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Tracey Hinds Net Worth, Macy Gray’s Ex-Spouse?


Tracey Hinds net worth??? Well he is the former husband of singer Macy Gray, is an African-American born in the United States. He was employed as a mortgage broker during their relationship, but it’s unclear whether he continues this profession. Aside from his birthplace, little else is known about his background or upbringing. No details regarding his birthdate, parents, or education are available. The lack of public curiosity when the couple got married, due to the fact that Gray was not yet famous, is likely why information about Hinds is scarce in the media.

Tracey Hinds and Macy Gray’s Relationship

Hinds and Gray were husband and wife for a short period. They first met in Los Angeles after Gray moved from her hometown. At that time, Gray was looking for work and crossed paths with Hinds, who eventually became her husband. Their love story began in 1996, after two years of dating. However, marital bliss was short-lived as the couple began to experience frequent disagreements and tensions, leading to their separation in 1998, just before Gray’s breakthrough album.

Why Did Tracey Hinds and Macy Gray Part Ways?

While Hinds and Gray had a loving relationship initially, it deteriorated after they got married and had children. Parenting proved difficult for the couple who were still trying to establish their careers. Despite their struggles, they tried to make their marriage work, hoping for better days. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t improve. They decided to separate when Gray was pregnant with their third child, officially ending their marriage in 1998. Gray moved back to Ohio with her two children, while carrying their third, having no other option but to live with her mother.

Hinds has kept a low-profile since the divorce, revealing little about his personal life. Meanwhile, Gray remains single and has not entered into any serious relationships after her marriage with Hinds.

Tracey and Macy’s Children

Despite the brevity of their marriage, Hinds and Gray have three children together. Their eldest daughter, Aanisah Hinds, was born on January 16, 1995. Their son, Tahmel Hinds, followed in December 1995, and their youngest daughter, Happy Hinds, was born on October 6, 1997. Now adults, the children have pursued their own careers – Aanisah as a Visual and Performing graduate, Tahmel as a musician, and Happy as the editor-in-chief at Happy Hinds Magazine. Although Hinds does not have a strong relationship with his children, he occasionally sees them. Following the divorce, Gray raised the children while managing her career, resulting in the children having minimal contact with their father.

Tracey Hinds Net Worth; How Wealthy is His Former Spouse, Macy Gray?

 There is limited information on Tracey Hinds’ professional ventures, hence his net worth remains undisclosed. However, considering his profession as a mortgage broker, it is likely that he has accumulated adequate wealth to provide for himself and any dependents.

Conversely, his former wife, Macy Gray, has a substantial wealth of $12 million. Her successful career has enabled her to not only amass considerable wealth but also lead a luxurious lifestyle, comfortably catering to her children and personal needs.

Clarification on Tracey Hinds’ Gender Identity

There seems to be some public confusion regarding Tracey Hinds’ gender, possibly due to the predominantly female usage of the name “Tracey.” This ambiguity might have fueled the current misconceptions about Macy Gray’s ex-partner.

Unraveling the Story of Tracey Hinds, Once Married to Macy Gray

Latest Update: Monday, November 28, 2022, at 3:50 PM by Chris Ndetei. If you are a fan of R&B and Soul, you are undoubtedly familiar with Macy Gray’s name. This American artist, famed for her unique, raspy vocal style, made her mark in the late ’90s and early 2000s with ten acclaimed albums and five Grammy nods, claiming one win. Beyond her music, Gray’s personal affairs captured public interest due to her lively lifestyle and several romantic liaisons. Among these was her marriage to Tracey Hinds – a fact unknown to many.

Tracey Hinds, an American mortgage broker, is primarily recognized as Macy Gray’s former husband. Together they parented three children, but their marriage ended within two years. Despite his connection to a renowned figure in American showbiz, Tracey remains a relatively obscure figure.

Decoding the Enigma: What is Tracey Hinds net worth?

Tracey Hinds is more than just Macy Gray’s ex-husband; he’s a mortgage broker. However, his life remains shrouded in mystery despite his high-profile connection. What do we know about him, then?

  1. His Background is Unknown

The details of Tracey Hinds’ early years are unclear, save for the fact that he is an African American. His career in mortgage brokerage would suggest that he attained higher education, though specifics about his academic qualifications are absent.

  1. He is Believed to have Died in 2020

Social media posts by his daughter, Happy Hinds, suggest that Tracey passed away in 2020. In a Father’s Day post on 21 June 2021, Happy paid homage to her late father.

  1. He had a Brief Union with Macy Gray

According to Whos Dated Who, Tracey was married to Macy Gray from 1996 to 1998. The marriage resulted in three children: Aanisah (born January 17, 1995), Thamel (born December 1995), and Happy Hinds (born 1997). Their marriage ended the same year as Macy’s rise to stardom.

  1. His Ex-Wife Skyrocketed to Fame Post-Divorce

Shortly after his marriage to Macy Gray ended, she signed with Epic Records in 1998. As reported by The Sun, her debut album, On How Life Is, was produced in collaboration with Andrew Slater and released in 1999.

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