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Cooper Hefner Net Worth is Shocking in This Age


Cooper Bradford Hefner is an American money manager, educator, creator, extremist, and reservist in the United States Air Force. He played the role of being the Chief Creative Officer and ‘Head’ of worldwide firms at Playboy Enterprises, an organization established by his father Hugh Hefner.

Early life of Cooper Hefner

Cooper Hefner was born on 4th September 1991 in Los Angeles, California to his father Hugh Hefner and mother Kimberley Conrad. Hefner graduated in 2009 from Ojai Valley School in 2015 and received his Bachelor’s degree from Chapman University. He grew up in a mansion adjacent to the playboy mansion.

‘Cooper and Scarlett’

Personal life of Cooper Hefner

In 2015, Hefner became connected to British entertainer Scarlett Byrne. On November 4, 2019, Hefner and Byrne declared that they had hitched. On March 10, 2020, Hefner and his better half, Byrne reported they were anticipating their first youngster. On 24 August 2020, Byrne brought forth their little girl, Betsy Rose Hefner. On 25 November 2021, Byrne and Hefner declared they were expecting twins.

Cooper Hefner Career:

During his college time period he started working in the playboy enterprise and by 2016 he became board observer of the company but he wasn’t satisfied with what the company had to offer in the magazine as he was more focused on editing and writing;

  • Culture
  • Philosophy
  • Politics

In the year 2016, he started his own company named Hop, which was mainly focused on the social events and content for millennials.

In 2017 he raised up an announcement about bringing the nude images in the magazine which increased the earnings of the company up to 39%.

In 2018 he appeared in Forbes under 30. And in 2019 he took the position of global partnership chief of the playboy enterprise.

On April 12th 2019 Ben Kohn confirmed that Hefner would launch his own media brand named Hefner Media Corporation and HuffPost. Later on, the company was named as StagDaily.

In 2019 December Hefner decided to take a break from his media company and join the U.S AIR FORCE. He was also a member of the California State Military Reserves.

Cooper Hefner Net worth

Brought to this world by a wealthy class of parents the son of Hugh Hefner, a wealthy businessman, Cooper Hefner also has a net worth in billions.

Now the owner of the playboy enterprises which his father left for him and his other siblings. As stated by the wealthy person website Cooper Hefner net worth is around $10 million calculated as of November in the year 2021.

His father had a net worth of $150 million and a fortune of net worth $160 million.

Although being the son of a very wealthy man with a highly successful company that too with a high net worth, Cooper Hefner did build his own career from scratch. Being wealthy did not get in the way of his own success.

And his success did add up to increase his net worth overall. The amount of his net worth can be calculated through his lifestyle and his success throughout his entire life.

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Cooper Hefner Roles

He served as the Chief Executive Officer of global partnership at the Playboy Enterprise and then left the company due to some disagreements between the company and Hugh Hefner’s son.

Adding to his net worth, he founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer for the start-up known as Hop.

He also served in the US Air Force in 2019. And then went back to his father’s company, the Playboy Enterprise. Cooper Hefner is currently a teacher at Chapman University and also serving on the Board of Governors.

Hugh Hefner did leave this world with a net worth of $50 million for his several beneficiaries to take care of his fortune.

With a net worth of $10 million now, his name was mentioned in the Forbes list of 30 under 30 in the year 2018.

Just like his father Cooper Hefner was never the one to shy away from controversies, one of them includes the bringing back of nudity on the cover page of the playboy magazine so that he could preserve his father’s authenticity and the real essence of his empire.

Hugh Hefner’s son wants to continue his deceased father’s legacy as a media and cultural idol.

Cooper Hefner Life Style

Cooper Hefner does not stop from showing off his extremely lavish lifestyle and his high net worth.

He has an active Instagram account on which he posts pictures of him travelling to different places, his fancy cars and his private jets.

  1. In 2015, Cooper Hefner net worth was around $50 million.
  2. In 2017-2018 with the increase in the earnings of company the total of it was $100 million.
  3. By 2019 the total of it was $110 million as according to the social media websites.
  4. And within today’s date January 2022 the total net worth of Cooper Bradford Hefner is around $150 million.

Awards and Achievements:

  • He won the British LGBTQ Award for his activation and the contribution towards the community of LGBTQ.
  • He hasn`t achieve much of prestigious awards but as he is serving in U.S air force he will surely be able to earn much in future.


Hefner, the son of Hugh Playboy, has come a long way since being fired from the firm in 2015. He joined the company as Chief Creative Officer in 2016, and by 2017 he had restored nuance, confined the brand to fewer, but more lucrative, relationships, and cut spending.

Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Lisa Mathew, Brande Rodrick and other famous models have worked for playboy. Playboy’s earnings have increased by more than 39% year over year, and the firm has huge ambitions for 2022. It will switch to a paywall model that relies on memberships and sponsored content instead of clicks and traditional display ads.

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