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Yeat Net Worth – Parents, Age, Bio, Wiki & More


Yeat is a rapper with a $4 million dollar net worth. Yeat is an extremely well-known name in America and is pretty well liked online, especially on Tiktok and other similar sites. The previous several years have seen him become a very popular rapper. After his mixtape 4L was out, he gained notoriety. Soon after, he released his debut album, Up 2 M, which immediately became popular and helped him earn worldwide recognition.

Yeat began his professional career as Lil Yeat in 2016. His first public appearance came in 2018, when he took part in the track premiere of the YouTube channel Elevator’s Brink. Deep Blue Strips, his first mixtape, was released in 2018.He has since released many mixtapes. Yeat currently has three studio albums to his credit, however only the most recent is widely known. It is critical to double-check Young M.A.

Yeat Rapper Net Worth

Yeat is a renowned name and a rising artist who has received critical recognition in recent years. He has accomplished a lot in his career because to his music and distinct voice. Yeat made his debut in 2016, but remained hidden for several years until making his public debut in 2018. Later that year, he released his debut mixtape, which had a moderate success.

His Mixtape RL and debut album both charted well in 2021. His album’s singles went viral on Tiktok and other platforms. Yeat now has a net worth of $4 million.

Yeat Assets

Home: Yeat is an American celebrity who has accomplished much in his career. Yeat is a rapper who has quickly gained critical praise. He travelled to New York to further his career, but he eventually relocated to Los Angeles, where he currently resides and has a stunning home.

Car collection: Yeat has a sizable vehicle collection. He enjoys owning exotic and luxury vehicles; however, the majority of his rides are muscle cars. He has several vehicles, including a Dodge Challenger and a Ford Mustang. You might be interested in Big Freedia Net Worth as well.

Yeat Rapper Age & Early life

Noah Oliver Smith, better known by his stage name Yeat, is a well-known and successful star in the United States. Smith attended school in Oregon before moving to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. He later relocated to Los Angeles, where he began his profession, and where he still resides.

Noah Smith was born in Irvine, California on February 26, 2000. Yeat was born in Portland, Oregon and reared in Lake Oswego, Oregon, where he attended Lakeridge High School. Yeat relocated to New York City after graduation to pursue a music career before eventually settling in Los Angeles where he currently lives

Yeat parents

 However, spend his early years in California with his parents. Smith’s mother is Romanian, and his father is Mexican-American, with Smith’s grandmother being Mexican and from Tijuana, Mexico, and his paternal grandfather being white American. Smith has indicated that he has no idea where his paternal grandfather is from, nor does he know anything about his grandfather’s ethnic origin other than his grandfather being of Caucasian/white descent. His father was a musician who owned a variety of instruments

Yeat: Career and Awards

Yeat began his career in 2016 as Lil Yeat, a nickname he earned for himself. However, most of his works until 2018 have been removed off the internet. In 2018, he made his public debut with the release of a tune called Brink on the YouTube channel Elevator. He later released his first mixtape, Deep Blue Strips. Later, in early 2019, he published a music video for the song Stay on YouTube.

Later, in 2021, he received critical recognition on a variety of internet platforms such as Tiktok, Sound Cloud, and others. In 2021, he released 4L, a massively successful mixtape. Later that year, his debut album Up to M was released, which included several much-hit singles such as Sorry about That, Money So Big, and others. Money So Big became viral on Tiktok, propelling him to stardom. He later released two more albums, 2 Aliv and Lyf. Check out Benny the Butcher’s net worth.

Yeat is an 18-year-old rapper from Portland

In general, spitting a rap verse is not a difficult endeavor. I would be willing to wager that 90% of ardent hip-hop fans could lay down a decent 16 bars with a little practice and a top-tier ghostwriter. The tricky part comes when it comes to creating a tune.

It is no secret that infectious hooks and melodies are now ruling the urban genre, yet few have really mastered the technique. Yeat, who is only 18 years old, is one of the few underground sensations with an uncanny flair for addictive melodies. On “Br!nk,” The Portland native shows his talent by his excellent words with a changing, auto-tuned vocal.

With the developing Sound Cloud scene at his disposal, Lil Yeat is sure to be one of 2018’s most notable breakout performers. Play “Br!nk” below to find out for yourself.


Do you know any Romanian rappers? The majority of individuals would say no to that question. This is because it is uncommon, and the bulk of popular rappers are African American. ‘Yeat’ defies stereotypes by being of Romanian and Spanish ethnicity and producing songs on par with mainstream rappers, albeit with a much smaller fan base. Yeat is undoubtedly on the rise, with endorsements from Drake and popular social media icons.

His development, however, is not without purpose. Yeat’s unusual vocal cadence, combined with experimental beats from brilliant producers such as Sharkboy and BenjiCold, gives the rap/hip-hop genre a unique feel. Nowadays, it is difficult to discover a rapper who deviates from standard rap flows and melodies. Yeat makes fresh waves and sets a new example for others to follow. With almost six projects published across all platforms and dozens of songs, Yeat has maintained a steady level of excellent music.

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