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Who is Kelly Fisher Model? Did She Date Dodi Al Fayed


So, let’s chat about Kelly Fisher model. If you’re up-to-date with season six of The Crown, you’ve probably seen her. Erin Richards does a fantastic job portraying her. But did you know Fisher was actually a model from California and was once entwined in a bit of a royal scandal? Yeah, she was reportedly engaged to Dodi Al Fayed, yep, the same Dodi who tragically died with Princess Diana in ’97. Talk about a love triangle! And here’s the kicker – Fisher found out about Dodi’s relationship with Diana through the media! Can you imagine? And all this while Diana was fresh from a breakup with Hasnat Khan, whom she called the “love of her life.” Quite the drama, right? And that’s the scoop on Kelly Fisher’s part in The Crown.

Kelly Fisher Model Early Life

You know, I was actually born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky – lived there till I was about eight. My dad had this big-time job as a VP for an international company, and that meant we moved around a lot. When I was 16, we were living in Toronto, and that’s when I got into modeling. Before I knew it, I was working with big names like Armani and Calvin Klein. Pretty wild, huh?

Kelly started dating Dodi Al Fayed in 1996

Kelly Fisher model and Dodi Al Fayed first crossed paths in Paris, back in July 1996. Kelly, left heartbroken when Fayed started seeing Princess Diana, always maintained they were engaged. In 2008, a phone call transcript, released by the Royal Courts of Justice, gave us a peek into their heated exchanges. “How can we go from being in love one day to this?” Kelly asked Dodi.

Kelly wasn’t done there, though. She hired the famous attorney Gloria Allred and sued Dodi in August ’97. She claimed they had a marriage agreement and were all set to tie the knot on August 9. According to the Los Angeles Times, the lawsuit stated that Dodi had offered Kelly half a million dollars to dial down her modeling career in the States and relocate to Paris to be with him.

Speaking at the press conference, Allred said, “It’s about time Mr. Fayed bears the consequences for how he treated the woman he left waiting at the altar.” Kelly’s mom, Judith Dunaway, was also present. She didn’t hold back, expressing her disappointment at how Dodi had treated her daughter.

Despite all this, Dodi maintained his stand – he knew Kelly, but they were never engaged.

Everything changed after the unfortunate deaths of Dodi and Princess Diana. Kelly, deciding to respect the loss the Fayed family was going through, withdrew her lawsuit. Allred declared, “Kelly won’t be pursuing the lawsuit against his estate, even though she’s legally entitled to.” During the 2008 inquest into their deaths, Kelly testified, “It’s quite embarrassing, trying to convince people that he wanted to marry me.” She also played the tape of the call she had with Fayed in mid-August 1997.

So, you know, she tied the knot with this Russian pilot guy, Mikhail Movshina.

Here’s how it all started. Fisher and Movshina bumped into each other in 2007, right in the middle of a safari – can you picture it? – in the Central African Republic. They decided to live a little in Paris, checked out the French Alps, before finally deciding, “Hey, let’s settle down in Aiken, South Carolina.” They’ve got a little one, Alexandra, born in 2011.

Fisher once shared with Aiken Women, “After all the globe-trotting, it just feels right to be near family.” Back in 2005, her folks decided to retire in Aiken – they were drawn by the stunning weather and excellent golf. She used to pop by to visit them at Woodside Plantation and fell head over heels for the quaint charm of Aiken. She ended up buying a holiday home here in 2008. When she found out she was expecting in 2010, they made the decision to move here.

By 2017, Movshina – the big-shot owner of Vertical Flight Consulting – embarked on a global helicopter trip. In his own words, “My flying gigs take me everywhere – Russia, Europe, Africa, China, you name it.”


And there you have it folks! The life and times of Kelly Fisher, model, mother, and one-time almost-royal. From the fashion runways to courtroom dramas, and then settling into a quiet life in South Carolina with her Russian pilot hubby – she’s certainly had a whirlwind of a life! But you know, through all the ups and downs, one thing’s clear – Kelly’s an absolute survivor. She’s navigated through some tough times and emerged stronger each time. And today, with a loving family by her side and a peaceful life, she’s miles away from the royal drama that once defined her. Quite the journey, right?

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