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Where is Sharkeisha Now? A Sensation Turned Instagram Model?


Where is Sharkeisha now? Well, back in 2013, a video clip went viral showing a young girl, Sharkeisha, fiercely attacking her classmate, ShaMicheal Manuel. The footage quickly gained traction online, with many people hilariously reacting to the shocking clip. Despite the seriousness of the assault, people online turned it into a form of entertainment, creating memes and evensongs based on it.

ShaMicheal sustained significant injuries from the attack, including a black eye and a swollen lip. Despite the incident occurring nearly a decade ago, references to Sharkeisha and the attack still circulate online.

Where is Sharkeisha Now? From Controversial Figure to Instagram Model Now Based in New York


According to the news reported by MTO News in January 2021, Sharkeisha currently resides in New York and pursues a career as an Instagram model. However, the news outlet did not reveal her social media handle while sharing some provocative images of her.

Following her arrest linked to the viral video, Sharkeisha has maintained a low-key online presence, most likely to evade the limelight. There is an account under the handle @sharkeisha_babyy, but it is suspected to be inauthentic, utilizing a mugshot of another individual named Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson.

A Twitter account that popped up after the incident, Queen Sharkeisha, gained instant popularity. She even tweeted about her trending in Africa, expressing her excitement about her sudden fame. However, her tweets are now only visible to approved users.

Over time, there have been false speculations about Sharkeisha’s death, ranging from a hit-and-run incident to her being a victim of a drive-by shooting.

The Lingering Trauma of ShaMicheal Manuel’s Assault

In an event that would have likely gone unnoticed, the assault on ShaMicheal Manuel by Sharkeisha became a public spectacle when a friend recorded and released the video. Following the video’s release, Sharkeisha was apprehended and charged with assault.

ShaMicheal, unsuspecting of Sharkeisha’s planned attack, had visited her apartment to collect some belongings. “I couldn’t believe what was happening”, ShaMicheal divulged to KHOU-TV, “I thought we were friends.” Earlier in school that day, Sharkeisha showed no signs of hostility, leading ShaMicheal to assume the assault was driven by a mutual romantic interest.

After the video circulated online, Olevia Henderson, Manuel’s mother, reached out to the media. Frustrated by the lack of police response and the mockery it incited online, she stated to Huff Post, “People were making inappropriate comments about my daughter and praising Sharkeisha.”

ShaMicheal, though physically healed by the time of her Huff Post interview, remained emotionally scarred from the public humiliation. “This is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. How would you feel if that was your child?” she queried.

Given the widespread dissemination of the video, Olevia was faced with constant reminders of her daughter’s pain, noting a particular instance in a grocery store where baggers were laughing about the incident. “I told them that the girl in that video was my daughter. They immediately fell silent,” she recounted.

The Vivid Recollection of Sharkeisha Thompson’s Assault Video


Conflicts among friends or siblings rarely escalate into physical altercations, with dialogue often deemed as the preferred method of conflict resolution. Unfortunately, Sharkeisha, then 16, chose a different approach when she physically attacked her 17-year-old friend, ShaMicheal Manuel, on November 13, 2013. The video of Sharkeisha brutally attacking an unsuspecting ShaMicheal went viral.

The video depicted Sharkeisha delivering brutal punches and kicks to ShaMicheal face and chest. Even when ShaMicheal fell and tried to protect herself, Sharkeisha relentlessly continued her assault until an uninvolved friend intervened.

The assault left ShaMicheal with severe injuries, including a black eye and a busted lip. She was also subjected to online ridicule while Sharkeisha became a symbol of violent strength.

The Consequences of Sharkeisha and ShaMicheal Dispute

The tumultuous journey of adolescence often includes clashes of hormones and emotions. For teenagers, this phase brings a host of challenges along with the pressure to adhere to unspoken rules, such as the “girls’ code.” This code forbids girls from expressing interest in another girl’s crush or boyfriend. Unfortunately, best friends Sharkeisha and ShaMicheal found themselves entangled in a conflict over a shared crush, stirring up a storm that tore their friendship apart.

ShaMicheal unsuspectingly visited Sharkeisha’s home to retrieve her belongings, walking right into a preplanned attack. Sharkeisha, fueled by resentment about their mutual crush, assaulted ShaMicheal, leading to various physical injuries. This act seemed more like a spectacle straight out of a comic skit than a serious incident, but the reality was far from funny. It was a serious case of assault.

Sharkeisha’s Assault and Aftermath

After the incident, Sharkeisha was promptly arrested and subsequently released on bail of $500. The assault was devastating for ShaMicheal and her mother, but the filming of the incident and its spread on the internet added insult to injury.

Where is Sharkeisha now?

Over time, rumors about Sharkeisha’s untimely demise emerged. Some claimed she was the victim of a hit-and-run, while others speculated she perished in a drive-by shooting. However, contrary to the rumor mill, it is confirmed that Sharkeisha is alive and well. She now resides in New York City, living a quiet life and working as an Instagram model, keeping a low profile both offline and online.

Final Thoughts

The story of Sharkeisha and ShaMicheal serves as a stark reminder about the permanence of internet footprints. Just as first impressions are lasting, the content created and circulated online endures, even when people move on.

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