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Top 31 Jeff Bezos Quotes To Give You A Burst Of Motivation



We all know who Jeff Bezos is. But for those who doesn’t know about him, he is an American industrialist, business magnate, and an investor. He is the owner and CEO of his online retail company Amazon. We all love to hear about him and form him – here are our favorite Jeff Bezos Quotes which will motivate you to chase your dreams.

As of December 2021, Jeff Bezos net worth is $195 billion and he is crowned to be the world’s richest man and owns the largest online chain of shopping retail.

Early Life

Bezos was born to Miguel Bezos and Ted Jorgensen on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. It was unfortunate that his mother divorced his real father and married Miguel after which his name was changed from Jeffery Preston Jorgensen to Jeff Bezos, as the other husband adopted him as his son.

Bezos was always fond of doing his own business and job was never his choice. He started of his own online retail show in a garage in 1993. Initially, the company used to sell books and then it expanded to selling a wide variety of products and services, most recently audio and video streaming and games. Amazon.com holds the title of being the world’s largest e-commerce website.

Jeff Bezos Quotes

Now let’s explore some of the famous Jeff Bezos Quotes which will inspire and motivate us to fulfil our dreams.

“A brand is like a reputation for a person to the company. You earn positive image by trying to do hard things well.”

Jeff Bezos
  • “It becomes dangerous for a business when it stops getting evolve.”
  • “If you want to innovate, you should be willing to be misunderstood.”
  • “Truly, life is too short to hang out with people who aren’t any good.”
  • “A company shouldn’t always run after a shine, because shinny things don’t last long.”
  • “Put the customer first rule always. Invent, be patient and see the game.”
  • “Your margin is my opportunity.”

What do you think by reading Jeff Bezos Quotes above? Are they worthy enough to motivate you and get you going? Stay glued as we have more from Jeff Bezos Quotes in the list.

“If you are lucky enough to build an experience, customers talk to each other about that, and they love to do it. Word of mouth will always be a powerful tool to market.”

Jeff Bezos
  • “If you don’t understand the ins and outs of your business, then trust me, you are going to fail.”
  • “My own view is that every company requires a long-term view.”
  • This one is interesting, “the best customer service is that they don’t need to call you, neither they need to talk to you, it just works.”
  • “Kindness is a choice.”
  • “To experiment more and more is always the right business decision.”
  • We like this one as well, “Keep your competitors focus on your business, while stay focused on customers.”
  • “The keys to success are dedication, patience, and compulsive attention to detail.”
  • “Invention by its very nature is disruptive.”
  • “If you have no energy to bear criticism, then please don’t try new things.”
  • “One of the huge mistake an individual can make is that he force an interest in himself. However, you don’t choose your passion, it chooses you.”
  • “Work passionately, have fun, and make history.”
  • “Be stubborn on vision but flexible on timing.”
  • “Profitability is important to everyone, or none would be in the business they are in.”

Jeff Bezos Quotes on Failure:

“I’ve made billions of dollars of failures at Amazon.com, literally.”

Jeff Bezos Quotes
  • “If the size of your failures is not growing, you are not going to be inventing anything that can move the needle.”
  • “I know that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”

Some more Jeff Bezos Quotes

  • “If by any chance you made a customer unhappy, they are going to tell it to 5000 friends instead of telling 5 people around them. So, all we need to do is make a long-lasting company, and if we are not able to do that, it will be shame on us.”
  • “The most important thing for us is to focus on customers and our most obvious mission is to be a customer-centric company.”
  • “To achieve our mission, the place where a customer can find and buy things is online.”
  • “There are two ways to succeed in a business. Extend the inventory of what you are good at out of your skills. Or determine what your customer needs are and work backwards. Amazon kindle is an example to working backwards.”
  • He said, “I don’t want to waste my creative energy on somebody else’s user interface, rather working on my own”
  • “Your brand image is what people talks about, when you are not in the room.”
  • “Obsess about customers, not competitors.”
  • “If you are only going to sell things that you think will work, then you are going to leave a lot of opportunity on the table.”


Tell us what Jeff Bezos Quotes inspired you the most and what takeaways would be for you from this article.

Undoubtedly, he is the most successful man on earth when it comes to money and holds a crown of being the richest person on earth.

Like every other businessman, he too faces a lot of struggles with ups and downs to get there where he is now. For you to be successful, you need to follow your passion and should not think about paychecks, ultimately, the money will come in.

We hope that Jeff Bezos Quotes would be meaningful to you and you should’ve learnt from his life experiences and his wisdom will help you pass the hurdles of your business and inspire your life for betterment.

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