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Vicente Fernandez Siblings: How Many Sister and Brothers Does He Have?


Vicente Fernandez, the Mexican singer, had two sisters, Maria del Refugio and Teresa. Both of his sisters are musicians, which is pretty cool!

Fernandez was not just a singer, but also a songwriter, actor, and film producer. He had different nicknames in the entertainment industry like LA VOZ DE MEXICO, El Charro de Huentitán, Chente, El Ídolo de México, and El Rey de la Música Ranchera. Quite a collection of titles!

His career started off as a busker, performing in public places. But he didn’t stop there. Fernandez became a cultural icon and even published over 100 albums. Can you believe it?

Not only that, but he also contributed to more than 30 movies and received numerous awards, including Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, and Lo Muestro Awards. Talk about talent!

Fernandez made his mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and sold over 50 million copies worldwide. He’s truly the best-selling regional Mexican artist of his time. Quite an impressive journey!

Vicente Fernandez Siblings Maria del Refugio And Teresa

Vicente Fernandez had two siblings, Maria del Refugio and Teresa, who were his sisters. He was born in Huentitán El Alto, Jalisco, México on February 17, 1940. He grew up in the village with his mom and dad.

Whenever he used to make ranches, cows, and roads with plasticine, he would call his sister. María del Refugio used to envy her brother, and they were really close.

At the age of 8, he received a guitar and started learning to play it in his childhood. He even studied folk music at that time. After finishing elementary school, his family moved to Tijuana. Before he got into music, he worked in various professions.

During his teenage years, Vicente worked as a bricklayer, painter, and cabinetmaker. While working, he used to hum songs in the sand. This caught the attention of many construction companies who offered him work. Later, he got a job as a cashier in his uncle’s restaurant.

At the age of 14, Fernandez started singing at the restaurant and at weddings. He even joined a religious Mexican music group called Mariachi. He was part of Mariachi Amanecer de Pepe Mendoza and Mariachi de José Luis Aguilar.

He also competed in a radio show called Amanecer Tapatio, which gained him recognition among the locals. When he was 21, he appeared on the television program La Calandria Musical, which he considers to be his first paid show.

Vicente Is The Only Son Of His Parents

Fernandez, the one and only son of his parents, Ramón Fernández Barba and María Paula Gómez Ponce. They weren’t just parents, but the true pillars of his life. Alongside him, they raised three remarkable children: Maria del Refugio, Vicente, and Teresa.

In an unauthorized work by Olga Worman, Fernandez in The Last King, the writer dives into the fascinating life of this extraordinary individual. Being the only boy in his household, he was showered with love and adoration by his family and beloved sister. Little did they know, this young man would embark on a remarkable journey, paving his path in the world of music.

His career in music became his true calling, a vocation that would shape his destiny and captivate the hearts of millions.

Vicente’s Wife Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor

Fernandez embarked on a lifelong journey of love when he tied the knot with his beloved wife, Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, on December 27, 1963. A remarkable Mexican media personality and the window of Vicente, Maria has been the rock by Fernandez’s side since the early 60s.

Their love story has spanned nearly six decades, and together they have raised four children. Maria, born in Guadalajara, Mexico, on July 23, 1946, radiates with a youthful spirit even at 76 years young. Her Mexican roots run deep, hailing from the vibrant city of Mexico City. Growing up, she shared a special bond with her two siblings, including her sister Gloria, who is also tied to the singer’s life. In a beautiful act of love, Maria adopted her daughter Alejandra, bringing their family even closer.

The journey of Fernandez and Maria hasn’t been without its challenges. When their first son, Vicente, came into the world prematurely, financial difficulties loomed. Unable to afford the hospital bill, they made the courageous decision to take him home. Tragically, that same year, Fernandez lost his mother to cancer. Determined to chase his dreams in the music world, the singer made his way to Mexico City to carve his path.

Fast forward to August 6, 2021, when Fernandez found himself hospitalized in Guadalajara. Suffering from an injury, he relied on a ventilator for support. Soon after, he faced rapid-onset muscle weakness, prompting treatment starting on August 13. Throughout it all, the unwavering support of his wife and family has been his guiding light.

Interestingly, people once speculated that Pedro Fernandez was related to Fernandez, a testament to the singer’s enduring influence and legacy.

Vicente Fernandez Has Four Children Five Grandchildren

Fernandez had four children from his marriage. They’re Alejandra Fernández, Alejandro Fernández, Vicente Fernández, and Gerardo Fernández. And guess what? Vicente has grandchildren too! Camila, Alex, Valentina, América Fernández, and Emiliano Fernández are all part of the gang.

Now, let’s talk about Gerardo. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico on May 4, 1976. That makes him 46 years old now. Following in his father’s footsteps, Alejandro was also born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, on April 24, 1971.

Alejandro made quite an impression when he joined his dad on stage in 1976. He even released his own album with Sony Music called Alejandro Fernandez. This talented singer performed at the Palacio de Los Deportes concert during his early days.

It’s worth mentioning that Alejandro published his successful album, Piel De Niña, in the same year. Despite studying architecture, he decided to pursue a singing career, encouraged by his dad. Out of the siblings, Alejandro is the youngest, with two older brothers, Vicente and Gerardo, and one sister, Alejandra.

During his father’s illness, Fernandez’s son bravely shared the news with the press, disclosing that the disease was unrelated to his previous cervical spine injury from a fall.

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