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Who Is Lili Reinhart Boyfriend? All About Jack Martin


So, there’s some exciting news about the ‘Riverdale’ actress, Lili Reinhart! She was recently spotted at the Venice Film Festival with her new boyfriend. In April 2023, pictures surfaced of Lili wrapping her arms around actor Jack Martin and sharing a kiss at the Los Angeles airport. It seems like Lili is moving on after her previous relationship with Spencer Neville, whom she was casually seeing.

Before that, she had an on-again, off-again romance with her ‘Riverdale’ co-star, Cole Sprouse, but they called it quits in March 2020. Cole even talked about their breakup during an interview, mentioning that they went through some tough times together. But now, they’re good friends. Interestingly, Jack Martin actually parodied that interview before he started dating Lili. So, there you have it – some insights into Lili Reinhart’s new beau, Jack Martin. Exciting stuff!

He has a big following on social media


Before officially breaking into the acting industry, Martin had already gained a big following on social media, particularly on TikTok. He has over 800K followers and nearly 50 million likes.

“I was an elitist about TikTok. I was like, ‘I’m never downloading that app.’ It’s for 16-year-olds to dance with their shirts off,” Martin told Comicbook about his initial hesitancy to join the app. “But then I went on there and realized you can just make anything. You can make any video, as long as it’s a minute.”

“I saw this guy doing a sketch about rich guys or something, and it was terrible. I was like, ‘Oh, I could totally do that,'” he added. “So I started doing skits. I did more and more of them. And guess what? I actually got signed by a manager and an agent because of that, which was the whole point of everything I was doing in the first place. Then I got this audition for La Brea, which was my first pilot season audition ever. And guess what? I booked it! And here we are.”

He’s an actor

Just like Reinhart, Martin is an actor known for his role on the NBC series La Brea. It’s a sci-fi show that’s all about a sinkhole suddenly appearing in the middle of Los Angeles. Crazy, right? Well, in the midst of all the chaos, Martin’s character Josh Harris gets sucked into the sinkhole along with a bunch of other people. And guess what? His family gets separated too! So now they’re all on a mission to find each other and survive.

Here’s the cool part: La Brea got renewed for a third season in January 2023. But get this, NBC decided to make it a shorter season because of the Writers Guild of America strike. So even though filming was supposed to start in March, we might not get to see the new episodes until 2024. Bummer, right? You can find more details here.

He grew up in Virginia

Martin was actually born in Maryland, but he grew up in McLean, Virginia. That’s where he discovered his love for acting at a young age. According to his official website, Jack’s first taste of acting happened in fifth grade. He almost landed a big role in a major feature film and that’s when he realized just how much he adored acting. Pretty wild, right? Check out his website for more info: Jack Martin’s Official Website.

He graduated from Georgetown University

Martin graduated from Georgetown University back in 2019, but he also took a bunch of classes at NYU Tisch’s Stonestreet Studios Film & TV Conservatory. According to his website, he was part of this intense program that focused on screen acting.

He didn’t always plan to act

“I went to college to study political science, hoping to embark on a career in politics. But after the first semester, I had a change of heart,” he confessed to Bello. Little did he know that a conversation with his mom would ignite his passion for acting, as he recounted in an interview with A Book Of.

“I remember sitting with my mom and a friend, clueless about what I wanted to do with my life,” he reminisced. “It was halfway through college, and they casually mentioned, ‘Hey, you seem to really enjoy acting. Why not give it a shot?'”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he exclaimed, “Of course!” However, he couldn’t muster the courage to share his newfound aspiration with his college buddies. “I was too embarrassed to tell them because, you know, they were heading for those classic corporate jobs,” he chuckled. “But then, when I received that call, it hit me – oh my God, it’s really happening!”

He previously parodied Lili Reinhart’s ex-boyfriend

Prior to publicly acknowledging her relationship with Reinhart, Martin playfully imitated her ex-boyfriend Sprouse’s Call Her Daddy interview. In the skit, Martin portrayed himself as the “third Sprouse brother,” donning a white button-up shirt and mimicking Sprouse’s smoking gesture, which had become notable. Notably, Martin bears a striking resemblance to Sprouse.

He and Lili Reinhart went Instagram official in July 2023

So, months after they sparked dating rumors, Martin went Instagram official with Reinhart. He posted a bunch of photos of them together in a gallery shared on July 10. And you won’t believe it, but his caption was like, “Unbelievable, even egregious amounts of Smiling and Chilling.” Can you imagine? It included photos of him and Reinhart traveling together.

And then, the following month, on August 3, Reinhart took to her Instagram Story to post some sweet pictures about her new beau for his 25th birthday. She was like, “It’s my cowboy’s birthday!” and shared a photo of Martin in a black cowboy hat. How adorable is that? She wrote, “I’m so grateful for the light you’ve brought into my life. Happy birthday, Mon petite.” Such a lovely couple, don’t you think?

He and Lili Reinhart made their first public appearance at Venice Film Festival

After making their relationship Instagram official, the couple made a dazzling appearance at the Venice Film Festival in September 2023. They were captured attending a glamorous Giorgio Armani event, and later enjoyed a delightful double date with Sydney Sweeney and her fiancé Jonathan Davino.

Martin couldn’t resist sharing their amazing journey on Instagram, treating us to captivating snapshots, including a charming selfie of the couple at the Giorgio Armani event.

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