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Ida Gearon – Bruce Campbell Wife & Costume Designer


Ida Gearon is an eminent American personality who gained spotlight for her work as a costume designer and as a celebrity wife of a notorious hollywood actor Bruce Campbell.

Early life of Ida Gearon

The Hollywood costume designer known for her work as a costume designer in Army of darkness (1992), Running time (1997) and hatred of minute (2002) is quite private about her life and as of now no information about her birth, birth place, parents and siblings is available. However she is an American Costume Designer for sure. She doesn’t have much presence in hollywood but her husband Bruce Campbell being an actor has enjoyed a-lot of spotlight and has always stayed in the eyes of media.

Well, like we said gaeron is superrr private, and has kept her privacy intact, and it seems that all the fame and being a hollywood personality doesn’t affect her. She stays the way she wants to stay, focused on her work and her personal life. Therefore, if you are curious about ida gaeron age, then don’t be, because she doesn’t want you to know her age and its completely okay and normal for a celebrity to not reveal information about them. Anyway, got swept away, so yes, Ida gaeron age is not revealed However Bruce Campbell, ida Gaeron’s husband is an old geezer now but highly energetic, chirpy, goofy and well, very very handsome and classy. Bruce Campbell age is 63 years old.

Ida Gaeron Educational Background

Ida Gaeron probably graduated from college (her educational background is also not revealed yet) and then started her career as a costume designer. In fact she met bruce campbell through their work too.

Ida gaeron is known for her work in hatred of a minute, Army of darkness and Running time.

Let’s talk about Bruce Campbell for a minute..

Before telling you about all his career achievements and personal life i would really like if you just go and check his official instagram out; @shemp_malone. Its really funny. All you will see is Bruce Campbell in weird snapchat filters making funny videos and his travelling photography. Its genuine and real. I found it cute! You will also find some pictures with his wife Ida Gaeron too through which he has so wholesomely expressed his love for her.

So anyway, Bruce Campbell is a white American actor, director, producer, voice actor, and writer who was born in 1958, June 22.

Some of his popular works are within the woods, which is a short film and Bruce Campbell played the character of Ash Williams. The short film was directed by his close friend Sam Raimi. Bruce Campbell was a teenager at the time. After this short film Raimi and Bruce Campbell worked together on several low budget short films like,  sundown; the vampire in retreat (1988), Crimewave (1985) and bubba ho tep (2002) to attract investors and few years later landed their major project.

Their first big project was the evil dead, in which Campbell was the leading character as well as executive co producer. The movie was an endorsement of stephen King’s horror and thriller novel. The movie didn’t receive quick recognition however gradually, after exactly four years it became number 1 movie in United Kingdom and then its distribution started in USA as well.

Following this success, Bruce Campbell also starred in the sequels: Evil dead 2 and army of Darkness.

He has also worked in Marvel comic superheroes series as his character Ash Williams.

Bruce Campbell also had a cameo appearance in Raimi’s other movies, noticeably the spiderman series (the amazing spiderman and spider man 3). His latest work is his Cameo appearance in Marvel’s big hit and our personal favourite doctor Strange in multiverse of madness.

Campbell also starred as a voice actor in the a famous and absolutely amazing animated movie “cloudy and the chance of meatballs” (watch it if you haven’t). Moreover he also performed a supporting voice actor role in Cars 3 produced by Pixar.

Bruce Campbell has also appeared and starred in many television series, some of those are Adventures of brisco County Junior and Jack of all trades.

Ida Gaeron Physcial Appearance

Ida Gearon is most likely a middle aged woman, with the most alluring looks and sassy personality and has a tall height and just the perfect body. Her other body measurements are not available.

Marriage with Bruce Campbell, story and Controversy.

On February 22, 1991, Ida Gaeron married her love of life Bruce Campbell. The couple exchanged some vows and unlike many hollywood couples their vows are still intact. In fact, on his instagram, Bruce Campbell shared a picture of him and Ida gaeron on their 30th anniversary last year, expressing how proud he is of his marriage and his wife, he captioned it “2/22 is a special day. It’s when I married this sassy/classy dame, Ida gaeron, 30 years ago. Eat it, Hollywood marriages” 

The couple met on the set of Mindwarp and began dating. They dated for several years before getting married and now they live in Jacksonville, Oregon. Bruce Campbell and ida gaeron have two children together.

But did you know that this wasn’t the only relationship of Bruce? He has been married before as well. Campbell previously was in relationship with Christine Deveau and the couple married in 1983. However they probably weren’t meant to be and thus the relationship did not last long.  

Nonetheless, Christine Deveau and Bruce Campbell did become parents of two children, one girl and a boy, named Rebecca and Andy respectively.

Ida Gearon Net Worth?

Being a costume designer in Hollywood she must be earning a decent amount however her exact net worth is not known. But if we talk about her much known Husband bruce Campbell, His net worth is around 10 million dollars, together allowing ida gaeron and her husband to have a lavish and top notch lifestyle.

Facts about Bruce Campbell

  • Apart from being an Actor, producer, writer and voice actor bruce campbell is also a pastor.
  • He is 63 years old
  • Has two children with his first wife Christine Deveau
  • Bruce campbell net worth is 10 million dollars
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