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Dakota Johnson Net Worth, Income, Lifestyle & More


What is Dakota Johnson net worth? Well, you know, she’s an American model and actress who’s made quite a name for herself. With a net worth of $14 million, she’s definitely got some success under her belt. Most people probably recognize her from the “Fifty Shades” film series, but she’s actually been part of many other projects too. It’s pretty impressive how she’s shown her versatility, taking on all sorts of different characters in different genres.

Early Life

Dakota Mayi Johnson was actually born on October 4th, 1989, in Austin, Texas. Fun fact – she comes from a family of actors! Both her parents are pretty well-known in the industry. Her dad, Don Johnson, played James Crockett on the popular 80s show “Miami Vice.” And her mom, Melanie Griffith, starred in movies like “Working Girl” back in ’88. Here’s a cool tidbit: Dakota’s dad couldn’t be there for her birth because he was busy filming “The Hot Spot.” Talk about a busy family! Even her grandparents used to be actors. And get this – her stepdad at one point was Antonio Banderas! She’s got quite the interesting family tree. Oh, and did I mention she has six half-siblings? Two from her mom and four from her dad. Phew, that’s a lot to keep track of!

Dakota’s upbringing was anything but ordinary. Raised on film sets, she embarked on a nomadic journey alongside her parents, immersing herself in the ever-changing tapestry of different roles. The constant movement prevented her from establishing roots, leaving her yearning for a sense of stability. Adding to the challenges, Dakota was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. As her family traversed the country, she found herself switching schools, struggling to find her place. The weight of these experiences took a toll on her mental health, with depression becoming a companion at the tender age of 14. In 2007, Dakota bravely sought rehabilitation, taking the first step towards healing.


So, Johnson actually started her professional career as a model. It all began when she developed an interest in modeling at the age of 12 and even got the chance to appear in “Teen Vogue” alongside other celebrity kids. Pretty cool, right?Over the next few years, Johnson continued to take minor roles in films such as “Need for Speed” and in TV series like “The Office.” Her real breakthrough came in 2015, when she was cast as Anastasia Steele in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Despite being relatively unknown at the time, Dakota beat several more prominent actresses and won the role. She has since appeared in the film’s 2 sequels. As of 2020, the three “Fifty Shades” films have grossed over $1.325 billion at the box office, making them among the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time.

Now, here’s the interesting part. Despite her passion for acting from a young age, her parents insisted that she finish high school before pursuing her acting career. Talk about dedication! After graduating, she had her heart set on Juilliard School but unfortunately got rejected. But you know what they say, when one door closes, another opens. She didn’t give up on her acting dreams and in 1999, she made her film debut in “Crazy in Alabama,” directed by none other than her stepfather, Antonio Banderas.

After a bit of a slow period, Johnson signed with IMG Models and took her modeling game to the next level. But here’s the kicker, she didn’t stop there. She also started taking acting classes and got herself an agent. Talk about multi-talented!

At first, she landed some minor roles like in “The Social Network” back in 2010. But hey, we all start somewhere, right? More opportunities came her way with movies like “Beastly,” “For Ellen,” “Goats,” and “The Five-Year Engagement,” and she even appeared in the series “21 Jump Street.” Although these roles were quite minor, they were stepping stones to bigger things.

Finally, in 2012, she got her big break as she scored the lead role in “Date and Switch.” But wait, there’s more! That same year, she also joined the cast of “Ben and Kate.” Unfortunately, the series got canceled after just one season. But hey, you win some, you lose some. Overall, Johnson’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, but she’s definitely made a name for herself in the industry.

After soaring to success with “Fifty Shades of Grey,” Dakota found herself landing roles more effortlessly. In 2015, she graced the silver screen in “Black Mass,” “A Bigger Splash,” and “Cymbeline.” The following year, she captivated audiences with “How to Be Single.” Then, in 2018, Dakota showcased her talent in the supernatural horror film “Suspiria,” undergoing rigorous dance training to prepare for the role. Critics hailed her performance, solidifying her place in the industry. That same year, she mesmerized viewers in the neo-noir thriller “Bad Times at the El Royale.”

Continuing her momentum into 2019, Dakota starred in the chilling horror film “Wounds” and shared the screen with Shia LaBeouf in “The Peanut Butter Falcon.” Wrapping up the year, she graced audiences with her presence in “Our Friend.” And in 2020, the multitalented actress ventured into new territories, launching her own production company, TeaTime Pictures. She even made her directorial debut with Coldplay’s music video “Cry Cry Cry.” But she didn’t let her directorial pursuits overshadow her acting career; she shone in “The High Note,” earning widespread critical acclaim.

The year 2020 brought even more exciting news as it was announced that Dakota would star in the films “The Lost Daughter” and “Don’t Worry.” With each role she takes on, Dakota Johnson continues to captivate audiences and solidify her status as a versatile and talented actress.

Fifty Shades Salary

The original “Fifty Shades of Grey” film didn’t come with a massive paycheck for Dakota. According to reports, she took home just $250,000 for her work on the first film in the franchise. However, she apparently negotiated a 7-figure salary for the next two films, which makes sense considering how successful the original movie was at the box office. Pretty impressive, right?


Dakota Johnson has quite the artistic dating history! She’s been linked to Noah Gersh, a musician, and Jordan Masterson, an actor. She even had a fling with Matthew Hitt, the lead vocalist of the rock band Drowners. And in 2017, she struck a chord with musician Chris Martin. Talk about harmonious connections! 🎵💕

Real Estate

Back in 2016, Dakota Johnson snagged a Hollywood Hills home for a cool $3.55 million. Surrounded by A-listers, this gem was built by architect extraordinaire Carl Maston way back in 1947. With four bedrooms and a lap pool, Johnson took it upon herself to give the interior a little makeover. Talk about stylish renovations! 💁‍♀️


In conclusion, Dakota Johnson is a multi-talented actress and a vibrant personality. Despite being born into a prestigious Hollywood family, she’s carved her own path in the industry, straddling modeling and acting with equal flair. From her early days in minor roles to her breakthrough with the “Fifty Shades” franchise, Johnson’s journey has been marked by resilience and perseverance. Off-screen, her passion for life extends to her relationships and artistic renovations. Ultimately, Dakota Johnson’s enduring appeal lies in her ability to surprise and captivate, whether she’s on the silver screen or directing music videos. As she continues to evolve in her career, fans worldwide are eager to see what this accomplished actress will do next.

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