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Victoria Chlebowski – Michael Imperioli’s Wife


Victoria Chlebowski is the wife of acclaimed actor Michael Imperioli, best known for his role as Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos. Although not as well-known as her husband, Victoria is a successful businesswoman and has been married to Michael since 1996.

They have two children together and currently reside in Los Angeles, California. Victoria Chlebowski is 45 years old and has been an avid supporter of her husband’s career throughout their marriage.

Michael Imperioli’s Wife – Victoria Chlebowski

Michael Imperioli is renowned for his amazing acting skills and most notably his role in the television series The Sopranos. His character Christopher Moltisanti is widely regarded as one of his best works.

Along with this success, Michael also has a very successful wife – Victoria Chlebowski. While Victoria does not feature prominently in the media, she herself is a very successful businesswoman.

From being a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, to serving on the National Advisory Board of Headspace, she has achieved many accomplishments in her own career and name. As such, Michael and Victoria make quite a powerful tandem within Hollywood circles!

Victoria Chlebowski – Who is She?

With her grace and warm disposition, Victoria Chlebowski has captured the hearts of those around her. Although born in a tumultuous time, she remains unaffected by the suffering seen throughout The Soviet Union era.

Victoria’s presence brings upon a calming atmosphere and her mysterious background has only added to her allure. While we may not know exact details about Victoria’s life before, it does not hinder our appreciation for the grace she exudes today which touch many lives around her.

Career Life of Victoria Chlebowski

Victoria Chlebowski is an impressively versatile businesswoman, having her fingers in many pies. Her most high-profile venture is SVE New York, a design firm she founded with Sonya Chang.

Not content to simply trade in the new and shiny, Victoria has also indulged her love for refurbishment through a project that saw her restore a 19th century factory building in Tribeca.

Additionally, she and her husband found success together founding Bohemian bar in Chelsea, and Studio Dante in off-Broadway theatre where she served as art director under his stewardship. These diverse projects demonstrate the profound range of Victoria’s professional capabilities and ambition to explore more of the world around her.

Her film background

Mary’s background in films has enabled her to be a successful film producer of such features as The Hungry Ghosts and Circledrawers. Currently, she is working on a documentary in collaboration with her husband which revolves around the Dalai Lama’s vision of providing opportunity and assistance to those wanting to study various fields in the United States through the Tibetan Gyatso Scholars Program.

Through this program, students are being given the chance to attend US institutions to study neurology, physics, social sciences and more. It is through this work that Mary can help promote knowledge and make an impact on society.

How Victoria and Michael Met

At the end of the 1990s, Victoria Chlebowski and Michael were two strangers who found themselves at the same bar one night. Little did they know that an ordinary meeting between a pair of people would soon turn into something much more meaningful.

After five months of getting to know each other better, they made the decision to get married on 19th September 1996. As time has gone by, their love for one another has only become stronger.

It has now been over twenty years since they first met in that bar and, as of today, it is clear that Victoria and Michael will have a happy marriage for many years to come.

Net Worth and Further News of Victoria

Due to her being a businesswoman, her estimated net worth is certainly more than USD $100,000.

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