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Ali Wong Net Worth & Everything About Her


Ali Wong is a American stand up comedian known for her Netflix specials “baby cobra”, “hard knock wife” and “Don Wong” among her other work.

She is also an actress and a writer. She appeared in a Netflix film always be my baby, which she had written herself. She is also author of book “dear girls, Intimate tales, untold secrets and advice for living your best life” she dedicated this book to her two daughters, saying that this book is life guide for her daughters to read when they are adults.

Recently, In April 2022 Ali Wong ended her marriage of 8 years with Justin hakuta. Which created a round of gossips and chit chats in the media.

Who is Ali Wong? What is Ali Wong ethnicity? Ali Wong Net worth? Ali Wong current husband?

If you wanna know, satisfy your curiosity in just about 1 minute.


Ali Wong is an Asian American born in California on April 19 1982. Her mother, Tammy Wong was Vietnamese and moved to America in 1960 to work as a social worker and her Father was was half Chinese and half American, by profession he was an anthesiologist who worked for 30 years, died in 2011. Ali Wong has net worth of up to 4 million dollars.

 Wong graduated from San Francisco university high school and later majored in Asian-American studies from UCLA.

Ali Wong – A comedian

She started her stand-up comedian career right after finishing college. Ali Wong was 23 years old when she tried stand up comedy. Moved to new York like everyone does to pursue her career in comedy. It didn’t take long before her talent for comedy was recognised. She used to do 9 shows in one night, that’s dedication we smell right there. While shooting for her Netflix special “hard knock wife” Ali Wong was 7 months pregnant.

Moving forward, Variety named Ali Wong “one of the 10 comics to watch” in 2011. This was only the beginning of her successful career as a comedian. Soon after she got invites from shows like “the tonight show” and “New York stand up show” .

As an actor she has appeared in NBC comedy series “are you there Chelsea?”

And Netflix hit “Always be my maybe” in which she co started with Randall Park.

This is just the highlights of her career, she has done a lot more projects and shows, and is a highly popular comedian in America. Never fails to make her audience laugh. It’s like she Knows her audience quite well.

In fact she is a fiesty woman who doesn’t hesitate one bit to talk about things that woman don’t usually talk about. She has been public about her ex husband as well. Talking about him in her comedy shows although with respect and love.

In fact in one of her show “hard knock wife” she even mentioned how she thought Justin Hakuta was out of her league and so she knew she planned how to “trap his ass”

Ali Wong Net Worth 2022

Ali Wong Net worth is definitely upto $4 million. She makes most of her money through her comedy shows and brand endorsement, her merchandise and books that you can easily order through her official website.

Ali Wong Ethnicity

She is an American by birth but by her lineage lineage she is half American and half Chinese.

Ali Wong’s Divorce news has left alot of people in utter shock

The comedian’s latest special Don Wong was majorly based on her marriage. Ali Wong is known for her vocal thoughts about her marriage throughout her career.

There have been moments where she has appreciated  Justin Hakuta as a husband but then in her latest Netflix special Don Wong, Ali gave media headlines by confessing quite unapologetically that there have been times where she has felt tempted to cheat on her husband.

She shared her thoughts on bad parts of marriage and as well as parenting. The 39 year old Ali Wong even confidently calculated the time she probably has left in having sex with other men if her husband statistically dies at the age of  87, that’s something nobody ever says especially in front of a huge audience.

Although for a-lot of ladies her thinking out loud  way of talking provided a sense of comfort knowing that these thoughts are normal to have in marriage, but  it also ensured them that it’s possible to have a healthy marriage if couples talk these thoughts out too.

For a-lot of ladies it meant that it’s okay to be vocal about these things in marriage because if someone like Ali Wong who had 8 years of marriage can say it and still have a healthy and functioning  marriage and happy life then why can’t other women?

But all this changed, when Ali Wong and her husband decided to divorce in April 2022.

The couple announced that they are filing for divorce. The 8 year marriage ended. Turns out we probably shouldn’t take whatever a celebrity says seriously and also account for a fact that they are only humans who can be at fault with their way of thinking or words. However we do wish Ali Wong and justin Hakuta along with their two beautiful daughters a happy life ahead. Its only lived once! So it Better be peaceful.

Ali Wong had met her ex husband Justin Hakuta through a mutual friend in 2010. Justin Hakuta is vice president of product at GoodRx, a health care company. The couple got married in 2014 and have two daughters together, Mari and Nikki. The couple will continue to have joined custody of their daughters.

After the news of her divorce broke out, a lot of News/media companies started reporting the news and shared picture of her with Randall Park, which is was a mistake by media giants. They mistook randall

Park as being Wong’s husband. This gave rise to the trending Twitter hashtag #wrongasian. However later, the media companies publicly apologised with Ali Wong, Randall Park and Justin Hakuta for uploading the picture of Randall Park.

If you feel like laughing to some relatable comedy

Watch these Ali Wong’s Netflix specials

  1. Baby cobra
  2. Hard knock wife
  3. Don Wong
  4. Always be my maybe ( a movie)

Ali Wong’s Work and achievements

Ali Wong has been on numerous television shows, including American Housewife, Inside on Amy schumer, Are you there, Chelsea? And black Box. She is also known as writer of a popular sitcom Fresh off the boat.

Ali Wong was in fact, also, included in times 100 most influential people last year. Wong has also worked as a voice actress in animated shows like OK KO Lets be heroes and played the character of Roberta Bertie songthrush of animated television series Tuca and Bertie.


Ali Wong is a comedian, actress and writer born and raised in USA. Ali Wong Net worth is up to 4 million dollars. Ali Wong got divorced from Justin Hakuta in April 2022.

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