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Tyrus Wife – Ingrid Rinck is Tyrus Wife [Updated]


Who is Tyrus wife? Well, Tyrus is a professional wrestler who has become one of the most popular wrestlers signed to the National Wrestling Alliance. He is married to Ingrid Rinck, a fitness guru and entrepreneur.

But what about Tyrus’ first wife? Who was she? How did he meet her? What happened between them that led him to marrying his current wife?

These questions have been asked by many fans who want to know more about this famous couple. Here we will answer these questions and provide some interesting facts about tyrus’ first wife and how their relationship ended. So keep reading if you are curious!

Who is Tyrus?


Tyrus is an American professional wrestler of immense stature. For years, Tyrus has honed his impressive skills in the National Wrestling Alliance, serving as a member and ultimately obtaining the title of the NWA World Television Champion.

Tyrus has been operating under numerous legendary names including Brodus Clay when he wrestled for WWE and Tyrus for Impact Wrestling. Tyrus’s fame speaks volumes about his strength both in and out of the ring, making him one of the most respected wrestlers to join the scene and take home titles since.

Currently, he is 49 years old and from Pasadena, California. He stands tall at an impressive 2.01 m and weighs the remarkable 375 lb (170 kg).

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Tyrus has a full educational background with a graduation from University of Nebraska Kearney as well as successful completion of secondary education at Quartz Hill High School and Antelope Valley College respectively. Tyrus’s past academic successes have undeniably earned him his place among America’s best professional wrestlers.

Real Name of Tyrus

Tyrus might be well known in the world of professional wrestling, but few know his real name. His full name is George Murdoch – Tyrus being the professional stage name he adopted while working as a wrestler.

Tyrus has continued to use this nickname throughout his career even though it wasn’t legally changed until later on. He first began using Tyrus in 2001 when he was only 17 and it’s been his professional moniker ever since.

Tyrus stands out among the names of wrestlers in that its origin isn’t obvious to most – after all, very few wrestlers go by their legal given names in the ring! George Murdoch legally changed his name to Tyrus while working on television and radio shows, solidifying Tyrus as his one and only alias in the public eye.

Tyrus First Wife


Tyrus, a happily married man, adores his only wife Ingrid Rinck: a fitness trainer and entrepreneur born on April 24th 1981. The couple has been blessed with the birth of one daughter they named Georgie Murdoch.

Tyrus and Ingrid’s family is further strengthened by her two boys from her prior relationship. Tyrus cherishes his beautiful family, who supports him through all his endeavors.

Who Is Ingrid Rinck?

Tyrus, Ingrid Rinck’s son, was born in 2012. Tyrus has always been close to his mother, who proudly shared a few of his college stories. Tyrus is an Alaskan native and enjoys the outdoors. He loves camping and fishing, which he often does with his mom.

Ingrid’s love for Tyrus is evident in all she does – from cooking healthy meals to spending quality time with him outdoors. Her commitment to invest in Tyrus doesn’t stop at home – every academic goal Tyrus has achieved has come through her encouragement and guidance.

Ingrid Rinck Age

Ingrid Rinck, who recently celebrated her 41st birthday on the 24th of April this year, has achieved many incredible things in her lifetime.

Ingrid Rinck career

Ingird Rinck’s career in the fitness industry began when she was only 15 years old and started taking classes. Once she had built her knowledge base and developed her skills, she quickly started taking on teaching positions as well, further expanding her expertise in the field.

By 2022, after over a quarter century of dedication to fitness training and roughly 40 certifications, Ingrid had become a renowned figure in the industry. Yet perhaps surprisingly, back in 2014, she made an innovative move which saw her transition out of fitness into food and nutrition – something that has earned her much success since then.

Tyrus First Wife Pictures

Below are some of the pictures from Tyrus first wife.


Tyrus Wife Children

Tyrus and his wife Ingrid welcomed three children: Tyrus, a son with Tyrus’ prior girlfriend and Ingrid’s two sons before Tyrus, Rhett and Rock. Most recently, Tyrus and Ingrid welcomed Georgia Jane into the world on May 7, 2014.

Tyrus is now a proud father of five children and loving husband to their mother Ingrid Rinck. His family has grown abundantly since Tyrus’ entry into it—which is undoubtedly something Tyrus greatly cherishes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tyrus is a well-known wrestler with a unique alias, and an impressive academic background. He is married to Ingrid Rinck; a 41-year-old fitness guru and entrepreneur who has achieved an incredible amount in her own right.

Before meeting Ingrid, Tyrus had a prior relationship which resulted in the birth of his son. Together, Tyrus and Ingrid have been blessed with five children and their growing family is a testament to their strong bond. We wish them all the best!

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