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Emilio Owen – Who is Gary Owen’s Stepson?


Emilio Owen? Oh, he’s actually the stepson of Gary Owen, you know, that famous American actor and stand-up comedian. Emilio is Kenya Duke’s son from her first marriage, and he’s actually her only child from that previous marriage. Speaking of Kenya, she’s quite the successful entrepreneur and media personality, owning Premier Sports and Corporate Travel, a Travel Management Company. And just a fun fact, Emilio’s biological father’s name is Emilio Toliver Sr.

Quick Bio

  • Full Name Emilio Owen
  • Profession Celebrity Stepson
  • Nationality American
  • Birth City Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Father Name Emilio Toliver Sr.
  • Mother Name Kenya Duke
  • Mother Profession Television personality & businesswoman
  • Horoscope Capricorn
  • Girlfriend Name Taylor Patton
  • Siblings Austin Owen, Kennedy Owen
  • Height 179 cm
  • Weight 75 kg
  • DOB 16 Jan, 1996

Who is Gary Owen?

Gary Owen, born on July 26, 1974, in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a hilarious guy! He earned the title of the Funniest Serviceman in America, and his comedy career took off in 1997 when he appeared on the comedy show Comic View on Black Entertainment Television. You might also know him from hosting his own TV show, The Gary Owen Show, on the BET channel in 2016. Oh, and he’s been in some pretty funny movies too, like Daddy Day Care, Rebound, Funny Business, and Think Like A Man.

But here’s something really cool about Gary: before making everyone laugh, he spent six years in the United States Navy. Talk about a transition! And get this, he even made history as the first and only white person to host Comic View. That’s pretty impressive, right? No wonder he has such a big fan base in the African-American community. Gary Owen is definitely a talented comedian worth knowing!

Marriage of Gary and Emilio’s mother

Before marrying Gary, Kenya went through a previous marriage, had a son, and went through a divorce. Gary and Kenya actually met over a decade ago at a comedy club where he was performing. After years of dating, they finally decided to take the plunge and tie the knot on July 19, 2003.

Does Emilio Owen have Siblings?

Emilio actually has two half-siblings. You see, he’s the eldest child of Kenya and Emilio Toliver Sr. His mom, Kenya, is also the mom of Gary. And guess what? After Kenya and Gary got married, they had two more kids together. Austin Owen was the first one, born on November 27, 2000. Then came Kennedy Owen, their only daughter, born on July 3, 2002. It’s pretty cool to see that Austin is following in his dad’s footsteps.

Speaking of Emilio, he’s got a great sense of humor just like his dad. He’s even been doing stand-up comedy at Tommy T’s Comedy Clubs. And you know what’s even sweeter? Emilio treats his half-siblings as if they were his own. The bond they have is so strong that Gary loves to share pictures of the whole family on social media. It’s clear that Gary and Kenya are all about fostering warm and loving relationships among their children. And trust me, their social media accounts are filled with loving moments.

Divorce of Gary and Emilio’s Mother

So, after being this perfect couple for 18 long years, they totally surprised everyone by announcing their breakup in March. Kenya spilled the beans that she actually initiated the divorce because of Gary’s infidelity. And you know what? She even made a statement that seemed like a direct hit at the woman she thinks is Gary’s mistress. She revealed that despite knowing this alleged mistress was married with kids, and was also a parent herself, she didn’t object and kept on dating Gary.

But wait, there’s more! Kenya went on to accuse this alleged mistress of being a gold digger who’s only interested in her ex-husband’s wealth. She even made it clear that this lady won’t be getting any financial support. And get this, she claimed that Gary had even taken trips to the Bahamas and Florida with this woman. Can you believe it?

Now, in a court filing, Kenya is asking for a whopping $44,000 a month, saying that Gary used to provide her with that amount. She’s really upset about everything Gary did. And you know what’s even worse? She mentioned that she sacrificed her job to support him, only to be betrayed in return. Can you imagine?

Man, relationships can be so complicated sometimes, don’t you think?

How Did Gary Respond to Kenya’s accusations?

So, after Kenya accused him of various things, Gary decided to stay quiet for a while. But eventually, he broke his silence and shared his side of the story on The Breakfast Club. According to him, he was actually the one who initiated the separation and filed for divorce. Despite Kenya’s claims of adultery, Gary insisted that their divorce was due to his dissatisfaction. He admitted that he had left multiple times throughout their 23 years together, but always ended up staying for the kids.

Gary also contested Kenya’s claim that he was an neglectful parent. He emphasized his constant involvement in his children’s lives and how much he enjoyed being a dad. He made it a point to personally drive them to school, pick them up, and never missed celebrating their birthdays. However, he did mention that he hasn’t been in contact with his children since the divorce proceedings started and they separated.

Who is Emilio Owen’s Girlfriend?

So here’s the scoop: Emilio Owen is in a solid relationship with his girlfriend, Taylor Patton. She’s an operations specialist at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields. Emilio says they’ve been dating since 2016 and they love sharing pics of their adventures on social media. You’ll often see them hanging out with their crew. Emilio and Taylor are known for being outgoing and it seems like they’re living together.

What’s the Net Worth of Emilio Owen?

Emilio comes from a super fancy and rich American family, you know? But we don’t really know how much he’s worth. On the other hand, his stepfather is sitting on a cool $3 million as of December 2023. Impressive, huh?


While everyone’s been talking about Emilio’s recent family updates, he’s still out there, doing his thing and showing off his skills. And can we talk about his stand-up comedy? It’s hilarious! Oh, and his girlfriend Taylor Patton? They’re like the perfect match. Together, they bring so much color to his story.

As we keep an eye on Emilio’s journey, we can’t help but wonder what’s next for him. With such a famous and successful family, there’s no doubt he’s got big things ahead. Emilio Owen’s story is all about family, chasing dreams, and finding that balance between tradition and modernity. It’s a captivating narrative that keeps us hooked, eager to see what he’ll do next in the spotlight and beyond.


Q1: So, who exactly is Emilio Owen?

A: Well, Emilio Owen is actually the stepson of Gary Owen, who happens to be a well-known American actor and stand-up comedian.

Q2: And do you know who his parents are?

A: Emilio’s mom is Kenya Duke, a notable entrepreneur and media personality, and his biological father is Emilio Toliver Sr.

Q3: Oh, and by the way, how many siblings does Emilio Owen have?

A: Funny you ask! Emilio actually has two half-siblings from Gary Owen and Kenya Duke’s marriage — Austin Owen and Kennedy Owen.

Q4: So, what’s the scoop on Emilio’s relationship status?

A: Ah, Emilio Owen has been going strong in a long-term relationship with his lovely girlfriend, Taylor Patton. She’s an operations specialist at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields.

Q5: I bet you’re curious about Gary Owen and Kenya Duke’s divorce, right?

A: You won’t believe it, but it was actually Gary who initiated the divorce. He cited dissatisfaction as the reason, rather than the adultery claimed by Kenya.

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