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What Are the Backrooms? Uncovering The Mysteries


Have you ever heard of the mysterious and terrifying place known as the Backrooms? If so, you are not alone.

The Backrooms is an anomaly outside of what we know as reality, where time does not function the same way and dangerous entities lurk in the shadows.

For newcomers to this strange realm, it can be a daunting experience. This guide is designed to help Wanderers prepare both mentally and physically for what they may encounter while exploring these unknown depths.

We will discuss what exactly the Backrooms are, if they are real or imagined, where they came from, and how to stay safe while venturing through them.

How to Enter the Backrooms

Entering the Backrooms is no easy feat. The only guaranteed method of entry is to “noclip” out of reality, yet doing so is inconsistent and unpredictable.

Fortunately, there are several tips that can improve a person’s chances of entering the plane. Glitches known as “entrances” present the most viable option for entry, however accessing such entrances presents its own set of challenges.

Entrances often take the form of a wall that is darker than usual or one that doesn’t cast a shadow, an out-of-place door than didn’t exist before, or an area that emit feelings of unease and offputting vibes– at least until you find yourself stepping into the Backrooms.

Finding access to the Backrooms is extremely rare, and if you find yourself in this situation, you must be prepared. To enter, walk either through a discolored wall or an out-of-place door.

Everyone’s path to the Backrooms is different; some may reach it on their first try, while for others it may take multiple attempts before they succeed.

Depending on your luckiness, you could start off in Level 0, or moderately lucky folks could even find themselves in Level 1 or 2 on entrance.

However, regardless of where you begin when entering the Backrooms, understand that the farther down you go into the deeper levels of the unknown abyss, the more dangerous your journey becomes.

Accepting Your Fate

Stumbling into the Backrooms is a terrifying situation, yet it’s important to remain calm.

Panic can cause a person to lose their sense of direction along with making noise that may attract unwanted visitors.

After recognizing the severity of the situation, one must take measures to ensure their safety and try to survive the time that they are stuck in the Backrooms.

This includes making a mental image of your environment in order to determine which level you’re in.

Additionally, it’s imperative to accept that leaving once you get there is probably unlikely and focus on surviving instead.

Therefore, it is essential that someone stays close by where they started and make calculated decisions rather than impulsive ones out of fear.

Items to Carry

When venturing through the mysterious Backrooms, supplies should be carefully planned and tailored to fit the specific expedition.

Whether you are attempting a level 0 or level 1 excursion suitable for less experienced travelers, or embarking on a deeper exploration (level 5 and beyond) that requires more experience, supplies should be kept light yet sensible.

Shallow explorations from levels 2 to 4 often occur between the easier excursions (level 0 & 1), and require slightly more supplies as they stretch farther out.

Regardless of the length of your expedition, make sure you are aware of how much you can carry, how far you plan to venture, and what type of dangers lurk ahead.

Preparation is key when exploring the unpredictable Backrooms.

  • A First Aid kit is a necessity for any Wanderer in the Backrooms. It includes supplies such as bandages, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide to treat open wounds and infections that one might come across in the Backrooms.
  • Wherever you go, it’s important to have a backpack or other storage container to store all your possessions safely, so that you can take valuable items back with you after exploration.
  • Weapons are also essential for protection from creatures and other Wanderers; however, firearms should be avoided as much as possible due to their noise which can draw unwanted attention.
  • In the Backrooms, keeping track of time with a timer or watch is essential for survival and long-term mental stability. Not only can a timer be used to measure relative time passing, but it is also useful in order to make sure one hasn’t wandered off course for too long.
  • Moreover, having a canteen or water bottle on hand is also crucial when exploring the Backrooms since Almond Water, which is the most common source of sustenance in these strange realms, can help prevent one from losing their connection to reality. On top of this, Almond Water is often used as currency and can be traded for other goods such as food and weapons.
  • One of the most important considerations when it comes to navigating the multiverse is having access to food. Canned foods are especially useful, as its shelf-life makes them dependable and reliable source of sustenance compared to other options.
  • Sheltering yourself from the elements and protecting yourself from physical danger is also paramount in surviving the Backrooms, where a sleeping bag can help keep one warm and inside, while sturdy spare clothing such as boots, pants or shorts, and a light jacket offer additional protection from outdoor elements.
  • When exploring the Backrooms, durable clothing is essential. Hiking boots provide sturdy footing in uncertain terrain and a durable shirt or jacket protects against scrapes and tears. You will also need pants or shorts for coverage, and a light jacket to keep you warm if necessary.
  • Furthermore, you should also bring along a flashlight or headlamp to aid you in navigating the dark areas. Headlamps are particularly useful as they leave your hands free for other tasks. Taking these items with you can help ensure that your time in the Backrooms is comfortable and safe.

Specialized Equipment

Experiencing the Backrooms can be an unforgettable experience, but it requires proper preparation to ensure your safety. The above items are essential, but if your venture leads you deeper into the mysterious realm, some additional items should be brought as well.

  • A thick coat is a must-have to keep you warm in the frigid temperatures of later levels.
  • Gloves and knee/elbow pads will protect your hands and joints while ensuring your physical exertion does not result in harm to yourself.
  • Investing in night vision goggles may come in handy when navigating the dark corners of Level 6, where unseen threats lurk.
  • Bringing along a balaclava or ski mask can help safeguard against frostbite as well as ward off unwanted onlookers.
  • Low storage on your cellphone can be a real nuisance and keep you from storing important data, downloading pages, or having the latest apps.
  • To combat low storage woes, an easy solution is investing in an external MicroSD card and placing it into transfer mode so that you don’t accidentally format your phone. If you have an Android device, this will be easily accessible in your settings; however, if you are using an iPhone then you may want to opt for more permanent storage solutions such as switching out apps for web-based ones or deleting seldom used files and images that are unnecessarily taking up space.

Conclusion on What Are the Backrooms?

Navigating the Backrooms can be a thrilling experience, but it requires careful preparation to ensure safety and comfort.

Essential items like clothing, food, flashlights or headlamps are necessary for any journey through these strange realms. Specialized equipment such as thick coats, gloves and knee/elbow pads may also come in handy if you find yourself exploring deeper into what lies beyond normal reality.

By investing time and effort into understanding what is needed before entering the Backrooms, Wanderers will have an unforgettable adventure that is both safe and rewarding.

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