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Tracey Wahlberg – Mark Wahlberg Sister’s Net Worth, Age, Career, and Bio


Tracey Wahlberg is the lesser-known sister of actor Mark Wahlberg, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a star in her own right. While not quite as famous as her brother, Tracey has made an impressive career for herself and is now estimated to have a net worth of $1 million in 2021.

Here we take a look at Tracey’s life, from her childhood with Mark to her current career and accomplishments. We’ll also explore what happened when rumors circulated that Tracey had died earlier this year. So if you’re curious about who exactly Tracey Wahlberg is, keep reading!

Early Life of Tracey Wahlberg

Tracey Wahlberg was born and raised in Boston, MA with 11 of her siblings, which included Mark and Donnie Wahlberg. Her father Donald worked as a delivery operator for various companies and her mother Alma was a cashier at the local bank.

Working class roots meant that the family was tight knit and had to rely on each other in order to make ends meet.

Tracey spent much of her early life surrounded by close family; learning how to work backward, helping out with chores around the house, or just enjoying days together playing card games or board games.

The formative years she spent bonding with her siblings no doubt left an imprint on Tracey’s character and influenced who she is today.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

At 54 years old, Tracey Wahlberg is growing more beautiful with every passing day. Her heritage is varied and her red hair and brown eyes are enhanced by her height, although the exact numbers of her measurements remain a mystery.

She was born on January 16, 1967 and has made an incredible impact in the world since then. Nobody yet knows what Tracey Wahlberg will do next, but she sure is making us all curious.

Educational Background of Tracey

Education is an invaluable tool that has allowed people across the globe to succeed and unlock their potential.

Even without knowing what Tracey Wahlberg’s educational background might be, it is clear that she has relied on her education in order to have achieved the level of success she has in her life.

Whilst it may be true that Ms. Wahlberg chooses to keep much of her life private, it seems likely that education was a crucial part of getting her to where she is today.

It just goes to show how powerful and versatile education can be for anyone who wishes to take advantage of its benefits.

Personal Life of Tracey Wahlberg

Tracey Wahlberg has been in a strong, loving relationship with Michael Marcarelli for many years now. The happy couple have three amazing sons, but the details of their romantic life and family are closely guarded secrets.

Tracey’s sister has always had an air of mystery about her and is rarely seen in public or talks to media outlets, so it comes as no surprise that she prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. Regardless, it is clear that this lovely family is full of joy, love and happiness.

Professional Career of Tacey

Tracey Wahlberg is a professional actress, who made her debut in the Anderson Live TV show in 2011. From 2014 to 2019 she went on to star in the A&E reality show Wahlburgers.

Although Tracey loves to keep her life hidden from public eye, her famous brothers have managed to stay in the spotlight.

Mark Wahlberg gained fame as Marky Mark through his work with the club Funky Bunch and Marky Mark, and he has enjoyed success with his numerous acting roles since then.

Tracey Wahlberg Net Worth

As for Tracey Wahlberg, there is no available information about her earnings and net worth. Her brother, however, Mark Wahlberg, boasts a whopping $225 million net worth which he accumulates from not only his work as an American artist but also through his income from directing, business ventures and former profession as an entertainer and actor.

The film “The Truth About Charlie” brought in a whopping $10 million for the star while his more recent movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction” resulted in a total estimated sum of around $27 million.

In 2014 alone, Mark had raked in approximately $52 million due to his various tasks and roles across the year.

While the future net worth of Tracey might still remain up in the air until 2023 arrives, it is quite evident that she will be able to reap benefits with her brother’s immense success in the entertainment industry.

Tracey Wahlberg Husband

Tracey Wahlberg and her husband, Michael Marcarelli, first got together in 2008. After dating for two years, the couple decided to tie the knot. Not much is known about their relationship apart from what can be heard on the various songs they have collaborated on.

More than just a powerful singing duo with an immaculate musical chemistry, Tracey and Michael have been admired for their strong bond. Through thick and thin, the two are still going strong even after more than ten years together.

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Tracey is an interesting person who, unlike many others these days, prefers to stay out of the public spotlight.

Despite her mother’s work at two high-profile restaurants owned by the Wahlburgers family, Tracey does not partake in any social media and largely keeps out of the limelight.

What little we know about her comes from her mother’s words and that of those who are close to them both, leaving some long unanswered questions about this mystery woman.

Trivia like this only serves to make us want to know even more about Tracey – and people just like her – but for now, at least it’s something.

Final Thoughts on Tracey Wahlberg

It’s easy to see that Tracey Wahlberg is a very private person. She rarely appears in the public eye and chooses to keep her life out of the spotlight.

While we may never know all the details about Tracey Wahlberg, we do know that she has a loving husband, three sons, and an immense amount of support from her famous brother Mark Wahlberg.

From her professional career to her net worth and her husband, this blog has explored some of the key aspects of Tracey’s life. We hope readers have gained more insight into the life of this intriguing figure.

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