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Jidion – How Old Is Jidon, Age, Net Worth & Much More


Jidons Adams is a renowned American YouTuber and social media influencer. He has been making waves on the internet with his comical vlogging content, prank videos, and other creative endeavors. But how old is Jidion? And what’s his net worth? Let’s take a closer look at this rising star and find out more about him!

Introducing Jidion Adams

Jidons Adams is a renowned American YouTuber and social media influencer who has been consistently making waves in the entertainment industry with his comical vlogging content, prank videos, and other creative endeavors. He is famously known for being reliable and talented on all fronts – from comedy to producing videos of all kinds.

Full NameJiDion Adams
Net Worth$1 Million
Date of Birth12 December 2000
Age21 Years Old
Birth PlaceHouston, TX, United States
Currently Live InHouston, TX
ProfessionYouTuber, Singer, Instagrammer and Social Media Personality
DebutMusic Video: Tyrone Cousin (2021)
Years Active2021 – Present
EthnicityAfrican – American Descent
Zodiac SignSagittarius
School/High SchoolLocal High School in Houston, Texas, United States
College/UniversityLocal University in Houston, Texas, the United States
Education QualificationGraduate

Physical Appearance of Jidion

Meet Jidion Adams: the tall, dark and handsome man! He is a sight for any sore eyes with his 6 feet 1 inch frame coupled with a bodyweight of 76 Kg. His short black hair and big beautiful brown eyes add to his charms. But it doesn’t end here – what most people don’t know is that he has an impressive physique with dazzling body measurements. Ah, truly a prince charming in the making!

How Old is Jidion

Adams was born on December 12th, 2000 in Houston, Texas United States. Not much information is known about his family background or parents. However, we do know that he attended Clear Lake High School for high school education. As of now he is 22 years old.

How did Jidion get famous?

Jidion Adams rose to fame when his clever prank videos on YouTube began to gain traction. Only one year after launching his channel in 2018, he put out his first video in 2019 – and it was an instant hit. Initially, he only posted content 2-3 times per month, but this gradually increased as his audience grew.

He mostly pranked the public with “random stunts,” and one of his most popular videos from 2020 was a marriage proposal to strangers – which quickly went viral and catapulted him into the world of stardom. It is no wonder why he has become one of America’s top content creators with incredible subscriber numbers and millions of views!

Jidion Net Worth Summary

Jidion Adams is living the dream, if you can call having a net worth of $1 million living the dream. The 22 year old entrepreneur has made his fortune through a variety of sources such as his popular social media accounts and business investments.

Talk about inspiring, Jidion has shown that hard work pays off- regardless of your age! With so much ambition and charisma, it’s no surprise he’s been able to create success for himself. Jidion’s success story shows us that anything is possible with an innovative mindset and dedication to your dreams.

Jidion’s Controversies

jidion has been a hot topic of discussion as of late, and not always for the right reasons. The former Twitch streamer certainly isn’t stranger to controversy – his name was dragged into speculation that he faked being in the limelight, fiercely defended racist comments made by some of his peers, and other issues have caused jidion’s fans to distance themselves from him.

While jidion convinced some with explanations regarding his apparent moral double standards, his detractors remain unconvinced, arguing he’s failed to be accountable for his missteps. Jidion’s controversies are certainly worth researching if you’re looking for a fun rabbit hole!

Jidion and Pokimane

In January 2022, adams and Twitch streamer Pokimane made headlines. He was celebrating a successful Twitch partnership when he suddenly hit on the Moroccan-Canadian porn star. His move resulted in an upsetting hate raid that caused Pokimane to end their live stream prematurely.

Understandably, she called for Jidion to be temporarily suspended – but soon asked for his permanent ban. Miraculously, Jidion got what he asked for as Twitch granted Pokimane her wish and jiDion was booted from the platform. Fortunately, the former adversaries met up later and smoothed out their differences – and today they’re actually friends! Talk about a happy ending!

Jidion and Twitchcon

He made an impact yet again in July 2022, though not the one he had wished for. During his attendance at Twitchcon in Amsterdam, jiDion made a scene by becoming increasingly hostile towards popular Minecraft YouTuber TommyInnit during the event’s live stream.

Jidion left viewers with open mouths as he got increasingly out of character and finally ran towards Tommy while shouting obscenities and provoked him in front of a live audience. Needless to say, Jidion’s behavior did not go unnoticed.

He was immediately removed from the event and banned from attending it in the future. Jidion Adams is bound to leave his mark on any situation whether good or bad.

JiDion’s arrest while visiting France

He shocked the music world when he tweeted that he had spent the night in jail during his visit to Paris on August 11th. His followers were surprised, as it seemed his usually jaunty tone was replaced with joviality while he promised to create content from this experience.

However, it was unclear how JiDion actually ended up behind bars and fans were left to wonder what crime he committed while abroad! While it is great news that he only experienced a short-term stay in jail, perhaps Jidion won’t be so jolly next time he decides to take an international trip.

Until more details are released about the arrest, we will just have to wait and see what kind of bangers come out of JiDion’s peculiar stint in a Parisian prison.

Fun facts about Jidion Adams

Jidion Adams is a renowned American YouTuber and social media influencer who was born on December 12th, 2000 in Houston, Texas.

– He calls himself DeMarcus Cousins III after his favourite basketball player.

– He has become one of America’s top content creators with millions of views and subscribers.

– Jidion got into controversy when he defended racist comments from some of his peers and was even accused of faking being in the limelight.

– In January 2022, Jidion hit on Twitch streamer Pokimane which resulted in an upsetting hate raid that caused her to end their live stream prematurely – but they eventually reconciled as friends!

– He also made a scene at TwitchCon in July 2022 by becoming hostile towards popular Minecraft YouTuber TommyInnit during the event’s live stream – resulting him being banned from attending future events there.

– He shocked fans when he tweeted that he spent the night in jail while visiting Paris on August 11th – though details regarding how this happened remain unknown!

Concluding Thoughts On This Rising Star Of The Online World

Jidion is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about names in online entertainment. His jovial personality and creative content has won him millions of followers from all over the world, with many viewers tuning in to his vlogs and prank videos for a good laugh.

While Jidion’s past controversies have put him in hot water more than once, he continues to make waves on the internet as an entertaining figure that never fails to surprise us. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, we can expect Jidion Adams’ star power will only continue growing brighter each day!

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