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Why Cole Sprouse girlfriend, Ari Fournier is going viral?


In January 2021, Cole Sprouse girlfriend, Ari Fournier became an item. Renowned for his role in Riverdale, Spouse has always been tight-lipped about his private affairs. Being a child actor, his life has always been in the limelight, which was further amplified when he dated his Riverdale co-star, Lili Reinhart. This relationship was constantly scrutinized, and so when they ended things in March 2020, Sprouse felt compelled to publicize the split in August, due to the immense attention it had garnered.

Currently, Sprouse is in a relationship with Ari Fournier, a model, and they are maintaining a low profile. They were first spotted in March 2021 in Vancouver, Canada, walking hand-in-hand. They have since made their relationship known on Instagram and have given followers glimpses into their shared moments.

The couple marked their two-year anniversary in January 2023, with Fournier sharing a series of photo booth pictures on Instagram, pondering about how time had flown.

Sprouse was all praise for Fournier in a March 2023 episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. He mentioned how eye opening this relationship has been, in terms of compatibility and trust. This relationship even propelled him to become sober, which he feels has had a positive impact on him.

In August 2023, on Spouse’s 31st birthday, Fournier posted a heartfelt note on Instagram, expressing her love. Let us delve further into Ari Fournier’s life and her relationship with Spouse.

Cole Sprouse girlfriend profession

Fournier, who is signed with Premier Model Management, has been modeling since she was 15. She has been part of campaigns for well-known brands like Aldo, La Perla, ASOS, and Nasty Gal, among others.

However, she states that the modeling world is not as glamorous as it is portrayed. In an interview with Folio Montreal, she emphasized the hard work and determination that is required behind the scenes.

Cole Sprouse girlfriend origin: A Proud French-Canadian

Fournier hails from Montreal, Canada, and is French speaking. In 2019, she shared an Instagram picture of herself at a hockey game at Madison Square Garden in New York, expressing how it reminded her of home, as hockey is a sport known to be associated with Canada.

Her Childhood Was Spent on a Farm

The present-day resident of Los Angeles and New York City, Fournier, has much more humble roots. Her early years were spent on a farm in Canada, where she spent her days riding horses and enjoying a peaceful country lifestyle. In a candid YouTube video, she mentioned the simplicity of her childhood, surrounded by horses, dogs, and cats, and how she appreciates the grounded upbringing which keeps her balanced in her fast-paced life.

A Devoted Animal Lover

Fournier’s love for animals, especially horses, is quite evident and likely rooted in her farm upbringing. Her Instagram posts often feature her enjoying horseback rides. In February 2022, she introduced her followers to her new companion, a Pomeranian puppy named Bear, who seems to have seamlessly fit into her dynamic lifestyle.

She Invites Followers into Her Life through YouTube

During the lockdown period, Fournier leveraged YouTube to share snippets of her life, travel vlogs, and makeup tutorials, attracting over 3,000 followers. However, her activity on the platform has decreased since she and Sprouse became public about their relationship.

Sprouse is Among Her Photographers

Fournier has been the subject of Sprouse’s photography multiple times. Sprouse, who balances his acting career with photography, commemorated Fournier’s 23rd birthday with a series of photographs, the first of which was clicked during a trip to a winery in Napa, California, while the others were light-hearted and fun-filled.

Travel is her passion

An integral part of Fournier’s work involves extensive travel, an aspect she wholeheartedly embraces. According to one of her YouTube videos, she credits travel with teaching her resilience in the face of difficulty. Her initial modeling stint in China was challenging, causing her to question her career choice. However, with support from those around her, she persevered. Subsequent travels to Barcelona and Milan sparked a renewed enjoyment in her work.

Online backlash regarding Cole Sprouse girlfriend?

Sprouse announced in March 2022 that he and Fournier have been subject to considerable online negativity. Many fans, still reeling from Sprouse’s breakup with Reinhart, have targeted the couple. Sprouse renowned that many comments deemed as intimidation are promptly removed, even from friends’ accounts. Yet, the pair remains undeterred by the negativity, frequently expressing their affection on social media. An example of their online interaction was seen when Fournier humorously responded to a risqué selfie posted by Sprouse in June 2022.

Fournier stands by Sprouse’s side

In all his professional pursuits, Sprouse has a staunch supporter in Fournier. When Sprouse featured in the HBO rom-com Moonshot in March 2022, Fournier was right there at the premiere. She also expressed her support on Instagram by posting a picture of them at the event, along with Sprouse’s twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, and his girlfriend, Barbara Palvin. Fournier’s caption expressed her pride and appreciation for those involved in the production.

Who is Cole Sprouse btw?

Known for sharing roles with his twin brother Dylan in early careers, Cole Sprouse emerged as a renowned child actor. Films such as Big Daddy and TV shows like Grace Under Fire made their mark on his early acting life. However, fame truly knocked on the Sprouse twins’ door with Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, where they played identical twins. After a successful stint with Disney, Cole decided to pause his acting career to pursue education at New York University, graduating in 2015. A year later, he landed the role of Jughead Jones in the popular teen drama, Riverdale.

Beginnings and Rise to Stardom

Born on August 4, 1992, in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, Cole was the younger of the Sprouse twins by a mere 15 minutes. At the time, their parents, Melanie Wright and Matthew Sprouse, were teaching English in Italy. The family relocated to Southern California when the twins were just four months old.

Prompted by their grandmother, who was an actor and a drama teacher herself, the twins embarked on a promising acting career. Cole recalls their entry into acting as a necessity for their family’s financial situation, even though he later recognized the multitude of opportunities it brought.

At the height of their career with Suite Life, the Sprouse twins reportedly made $40,000 per episode. They also collaborated with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s company to roll out a magazine, a line of deodorants, and various other products. However, a conflict over creative control led the Sprouse twins to bid adieu to their Disney Channel stardom and take a step back from the limelight when they turned 18.

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