she spoke English in her videos. With such a massive following, she quickly became a big influencer and started promoting all sorts of shoes, clothes, and makeup.

Oh, and her partner PewDiePie even appeared in some of her vlogs. Let me tell you, they are seriously one of the sweetest couples on YouTube. They started getting sponsors who paid for their trips around the world, and they would share all the fun stuff with their followers.

But here’s the thing, even though Marzia has worked super hard for all her ventures, there are still some people who question her accomplishments and argue that her success is only because of her relationship. Can you believe that? Like, they only see her as PewDiePie’s girlfriend.

Anyway, her channel has over 7 million subscribers and more than 570 million views. Pretty impressive, right?

5. Marzia’s YouTube Channel Is No Longer Active 

Marzia’s YouTube channel was actually one of the most popular in the beauty and makeup genre. According to The Wall Street Journal, it had over 16 million viewers each month in 2014, especially among females aged 13 to 24. Can you believe that?

But here’s the twist: in 2018, Marzia made the unexpected decision to quit YouTube for the sake of her mental health. She told her fans, who she lovingly called Marzipans, that she wanted to try something new. And guess what? Even after retiring from YouTube, she still managed to stay in the spotlight as an influencer. Isn’t that amazing?

6. She Still Has Other Social Media Pages

So, Marzia may have deactivated her YouTube channel, but she’s still quite the influencer on social media. She’s got a whopping 8.3 million followers on Instagram and another 3.7 million on Twitter! Can you believe it?

7. Marzia Is a Writer Too 

She became super popular on YouTube for her makeup and fashion content. But that’s not all, she also did product endorsements and even came out with her own fashion line. And get this, she’s also into voice acting for animated web series.

Oh, and guess what? She even wrote a book! It’s called “Dream House” and it’s a fantasy and horror story for young adults. The coolest part? It got published in both English and Italian!

8. She Has Other Businesses

On her journey to becoming an internet star, Marzia started her own fashion line that took off thanks to her popularity on YouTube. From there, she ventured into various fashion and design merchandise. She sells these items through her online store.

Marzia’s design merchandise includes nail polish shades and home decor products. She even collaborated with Project Shoe to create the “Daisy” shoes and partnered with Zoya in 2016 to launch her own nail polish brand. The following year, she introduced a clothing line called Lemon, which comes with a matching fragrance. In 2018, she started a clothing line called Amore, and she also has her own jewelry, pottery, and home decor brand called Mai.

Not only that, Marzia and her husband have teamed up for a unisex clothing and homeware brand known as Tsuki Market. It’s truly a joint venture between the two!

9. She Has Very Cute Dogs 

Marzia and her husband have three adorable pet dogs. They’re big dog lovers, so they have two pugs named Edgar and Maya. Unfortunately, Maya lost her eye in a fight with a cat. They also have a super cute hedgehog named Dogy, and they used to have a toad named Slippy.

Recently, Marzia went through a tough time when her home in Japan was vandalized. They lost valuable items like jewelry, luxury goods, and special collectibles they had gathered over the years. Since then, Marzia and her husband have decided to keep some things more private and personal.

10. Marzia Has Over 20 Tattoos  

This influencer is a huge art lover. And you know what? She’s had her fair share of struggles with body image in the past. But here’s the thing, each tattoo she has holds a special meaning that’s super important to her.

You know what’s really cool? Even though she started as a YouTube personality, she never let that stop her from chasing her dreams. She took a chance and pursued what she’s always wanted since she was a kid. How awesome is that?

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