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Chris Rock Net Worth in 2022


Chris Rock real name is Christopher Julius Rock. He was born on 7th February 1965 in Andrews South Carolina, USA. Chris Rock net worth is $70 million which he has raised being a comedian, actor, writer, director and producer.

His zodiac sign is Aquarius and he is 56 years old. Chris was born to Julius Rock and Rosalie. Rosalie was a social worker and teacher at a high school, and his father was a newspaper delivery man and a truck driver.

Early Life

He dropped out his school when he was in James Madison High School because of being a Black-American.  He also faced bullying and abuse from white students but was not ready to give up. He was diligent and a smart-worker so earned his GED at that time. He did odd jobs like from being a bus boy at Red Lobster or being a waiter in a restaurant to a ward-boy in a hospital and so forth.

He always dreamt of being a comedian so he started his career with his friends Eddie and Murphy in 1985.  Soon he was able to release a show by name “Beverly Hills cop II” in 1987 and “Gonna Git you Sukka” were few remarkable performances he gave due to which he started getting fame. He also made some buck being a cast member of Saturday Night live.

Chris Rock Marriage

Chris Rock married Malaak Compton on 23rd November 1996. This couple used to live in Alpine New Jersey. He has two daughters Lola Simon Rock and Savannah Rock born on 2002 and 2004 simultaneously. His wife was a Hollywood actress and business woman, but unfortunately Rock announced divorce to his wife on 22nd August 2016.

It was no doubt a very expensive divorce and Chris Rock net worth had a loss of $20 million, settling the divorce with his wife. Currently, he is living happily with his daughters and has not married yet. When he divorced his wife, her daughters were 14 years and 12 years of age, and he himself was 52 years old at that time.

The reason of his divorce is still unclear but sources has confirmed that it was due to an extra-marital affair of Chris. According to his wife, her husband was not a good man for her and neither was a good father. Chris Rock net worth became $5.7 million and it got decreased by $20 million in total.

Chris Rock Property

Chris Rock live in Alpine New Jersey, Brooklyn. He acquires a home for $3.85 million for a happy living. But unfortunately, he rented that out for $8000 and his ex-wife still lives there in a portion of the house.

Chris Rock Worked in Hollywood Movies

He worked in few famous movies from 1980s like Krush Groove, I am Gonna Git you Sucka, Beverly Hills Cop II, Comedy Serials, Dirtiest Dozen, Uptown Comedy Express, Miami Vice, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Show Time at the Apollo and much more.

Some of his renown movies form 1990s were The Hughleys, The Chris Rock Show, Politically Incorrect, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, HBO Comedy Half Hour, In Living Color, Homicide: Life on The Street, Happily Ever after: Fairy Tales for Every Child, King of The Hill, The Moxy and Flea Show, The Bad Boy of Saturday Night Live, Jackie’s Back and so much more.

Chris was afraid of working in CB4 being a low budget film but it was able to earn $18 million of Box Office. He also made $200,000 out of o Lethal weapon 4 and $11000 from New Jack City.

Chris Rock Worked in Nearly 20 Movies

Heads Up America, totally biased with W-Kamau Bell, A.N.T Farm, before they were king (volume 1), DAG, The Bernie Mac Show, Every Body Hates Chris, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Empire, Johnny Cash, The Rundown with Robin, Thede, Broad City, Louie, Bee Movie, Osmosis Jones, in this movie his voice also get popularity. Escape 2 Africa (2008), there included Madagascar series. These series got popularity worldwide. Chris Rock Played Marty the Zebra in three of the movies. These series were glorious Madagascar (2005), Merry Madagascar(2009), Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted (2012), this movie earned $750 million on box office, Madly Madagascar(2013), Nantucket Film Festivals, Comedy Round table, Best of the Chris Rock Show (volume 2) (2001), A Murray Christmas, Disappearing Acts, The Oscars, Talking Funny, An Ode to Hannibal Buress, 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Eat, Drink, Laugh: The story of the comic strip, Cadmic the Entertainers Urban Circus, BET Awards, The List , Pauly Shore is Dead, The Week, Sandy Wexler, Pootie Tang, The Witches, Growns Ups 2, Bad Company, You Don’t Mess with The Zohan, Paparazzi, I think I love my wife, Head of State, Death at a Funeral, whatto, Expect when you are Expecting, Down to Earth, Amy Schumer: Live at The Apollo, 2 Days in New York, Grown Ups, The 77 Annual Academy Awards, Nurse Betty, Top Five, The Longest Yard, Chris Rock : Tambourine.

He has mostly worked in all kinds of movies as an actor but sometimes he has acted as script writer, producer and director. Some of the series mentioned above are comedies and most of them are thrill, family, fantasy, horror and romance. Due to his extravagant voice he gained immense popularity in the world.

Chris Rock Awards Hosting

He also hosted for the first time in 77 Academy Awards in 2005. He uses to perform antagonistic style shows which were a hit and received $42 million in total struggling for almost 11 years. He ended that show with his last words “Black Lives Matter”

Chris Rock was Given the Name for Funniest Man in America

Chris very well performed in HBO and because of his performance he was given the title of funniest man in America by Time Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

Chris Rock Won Awards

Emmy Award

He got many praises for Special 5 on HBO. He also got Emmy award due to his outstanding writing skills on music. He won several awards in the year 1997, 99 and 2008.

Grammy Award

He won Grammy Award for “Roll with the new Bigger” and “Blacker and Never Scared”, and also got Grammy for his best-spoken comedy in 1996,2000 and 2006.

Kids Choice Award

He won Favorite Voice Award in 2006, and Black Bluster Entertainment Award due to his beautiful voice being used in dubbing various cartoons in 1999.

Nielsen Media Research

Western Saturday Live hosting by Chris Rock lead with 7.76 million viewers and 1.61 rating, popular to mostly age group 18 to 49.

Saturday Night Live

Chris Rock has been hosted this show since long and it has gain rating for more than 64%, which is a true success.

Chris Rock Betting NFT TV Show

Stoner Cat is a new animated series presented by highly energetic people like Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Mila Kunis but Chris Rock is bookmaking them.

Chris Rock Income and Salary

  • Between June 2016 to June 2017 Chris earned $ 30 million
  • In 2017 Chris Rock earned $57 million
  • Between June 2017 to June 2018 Chris earned $42illion
  • In 2018 Chris Rock earned $ 60 million
  • In 2019 Chris Rock earned $ 75 million

Chris Rock Net Worth Salary Graph

  • Per Second –> $0.05
  • Per minute –> $ 0.3
  • Per hour –> $ 19
  • Per Day –> $1140
  • Per Week –> $ 8000
  • Per Month –> $ 32000
  • Per year –> $400,000

Chris Rock Wealth Spend

  • Chris is fond of wrist watches. He uses to wear original Rolex Submariner worth $5000.
  • Not to forget about the cars he has; one of which is Maserati worth $200,000 and other one Dodge Durango for $32000.
  • He uses IC Berlin Brand eyeglasses coast up to $500 and he use to change them monthly.
  • Chris is also fond to wear diamond stones of sizes big and small in his ears.

Chris Rock Worked in Horror Film

Lately, Chris Rock has been seen with David o Russell and it is rumored that he will be appearing in a horror film with Anya Taylor Joy, Margot Robbie and Christian Bale David would be the director.

This kind of projects will surely add to Chris Rock net worth and would get him fame and publicity as a comedian is appearing in a horror film.

In last Chris Rock directed “Total Black Out” and stars were Dave Chappelle, and Jimmy Falon. It released 04th January 2021.

Current State of Chris Rock Net Worth

He started of very small by working in small companies but due to his persistence and hard work, he has now become a legend and is famous in all communities such as kids, teenagers and adults. He is known as an icon in comedy industry. Chris Rock net worth is $70 million, but according to some researches it has found out that he holds a net worth of $100 million.

So, what you find the most interesting about Chris Rock Net Worth? What lessons do you get? I think, hard work beats the talent, so one should always strive with passion and success is not too far.

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