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Lisa Rober – Famous YouTuber Mark Rober’s Wife


Lisa Rober is best known as the wife of famous YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober. Despite their popularity, Lisa enjoys her privacy and prefers to steer clear from the public eye. Little is known about Lisa Rober’s personal life, including when she first met Mark or how their relationship began.

The only time that Mark gave a sneak peek into his private life was back in 2012 when he posted a picture of them together on social media. This post revealed that they had been together since at least 2009 but no details were given beyond this point.

With such little information available regarding Lisa Rober, let’s take a closer look at who she is and her relationship with Mark Rober!

What Does Lisa Rober Do? 

Although her husband, Mark Rober, is well-known for his YouTube videos and inventions, Lisa Rober remains something of an enigma. What does she do?

Well, all we know is that the couple stays pretty tight-lipped when it comes to discussing her occupation – so we can only guess. Could she be an inventor too? A scientist? An actress? Who knows! All we can say is that if she’s in any way as creative as her other half, then whatever Lisa does, you can bet it’s awesome.

Who is Mark Rober

Mark Rober is a US based YouTuber and former NASA and Apple engineer making an impact on the world of popular science. He was born and raised in Orange County, California, and discovered his love for engineering while still in his teens.

After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2004, he joined NASA and worked on projects involving the Curiosity rover and other missions. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Mark also tackled educational requirements and earned a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California.

Although he made videos on the side throughout his time with the agency, it wasn’t until 2011 that he decided to launch himself onto YouTube – pun intended!

Mark is a jack of all trades, constantly putting out creative do-it-yourself gadgets and projects that constantly inspire the inquisitive minds. With over 14 million subscribers worldwide, Mark Rober’s influence has spread far and wide with his fun yet informative content that touches a wide range of topics from engineering to everyday life realities.

Since then, Lisa and Mark have been able to share their love of science, education, and engineering with students – as well as a few hilarious pranks – via their channel.

How Long Have Lisa Rober And Mark Rober Been Married? 

The Rob family is one of YouTube’s longest-standing, most illustrious couples. Although the exact date of when Lisa Rober and Mark Rober first tied the knot is not known, all signs point towards their union lasting for many years now!

The couple, who are parents to a son, have kept information on their relationship largely private — but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating that they’ve already been together for over a decade. We can only guess how long these two lovebirds have been in each other’s company! It has been an absolute pleasure to get a glimpse into this wonderful power couple’s ever-loving bond.

Do Mark Rober And Lisa Rober Have Children? 

Mark Rober and his wife, Lisa Rober, are a familiar presence on the internet due to their creative YouTube videos. Although their IMDB profile may say that they have three children, in reality they only have one. This discrepancy came from the fact that the couple often feature their nieces and nephews in their online projects. 

The Rober family has done a wonderful job of keeping their son out of the public eye as he is on the autism spectrum disorder. They explained that it was important to maintain his privacy even though they occasionally mentioned him in some of Mark’s videos. However, recently they decided to make a YouTube video where they made an effort to explain his condition and raise awareness about autism.

Final thoughts

Lisa Rober is the wife of Mark Rober, a famous YouTuber and engineer. Despite her husband’s fame, Lisa prefers to stay out of the spotlight and keep their relationship private. But despite this lack of information about them as a couple, it appears that they have been together since at least 2009.

The Robers also share one son who lives with autism; recently they made an effort to raise awareness for his condition in a YouTube video.

All in all, it seems like the Rober are truly dedicated to each other and creating content that educates while entertaining people around the world! We wish them continued success in both their personal life and career endeavors!

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