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Who is Tim Rogers Wife? Faces the Sudden Loss of His Wife


Tragic news has surfaced regarding the wife of revered gospel artist and preacher, Tim Rogers wife. His beloved spouse, Shireta, has unfortunately passed away. Here is the information we have gathered so far.

We regretfully bring the sorrowful news to you that Shireta Rogers, partner of the esteemed gospel artist and preacher, Tim Rogers, is no longer with us. At the young age of 46, she has left this world.

Shireta’s departure was announced publicly on Facebook on May 9, 2023. Much like her husband, she had a profound love for her faith and music, and she used this passion to mentor young vocalists.

This devastating news has greatly impacted the gospel community in Blytheville, Ark. What caused the untimely demise of Shireta? Here is the information available so far.

What led to the death of Tim Rogers wife? As of now, the cause of death remains undisclosed.

On May 9, 2023, the official Tim Rogers & The Fellas Facebook page posted about Shireta’s passing, thanking everyone for their prayers and support.

“Pastor Tim Rogers sincerely wants to convey his gratitude for all your prayers. First Lady Shireta Rogers has returned to her heavenly Father. We appreciate your continued prayers and thank you all,” the post quoted.

To those wishing to offer financial aid during this difficult time, the post provided details for transferring the same through Pastor Tim’s cash app.

The exact circumstances surrounding Shireta’s death were not mentioned in the post. However, a previous post on May 4, 2023, urged the church community and supporters to pray for Lady Shireta, suggesting that she may have been struggling health-wise.

The couple, who had recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Jan. 20, 2023, shared seven children: Tierra, Tiffany, Timara, Timberly, Timya, Ti’one, and Trazeil.

Shireta played an essential role in the success of Tim Rogers & The Fellas, beyond being a supportive partner to Pastor Tim. She was recognized as a songwriter for the group. Additionally, she held a degree in music education from the University of Memphis, which allowed her to mentor future singers. Her love for music will continue to reverberate through her students. Facing the loss of a wife and mother is heart-wrenching, but we hope the Rogers family finds the strength to recover from this tragedy.

At this challenging time, we extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Shireta Rogers. May she find eternal peace.

Shireta Rogers, wife of Pastor Tim Rogers, dies after brief condition

This post is a heartfelt plea for prayers from Gardner, directed towards the loved ones and supporters of Shireta Weatherspoon Rogers, Pastor Tim’s wife. She does not provide any specific reason for the plea but emphasizes the need for intense and continual prayers. She exudes confidence in God’s plan and assures Shireta of divine support.

Pastor Tim Rogers, a household name in gospel music and once the pastor of gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson, has not yet spoken publicly about the situation. He is expected to make a statement on social media eventually, but the time is not specified. His public appearances for May have been cancelled, and those willing to support his family financially can do so via CashApp. Attempts to reach Rogers’ church have been unsuccessful.

Social media platforms have been flooded with condolences for the family. Antioch Full Gospel Baptist Church and Gloria Shields, Shireta Rogers’ sister-in-law, were among many who expressed their grief and offered prayers for the bereaved family.

In 2018, Pastor Rogers made headlines when he compared Hell to the myth of Santa Claus during the funeral service of a young man. He further justified his belief by saying that anything without an explanation is imaginary, and nobody has ever returned from Hell to validate its existence.

In a detailed interview with The Christian Post, Pastor Rogers revealed his ongoing quest for deep spiritual understanding. He admitted that he didn’t have answers to certain questions, such as what happens to people after they die. He clarified that his beliefs are grounded in the Bible, but his interpretations are not always literal. He reiterated his belief in Heaven, the devil, and even Hell, but clarified that he doesn’t view Hell as a lake of fire. His focus is on attaining a correct understanding of the Bible’s teachings.

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