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Winter Victoria Parker – Facebook Co-Founder’s Daughter


Winter Victoria Parker is one of those famous personalities, who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. She is the daughter of Sean Parker, who was the first founder and CEO of Facebook, and Alexandra Lenas, a singer-songwriter. Winter Victoria Parker was born in the year 2013 and she blows her candle on the 7th of January every year. She is of nine years and enjoys her early schooling life. 

Winter Victoria Parker Lifestyle

Being a billionaires’ daughter, Victoria Parker is living a luxurious lifestyle with her family. As the daughter of ex founder of Facebook, Winter Victoria’s birth became the highlighted topic of the news at that time. For that reason, Sean Parker tried his best to keep his personal life and his daughter out of fame or spotlight. But thanks to Victoria’s mother who never forget to keep us update about her children through her Instagram account for the fans. 

Winter Victoria Parker enjoys skiing along with her family regularly. Winter’s parents often carry the gesture of their favorite characters for Halloween and enjoy every single moment with their children. Apart from this Winter Parker’s parents never missed the chance to go on vacations with their children to enjoy their family time. The beautiful family enjoys their precious time by having fun, drinking smoothies or their favorite drinks, and sailing on the boat.

About Winter Victoria Parker Unique Name

The three words unique name Winter Victoria Parker is a female given name. The first name, ‘Winter’ is derived from the winter season which means ‘Rebirth of Spring’, the middle name, Victoria, is Latin in origin which means ‘victory’, and her last name Parker comes out from her family name. 

About Winter Victoria Parker Guardians

Winter Victoria Parker is the first child of two famous faces, Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas. We all know that her father is an American investor and quite known all over the world but no one knows about his personal life and children. Here we introduce you to Winter Victoria Parkers’ parents. 

Victoria’s father, Sean Parker is the name who comes among the billionaires, he’s not only the CEO of Facebook but also the co-founder of Causes, Plaxo, and Brigade. He also played the character of Justin Timberlake in the Facebook film “The Social Network” in 2010.


At the age of nineteen, he co-founded ‘Napster’ in the year 1999 which is a file-sharing service and it became the fastest-growing business of all time. Sean is still credited with revolutionizing the music industry.

Later in the year 2004, he invested a great contribution in Facebook which was a tiny start-up and ends up becoming the biggest Social Network throughout the world. From Facebook, his net worth reaches billions and helps him in becoming a political mega-donor.

Let’s talk about Winter Victoria Parker’s mother, Alexandra Lenas, a multi-talented person who worked as an actress, songwriter, and singer. Alexandra is known among the world as being the wife of a tech billionaire, Sean Parker.

She proves herself to be the best mother ever, who devoted her life to their children and does every possible thing she can do in their upbringing. That shows how attached she is to her children and her spouse as well.

Alexandra loves to share her family moments with her favorites through social media, usually on Instagram. She has a huge collection of all the moments she spent with her children, especially with her daughter, Winter Victoria Parker.

Alexandra captured all Victoria’s moments from the day she opened her life in this world to the moment she made her first step. She often shares her sleeping moments with her gorgeous daughter. 

A Complete Four-People Happy Family

If we talk about Winter Victoria Parker’s family, her parents Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas got engaged in 2011 and married in a lavish $4.5 million ceremony in the year 2013. The wedding event was held at the Big Sur, California on June 1, 2013. They picked Game of Thrones-themed for their event and the wedding cake was almost 9ft tall. It was a fairytale-like ceremony attended by three hundred and sixty-four guests. 


The beautiful couple welcomed their first child, Winter Victoria Parker on January 7, 2013, and the second child named Zephyr Emerson Parker on December 1, 2014. The couple along with their two children enjoys a complete four-person happy family life. 

Winter Victoria Parker’s mother, Alexandra Lenas told that Victoria seemed to be so blissful with the arrival of her sibling, and Victoria is quite attached to her brother, Zephyr Emerson. Victoria feels so blessed for being an elder sister of her sibling. 

Summing Up

An extremely gorgeous kid, Winter Victoria Parker is the daughter of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas. As of 2022, Winter Victoria completed her nine years and enjoys her early school life. She lives a quite healthy and luxurious life with her parents and younger brother, Zephyr Emerson. Winter Victoria Parker came into the spotlight because of her father, Sean Parker’s identity, as her father is an American investor and a tech billionaire. 

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