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Valentina Victoria – Age, Boyfriends, Net Worth & More


Valentina Victoria is an American model, fitness enthusiast, and YouTuber. Born on September 3rd, 1993 in California, USA she is currently 28 years old.

She has been growing her career as a digital creator for the past few years with her YouTube channel showcasing her fashion sense while Instagram being centered around yoga exercises and sensual pictures.

Valentina’s zodiac sign according to her birth date is Virgo although some pages have it listed as Cancer. Despite being very active in the media today not much is known about Valentina’s life before becoming a Digital Creator.

To learn more about this rising star keep reading where we dive into all aspects of Valentina Victoria including age, relationships status, Net Worth & More!

Valentina Victoria Profile

Birthname Valentina Victoria is a 28-year-old American model, digital content creator, and YouTube star from Los Angeles, California.

Born on September 3, 1993 under the zodiac sign of Virgo and raised in a Christian family, Valentina first made waves in the modeling industry as a teen before going on to become an influencer in her early twenties.

Her success can be attributed to her stunning beauty and passion for creating engaging content – two qualities that have earned her the affection of millions around the world.

With more exciting projects slated for 2022 and beyond, Valentina Victoria’s following has no doubt increased since her debut in the world of entertainment.

Valentina Victoria Relationships & More

Valentina Victoria is a well-known actress and athlete who has become famous for her serious dedication to fitness and health. Despite her success and enormous fanbase, she is generally very private about her personal life.

In fact, Victoria has never spoken out about any of her romantic relationships or mentioned if she’s ever been married in the past.

While it’s unclear who she may have been involved with before, Victoria doesn’t appear to be in any current relationships and seems intent on focusing solely on her career.

Valentina Victoria Family & More

Valentina Victoria has been a household name throughout the world, but despite this global fame, very little is known about her family members.

Valentina’s father and mother remain unknown, and there is no reliable information available regarding any brothers or sisters she may have.

It appears that Valentina works hard to keep details of her private life well away from promotional lights, likely so that it does not conflict with her celebrity status. Fans can only await further news about the mysterious family of the international superstar.

Valentina Victoria Education

Valentina Victoria undoubtedly possesses an impressive educational background, though her schooling and college are still unknown. What is certain is that she holds a Bachelor’s degree in some field.

With this established evidence of her educational excellence, it comes as no surprise that Valentina has been successful in achieving her career ambitions. We look forward to learning more about her educational journey in the near future.

Valentina Victoria Net Worth & More

With a net worth estimated at 1 million USD, it’s no wonder that this YouTube sensation has been able to secure major sponsorships from esteemed brands like Adam & Eve, MarieMur, Fashion Nova and Amazon.

She is now endorsed by 10 different high-profile companies and enjoys a lavish lifestyle that includes three luxurious cars and a beautiful house in LA.

Her success can be attributed to her hard work as well as her lucrative sources of income: OnlyFans Subscriptions, YouTube and Adsense earnings, sponsorships and endorsements. It’s fair to say that she has earned everything she has today.

Valentina Victoria Biography, Life Story, Facts & More

Valentina Victoria’s success story began with her entering the YouTube space as a fashion expert. She provided her followers with the best in fashion trends and tips, soon followed by secrets of her own body’s fitness.

Standing at an impressive 5ft 5 inches, Valentina weighs in at an impressive 55kgs and is not one for counting calories! Rather, she depends on regular yoga sessions to help maintain her healthy diet.

This said, she tends to stay away from salty and sweet snacks that can often be hard to resist. Her first ever video was “Sheln THONG try Hau” which has been a showcase for many of the videos that would come after.

Victoria is certainly a social media sensation! She has been making her mark on TikTok, with one of her videos receiving an impressive 3 million views. Her infectious personality and appreciation for others have gained her a loyal following.

This appreciation also extends to her fans, as she charges only $12.99 for an OnlyFans subscription – an offer that both affordable and generous!

Additionally, it appears YouTube is where Victoria really made her name: as her most famous video on the platform has already surpassed 10 million views.

Her Instagram account is no less popular; over 70k followers strong and running strong since it was created just over a year ago. Given Victoria’s growing fame, we can expect great things in the near future!


In conclusion, Valentina Victoria is an inspiring digital creator and influencer who has built a successful career on YouTube and other social media platforms. She has achieved global fame with her fashion advice as well as fitness tips that come from her own personal experiences.

Despite the mystery surrounding her family members, we can be sure of one thing: she holds a Bachelor’s degree in some field which undoubtedly helped to get her where she is today.

With an estimated net worth of 1 million USD and over 70k followers strong on Instagram alone, it’s clear that Valentina Victoria knows how to make use of every opportunity presented to her. We look forward to seeing what great things this amazing woman will do next!

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