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Everything You Need To Know About Ellen Pierson


The Kardashian family is without a doubt one of the most popular families on the planet. However, if you think you know all the members of this family, you could be wrong. While Kardashians do not own Ellen Pierson as a member of their clan, they still cannot deny the fact that Ellen Pierson is the Widow of Robert Kardashian. 

A realtor by profession, Ellen Pierson is one of the least known members of the Kardashian family and is the last wedded wife of late Robert Kardashian.

This fact has added a lot to her personality and she is not just a normal realtor as she used to be. There are a lot of things that you would want to know about her, and we are here to spill some tea. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Ellen Pierson 

Early Life and Profession 

Ellen Pierson was born in 1950 in the United States. Since she was a common woman before he married the man of the Kardashian family, details about her personal life, her childhood, and her family are still not revealed. 

By profession, she was a real estate agent and sources reveal that she still works for a real estate agency in California.

She started her career as a realtor at a very young age and is pretty good at it. 

The Story of Ellen Pierson and Robert Kardashian 

Ellen Pierson met Robert Kardashian as a real estate agent and Robert fell for her in their meeting. We exactly don’t know when the couple started dating but it was somewhere in the 1990s.

During that time, Robert having a relationship was the biggest news circulating in all media resources and all knew that it would bring a lot of drama, which it did. 

In 2001, Robert decided to propose to Ellen and they got married in August 2003. However, unfortunately, Ellen and Robert could not spend a lot of time together because soon after their wedding Robert was diagnosed with cancer and within three weeks in September 2003, he took his last breath. This is why Ellen is called the wife of Kardashian that was with him on his deathbed. 

The Controversies 

Well, everyone knew that the marriage of Robert Kardashian would bring drama but because of the health and passing of Robert, it did not happen immediately.

However, the controversies started later on. Ellen Pierson is known to be the most controversial Kardashian and there is a whole story behind it. 

Well, the controversy started after some time of the death of Robert when Ellen leaked a few pages of his personal diary to a celebrity magazine.

These pages had some very sensitive information about Robert’s first wife and his children which they claimed, later on, was fake, but well, we can’t say that. 

The leaked information suggested that Chris was cheating on Robert and he knew about it but never said anything and that Chris was abusive to his children.

Well, that was some big information about Chris Jenner and she had to file a lawsuit against Ellen, which Ellen lost. 

Not only Ellen had to pay a lot of money to Chris but also she had to give back Robert’s diary from which she was selling these pages. 

Well, this was not the only conflict between Ellen and the Kardashians, well, the Kardashian sisters claim that Ellen forcibly married their father knowing that he would not survive just for the sake of money.

This was a huge allegation and Ellen had to answer but well, what she did was a little too out of the way. 

After this allegation, in an interview, Ellen claimed that these sisters don’t know anything about their father and even each other.

She said that Robert and she were so close that he would share all his personal feelings with him and once while doing that Robert mentioned that Khloe is not his biological daughter. 

This statement was too much for Khloe and she got so mad at Ellen for doing that. Even she said the fight was between us and Ellen, she could say anything about us but not our father.

I am Robert’s daughter and no claim of a woman who is behind his father’s money can change that. Khloe clearly mentioned that all Ellen wants is publicity and money, and she is doing such petty things for that. 

Well, that was a lot of drama! 

Ellen Pierson Net-Worth 

Ellen Pierson’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 Million, which is not as much as we would hope for a wife of Robert Kardashian.

Well, Ellen could not benefit a lot from her husband’s wealth because Robert died within three weeks of their wedding. 

Ellen is one of the highest aid realtors of her time, and her net worth is earned by that. Even though Kardashians label her as a gold digger, her low net worth does not justify that claim. 

A Quick Summary 

  • Ellen Pierson was the last wedded wife of Robert Kardashian before his death.
  • The relationship between the Kardashians and Ellen Pierson has always been controversial and both never accepted each other. 
  • Ellen Pierson is a real estate agent by profession. 
  • Ellen Pierson has been involved in many controversies with the Kardashian family after the passing of her late husband Robert Kardashian.
  • Ellen Pierson’s current net worth is estimated at $1.5 Million. 

The Bottom Line 

Ellen Pierson is the least known member of the Kardashian family, well, Kardashians do not accept her as one of them but they cannot change the fact that Robert Kardashian married her and she is his widow.

The relationship between the Kardashians and Ellen Pierson has always been full of controversy and hatred, and that does not seem to be ended even after so many years. 

If you didn’t know Ellen Pierson, we are sure after reading everything we just mentioned, you know her pretty well! Let us know if you need anything more!

Lindsay Born
Lindsay Born
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