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Who is Polo G girlfriend? Meet Crystal Blease


Fame is peculiar, often brought by one’s achievements or by association. Polo G girlfriend, Crystal Blease entered the limelight due to her relationship with American rapper Taurus Tremani Bartlett, better known by his stage name Polo G. The public became intrigued by their liaison, and despite the relationship ending in 2021, the curiosity about their lives persists.

Crystal Blease is no mere celebrity’s girlfriend but a successful entrepreneur and social media influencer leveraging her popularity for positive outcomes. Here’s an insight into her life and career trajectory.

An introduction to Polo G girlfriend

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Blease identifies herself as a Belizean princess due to her parents’ Belizean origins. Despite their separation and subsequent remarriages, her father and grandmother raised her. As of now, she hasn’t shared much about them or her multiple half-siblings.

Blease’s early years were marred by hardships, involving legal troubles that nearly resulted in imprisonment. However, her association with Polo G put her in the spotlight.

Crystal Blease’s age

As of January 2022, Blease is 21 years old, born in the year 2000. Her birthday is September 26th, making her a Libra, according to astrological signs. Her 21st birthday was marked by a vlog featuring her current partner and friends.

Her professional journey

Polo G girlfriend, Blease has carved a niche for herself as an entrepreneur and social media influencer. She heads Crystal Couture, a women’s clothing line offering a range of apparel.

She also runs Beauty by Bratitude, a Los Angeles and Chicago-based beauty products firm. Blease’s influencer status has led her to collaborate with brands like Pretty hair weave salon and Fashion Nova.

Crystal Blease’s financial status

While there’s no official statement on Blease’s net worth, Gist Flare suggests that it is around $400k, earned primarily through her ventures and brand endorsements.

Blease and Polo G: A past relationship

Blease and Polo G’s romantic liaison ended abruptly in early 2021 after a four-year stint. Blease accused the rapper of infidelity, but other sources posit that Blease allegedly betrayed Polo G with Action Pack and Young Rob. However, these allegations remain unverified.

Current relationship status of Polo G and Crystal Blease?

Blease has moved on from Polo G and is now dating a woman named Jazz. The couple frequently features on Blease’s YouTube channel, with several videos of them together. They officially announced their relationship in August 2021.

Polo G as a father

Polo G shares a son named Tremani Bartlett with Blease. The toddler, two years old at the time of writing, currently lives with his mother.

Who is Polo G Dating?

Polo G’s significant other is Crystal Blease. Blease is also the mother of Polo G’s child. Crystal is a popular personality on TikTok, where her humorous and relatable videos have earned her a significant number of followers, particularly during the pandemic. Polo G girlfriend, A video that she posted on March 29th rapidly went viral, garnering 10.9 million views in just one day.

The video featured Crystal and Polo participating in the ‘pass the phone’ TikTok trend, which was met with a positive response from fans. They found it amusing how Crystal preferred a shopping spree while Polo G remained committed to his music production at the studio.

Notwithstanding her impressive TikTok following of over 540k users, Crystal maintains a more private Instagram account with 900 followers. This has piqued fan interest in her more intimate life and personal Instagram content.

Polo G Girlfriend Refutes Infidelity Accusations and Provides Insight into Her Relationship with Polo G

Crystal Blease, Polo G’s former partner and the mother of his child, recently addressed rumors of infidelity in their relationship. Polo G girlfriend and him have had their fair share of relationship problems, and recently, the situation was exacerbated by circulating rumors of her unfaithfulness. Crystal promptly denounced these rumors, following Polo G’s response on his Instagram live.

Who is the Mother of Polo G’s Child?

Crystal is a savvy businesswoman with a substantial social media following. She has successfully leveraged platforms like TikTok and Instagram to boost her engagement levels.

Currently, Crystal boasts over 480k Instagram followers. She is the founder of Beauty by Bratitude and Crystal Couture, and represents brands such as Pretty Hair Weave and Fashion Nova.

A scroll through Crystal’s Instagram reveals that she effectively uses her platform to connect with her followers and give them a glimpse into her upscale lifestyle, while also posting various promotional content.

Crystal Blease Denies Infidelity Allegations

On July 12, Polo G addressed the ongoing rumors of infidelity on his Instagram live: “You know what’s funny about the internet, you know why the internet always wins, because I can’t reach out slap the f**k out of, I promise to God, some of y’all care so I wouldn’t do it.”

He continued: “I promise what is funny about the internet is that a lot of you are playing with me. Now, say that in my presence and I swear I will reach out and smack the f**k out of you.”

Simultaneously, Crystal also addressed the accusations. She stated: “Stop saying ‘I cheated.’ Anyone I dealt with was when I was SINGLE. I can do whatever I want when I’m single. I’ve never cheated on anybody. I’ve been letting you all talk, but why would I ‘cheat’ on the person I WAS in love with?”

She concluded: “On my son, I was sticking by his side until the very end. Any person could tell you that. I had to realize my own worth! Some of you have been really aggressive about something you know NOTHING about. Now leave me alone.”

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