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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – Before and After Looks


Wendy Williams Hunter is an American broadcaster, born in the year 1964 in the month of July. Wendy it multitalented and she has been a writer also. The career she started with, which earned her the due attention, is of radio jockey, subsequently became a shock jockette.

Then she landed to the opportunity to start her own show, named, The Wendy Williams Experience aired on VH1 from October 2006 to December 2006, the basic idea of the show is to share her experiences surrounding her radio show. 

Wendy Williams Talk Show

Wendy decided to start her very own talk show where she would interact with media personalities. She named the show after her name, The Wendy Williams Show, which was aired in the year 2008. For her talk show, she received multiple nominations of Daytime Emmy for best talk show host. In 2022, sad news came up that Wendy will retire from her show after successfully completing thirteen seasons of it. 

Wendy’s talk show is on the eleventh number in the list of America’s most successful first-run nationally syndicated shows with the number of more than 1500 episodes. 

Wendy Williams Accolades

Having started her career from a young age and keeping her work as par till today is purely astounding and it must result in the most rewarding ways. She has earned to be into the National Radio Hall of Fame for her contribution to the radio entertainment industry, and the fortune rewarding event took place in the year 2009.

She was honored with the 2,677th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 17, in the year 2019. A street on which she grew up as a child has been renamed after her name in honor of her, it is called Wendy Williams Way. 

Wendy’s prominence is so sheer that her acting career is also a lineup. She has made appearances in multiple films. A fax figure of Wendy has been set up in New York at Madame Tussauds. 

In addition, as a token of tribute to her, a movie as the biopic of Wendy has been made. The world can now see what has happened in her life over the years. 

Wendy Williams Books

She has written several books concurrently working her other professions. Some of books are; Ask Wendy, The Horse, Drama is Her Middle Name, Hold Me in Contempt, Cape Wind and so on. 

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams plastic surgery has taken multiple cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks. She had breast implants, liposuction/tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, Botox injection and Eyelid Surgery. The liposuction experience was also shared on her talk show.  

Wendy was criticized for her choice of breast implants and people thought she went overboard with it. In addition, she has always struggled with her weight, she felt uncomfortable with being overweight and after handful attempts to reduce her weight through physical work out and diet plans, she realized that her body does not function that way, so she opted for liposuction where they removed fat from her abdomen.

She has liposuction after the delivery of her child. The rhinoplasty made her nose look slimmer and sharper and her television appearance were somewhat enhanced as it gave her a young look. The reason behind her crease free forehead is the Botox injection as she is very concerned about how she should look on her show and should not give the vibes of an elderly and outdated host. 

Wendy Williams Before and After

Wendy Williams plastic surgery has been in front of the camera for more than we can remember, and she is very much picky on how she should look on the television and what look she should display as it will project her overall personality.

In order to project a presentable appearance on the television, side by side going through the aging process, Wendy proactively had taken some cosmetic procedures. Below are some her pictures of her before the surgeries and after the surgeries;

This picture shows the before and after effects of rhinoplasty.

Wendy Williams Abortion

Wendy openly admits that she had two abortions, and it was her choice as she like to be prochoice, and she has told that the pregnancies were unexpected and were meant to dropped.

Her first abortion was by her dissolved husband Kevin Hunter, despite using protection, the circumstances were against the idea of not getting pregnant. The second abortion was by her temporary boyfriend which happened to be a DJ named Eric B. and she disclosed that the boyfriend left her even before she could get the chance to tell him about the pregnancy.

Wendy Williams Net Worth: Being on the eleventh number in the list of America’s most successful first-run nationally syndicated shows, it would be no surprise to know that she is one of the richest hosts in the entertainment industry. However, her estimated net worth is $20 Million. Also now you know about Wendy Williams plastic surgery.

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