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Trigoxin – A Drug That Causes Paralysis


Trigoxin: A drug that causes paralysis.  What are the side effects of Trigoxin? Is Trigoxin from ‘Run’ a real Drug?

These are some of the questions that might have popped in your head while watching the fabulous movie Run on Hulu or Netflix. And if you haven’t watched it yet (unbelievable) then you should definitely give this thriller masterpiece a watch which became the most watched Hulu original Film after its release in 2020.

*Spoiler Alert*

The movie is about a mother, played by Sarah Paulson who has a  teenage daughter named Chloe. Chloe has always been ill, with arrhythmia, diabetes, paralysis and hemochromatosis since her childhood. Due to her paralysis her mobility is quite limited.

She takes loads of pills everyday that her mother has been giving her since childhood. Diane has kept Chloe isolated from the world for almost all her life, with no excess to internet, friends, neighbors or any kind of socialization. The plot twist happens, when Chloe learns that there is a dark secret behind her upbringing that her mother has kept from her all her life. She begins to unravel the truth when she finds out that the green pills her mother, Diane, has been giving her is not what it says on the label of the medicine.

After some nerve breaking  investigation Chloe finds out that the green pill that her mother told her is Trigoxin for her heart issues is actually a muscle relaxant pill for dogs.

The green pill (lidocaine) is used for Dogs and their sore muscles and if a human takes that pill their muscle mobility becomes restricted and the muscles start going numb for as long as the effect of medicine stays, this is what the pharmacist tells Chloe.

Turns out that, Chloe’s own mother was causing her paralysis by giving her the green pills.

So what exactly is Trigoxin? Is it based on real drug? Does it cause paralysis? Trigoxin side effects?

Trigoxin itself is a fictional drug name which is based on a real drug called digoxin. Apparently so, Digoxin is actually used for usefulness and efficiency of heart by controlling heart rate and breathing rate. In the movie, Diane lies to Chloe that the green pill is Trigoxin for her heart however the green pill is totally different drug from Trigoxin.

The green pill, according to John science works in quite similar manner to real life drug called lidocaine. Lidocaine is used for both dogs and humans alike as an anesthesia for severe sunburns, bites or cuts.

Lidocaine upon use in humans can also cause numbness in muscles for a while as per national center of biotechnology information. Besides this lidocaine comes in ointment, jelly, spray or injection forms. It doesn’t come in tablets or pills.

So perhaps Trigoxin and green pill are based on real life tablets digoxin and lidocaine but the functionality and the names are completely fictional and made up for the movie.

As far as side effects of Trigoxin are concerned, the pill doesn’t exist in real life medicine so there are no said side effects. However the drug digoxin has some side effects that include vomits, dizziness, diarrhoea and skin rashes among some others.

Anyway, you need to watch RUN if you haven’t already. It’s a masterpiece of a film. You will stay hooked throughout and when the plot twist happens you will be shook to your core.

Kate Brown
Kate Brown
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