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Most of the time, we see that children follow the footsteps of their parents when it comes to pursing the career, especially in Hollywood. Although majority of the people don’t like the idea of children of celebrities making their career in filming/television industry because they believe that these children were selected on the basis of family ties rather than on merit or pure talent.

However that’s not entirely true as we have seen that some of the children of celebrities have performed exceptionally, even surpassing their parents such as Kate Hudson who is the daughter of famous actress, Goldie Hawn is the winner of many rewards including Golden Globe Award, Academy Award or Angelina Jolie who is the daughter of the Academy Award winner actor Jon Voight; like her father she too have reputable awards under her name as well.

Yet there are exceptions in which children do enter the same industry but pursue a different profession. And the person who did this and whom we will talk about in this following article is none other than Ty Christian Harmon.

Ty Christian Harmon is the American screenwriter. He is the son of the well-renowned actor, Mark Harmon. But we won’t be talking about him, since this article is about his son. Without further ado, let’s us continue the article containing the details of Ty Christian Harmon.

Ty Christian Harmon Biography

Ty Christian Harmon was born in 25th June 1992 to Mark Harmon and Pamela Dawber. Both of his parents are well reputed and prominent actors/actress in Hollywood Industry. Mark Harmon himself is an American Actor.

He has casted in numerous of movies and television shows, with some of them become top hit like his lead role in criminal American TV show “The West Wing” for which he has nominated for Emmy Award in 2002.

Before he became an actor, Mark played football for UCLA Bruins Football team in California. While his wife, Pamela Dawber is famously recognized for her lead acting in two American sitcom shows, My Sister’ Sam (1986-1988) and Mork & Mindy (1978-1982).

Ty Christian has one brother, Sean Harmon, who like his parents is also an actor and film director as well. Sean Harmon began his career in Hollywood as actor first. He has notably been casted in the numerous of films consisting of:

  1. NCIS (as the young Leroy Gibbs)
  2. Alina
  3. Ten Thousands Miles
  4. Major Crimes
  5. The Ultimate Evil
  6. Lauren
  7. The Compatible
  8. Hold on
  9. The Fits
  10. CSI: NY
  11. Takanakuy
  12. Haven: Origins
  13. Micro

Along with acting, Sean started working as film director as well in 2012. Till now he has directed two films, one with Ty Christian as screenwriter “Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown” and another one named as Stony Brook.

Both he and his brother Sean Harmon have completed their academic education from Notre Dame High School in California. We have no knowledge of where did they completed their college and university since they choose not to disclose the information to public and this is all about Ty Christian Harmon biography.

Personal measurements of Ty Christian Harmon

At present, Ty Christian is 29 year old. His zodiac sign is cancer. He is 175 cm tall, which is 5 feet and 9 inches in feet measurements. His current weight is 61 kg.

Career of Ty Christian Harmon

With his whole family working in Hollywood industry for considerable long time and making their name, Ty Christian decided to make his career in Hollywood but not as an actor rather as a successful screenwriter.
He wrote his very first script for the short horror action in 2012 known as “Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown” directed by his brother Sean Harmon. The main plotline of the movie revolves around the strange catholic school in which main characters duel with their nemesis in bloody chainsaw duel to death. The movie received the 6.4/10 rating and managed to catch many people attention. Since then, Ty Christian has started making his career as screenwriter and wrote various other screenplays.

Net worth of the Ty Christian Harmon

The current net worth of Christian Harmon is estimated to be around $300K. His major source of earning is writing scripts and screenplays for films. It is lesser if we compare it with his parents’ net worth; Mark Harmon whose net worth is whopping $ 40 million and while Pamela Dawber‘s net worth stands at $10 million.

Personal Relationship

Because of his career as screenwriter and his Parents upbringing, there isn’t any relevant information available in regards to Ty Christian Harmon’s personal life. Despite being in spotlight profession, Ty Christian has chose to keep his life private which we would explain that why we have no update about his marital status or whether he is seeing someone. Perhaps it might be a case that Christian is more focused on strengthening his career rather than getting settled.

Some Facts about Ty Christian Harmon

As aforementioned, due to keeping his life private, we don’t have further relevant information regarding Ty Christian Harmon. However we were able to keep hold of some facts that might interest you.

  1. He is the youngest son of Mark Harmon and Pamela Dawber
  2. He belongs to the family that has made their mark in entertainment industry. From his father’ side, his grandmother Elyse Knoxx was a famous American fashion designer, model and actress as well. She herself is recognized for her acting in several of the films including Arabian Nights, The Mummy’s Tomb, Star Dust, Top Sergeant, There’s a Girl in my Heart and Follow the Boys). Before working as actress, Elyse Knoxx worked as Fashion Designer and had done modeling for Vogue Magazine. Her talent for modeling lead Elyse Knoxx to become successful in signing a contract for twentieth century fox film studios.
  3. Other than his grandmother, Ty Christian’s paternal aunts, Kelly Harmon and Kristin Harmon are also actresses as well. However, along with acting, Kristin worked as painter by profession, on the other hand, Kelly worked as fashion model.
  4. Just like his father, Ty Christian grandfather Tom Harmon was the football star.
  5. He has no official social media accounts. However his brother Sean Harmon is active on social media as he frequently provides updates to his followers about his work and travels.


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