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Giselle Soto Age , The Eyebrow Stylist Behind a Viral Sensation


Following in the footsteps of Anastasia Soare, who built her billion-dollar business attending to the eyebrows of LA’s most exclusive clientele, 23-year-old Giselle Soto is rapidly gaining recognition with her impressive and rapidly growing client base, largely thanks to a viral internet meme.

Back in 2016, a meme showcasing perfectly shaped eyebrows took the beauty circles of social media by storm. The caption read, “Jesus did her brows…I’m shook,” accompanied by a snapshot of Soto’s exceptional work. Despite its age in fast-paced internet years, the meme continues to steer potential customers to Soto. It has propelled her to launch her own salon and even attract students from as far away as Africa for private lessons.

A native of Oxnard, California, Soto began her journey into eyebrow artistry after experiencing a disastrous threading session. Turning her personal trauma into a strength, she started shaping her own eyebrows, as well as those of her friends and family. She enrolled in a local beauty school, launched her own Instagram account, and eventually got discovered by a renowned brow artist with a massive following. Though her initial stint at the salon ended abruptly, the experience pushed her to establish her own business.

After a brief period of operating from her home, Soto opened her salon on the legendary Melrose Avenue. Her clientele includes celebrities like Normani Kordei, Michelle Williams, Ming Lee Simmons, and Nazanin Mandi, as well as the backup dancers for Beyoncé’s iconic Coachella performance. Her Instagram, @gisellesotobrows, boasts 49,000 followers.

Soto accommodates around 10 clients daily, sometimes extending to 16, and employs a hand-picked and personally trained staff. She offers eyebrow shaping and recently included microblading in her services. Her charges are $80 for new customers, $65 for returning ones, and $850 for a microblading session.

Known for her precision and thoroughness, Soto believes in maintaining natural brow symmetry and never rushing a client. She stresses the importance of not overdoing makeup and is developing her own product line to further promote this ethos.

She’s not a fan of excessive highlights and shimmer, and advises careful trimming of brow hair to its natural shape. She’s currently working on creating a brow powder, and though she’s had several meetings about her product line, she doesn’t plan to rush the process. She believes in taking her time to perfect the formula, even if it means the product won’t hit the market immediately.

Did Giselle Soto and Lupillo Rivera Secretly Get Hitched?

Lupillo Rivera, renowned singer and the brother of the late Jenni Rivera, recently hinted at a new romantic interest. The woman at the center of these speculations is 25-year-old Giselle Soto, a well-known eyebrow specialist and business owner. On Lupillo’s 49th birthday, she posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, where she referred to herself as Lupillo’s wife, stirring curiosity about a possible secret wedding.

Are Giselle Soto and Lupillo Rivera Married?

Giselle, who is often compared to Shakira in looks, has been sharing images of Lupillo on her social media accounts since September 2020. In October, she made a post about being deeply in love. Subsequent posts show them spending the holidays together and celebrating their anniversary in December. Giselle’s posts reflect her admiration for Lupillo and her love for their relationship.

In late December, Giselle posted a photo where she and Lupillo are seen sharing a kiss. The most notable detail was the large diamond ring on her left hand. When asked about it on the show Despierta América, Lupillo didn’t confirm nor deny the rumors, leaving fans to speculate further.

The speculations intensified when Giselle’s birthday post for Lupillo in late January referred to herself as his wife, hinting at a possible secret wedding. Fans’ comments further fueled the rumors. She also changed her Facebook name to Giselle Soto Rivera, which some fans are reading as a possible confirmation.

Who Was Lupillo Rivera’s Previous Spouse?

Lupillo Rivera’s fans were taken by surprise when he announced his divorce from Mayeli Alonso in 2019. They had been married for 13 years before deciding to part ways due to “irreconcilable differences.” Mayeli later addressed the rumors surrounding their divorce and clarified that they separated due to various unresolved issues. Here’s hoping Lupillo and Giselle’s story has a happier ending.

Interesting Facts You May Not Know about Giselle Soto

Giselle Soto is no stranger to the spotlight, but recently her popularity soared even higher. The reason? Her rumored marriage to Mexican singer-songwriter, Lupillo Rivera. While her relationship has been under the media’s microscope, Giselle is more than just a celebrity’s significant other. She is a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated businesswoman. If you thought she was merely a beautiful face, prepare to discover the real Giselle Soto. Let’s delve into 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Giselle Soto.

  1. She Was Born and Raised in California

Giselle hails from California, but her roots trace back to Mexico, just like Lupillo. Her family emigrated to the US in pursuit of a better life, and Giselle has always endeavored to fulfill her family’s dreams. Even though her career path may not have been the traditional one her parents envisioned, it’s safe to say they’re proud of her achievements.

  1. Religion Holds a Significant Place in Her Life

Everyone requires a guiding force in life, and for Giselle, it’s her faith. While the specifics of her religious beliefs are unknown, it’s evident that she identifies as a Christian. In a conversation with Voyage L.A., she mentioned, “I’ve learned to prepare the plan, execute the plan, and let God handle the rest.”

  1. She Has a Strong Commitment to Health and Fitness

Maintaining good health and physical fitness have always been top priorities for Giselle. She conscientiously monitors her diet and ensures regular exercise is part of her daily routine.

  1. She Has an Exquisite Taste in Shoes

Though fashion isn’t necessarily Giselle’s primary interest, she has a knack for pairing outfits with the perfect shoes for any occasion. According to Giselle, a stylish pair of shoes is the finishing touch to an outfit, and she has a particular fondness for boots.

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