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Top 45 Braided Mohawk Hairstyles to Experiment with in 2023


Fashion and style trends have a knack for reemerging after certain time intervals, and Mohawks are no exception. They gained immense popularity in the 70s and 80s, especially within the punk rock community, and have recently made a comeback. If you wish to channel your inner punk spirit without having to resort to shaving or gelling your hair into spikes, this compilation of braided mohawk hairstyles will surely offer you some inspiration.

  1. Achieving the Mohawk Braid

There are numerous variations of braided mohawks, but the fundamental concept remains the same; you imitate the classic mohawk by crafting a large, prominent braid that extends from your forehead to your nape. The rest of the styling is open to your creativity.

  • Styles of Braided Mohawks

Adding extra braids by pulling strands from the sides can enhance the fierceness of the look. This particular style, known as the warrior braided mohawk, is one of the trendiest.

  • Red is the New Black

The braided mohawk gains an additional edgy touch with the Rock’n’Roll Red shade, for those who perceive the punk rock hairstyle as insufficiently bold.

  • Contemporary Chignon

A braided mohawk can modernize the conventional chignon, making it suitable for events such as weddings, whether as a bridesmaid or bride, or for prom.

  • The Orchid Twist

The braided mohawk’s allure is significantly boosted when you ditch traditional hair colors. The orchid purple shade, for instance, provides increased depth and volume to the mohawk through its vibrant color swirls.

  • Embrace the Mess

If you have an affinity for messy braids, you’ll be pleased to know that they can be transformed into mohawks. They give off a relaxed, warriors-at-ease vibe.

  • Mohawk Braid Variations

There is a plethora of mohawk styles to choose from. You can go for a full updo, a half up half down, or allow the mohawk to seamlessly transition into a fishtail, Dutch Braid, French braid, or a regular three-strand braid down your back.

  • Dreadlocks to Mohawk

Having dreadlocks simplifies the transformation into a braided mohawk. You can twist them atop your head, braid them together, or use pins to mimic the mohawk shape.

  • The Crochet Mohawk

This hairstyle is a masterpiece, with a crisscross braid pattern. The focal point is a large fishtail braid, complemented by crochet braids along the sides.

  1. Mohawk Updo Styles

This mohawk combines the messy braid and bubble braid elements. To achieve this look, strategically place bobby pins along the hairstyle and tease it with your fingers instead of a comb or brush.

  • The Grayscale Mohawk

This hairstyle is perfect for the winter season, with its metallic gray shade. We particularly admire how the French braid is slightly raised at the back, revealing a darker shade of gray underneath.

  • The Selena Gomez Look

Numerous celebrities have adopted the braided mohawk for their red carpet appearances. Instagram favorite, Selena Gomez, is one such star. She dazzled fans with a superb dark chocolate brown mohawk, paired with a golden ensemble and matching earrings.

  • The Charm of Peekaboo Highlights

Breathing vibrancy and color into your braided mohawk can be as easy as adding some peekaboo highlights. For those interested, we have an entire article dedicated to this style of highlights that you can explore.

  • Adornments for Your Hair

Imagine the stunning Instagram photos you could click on your wedding day with an intricate braided mohawk. The design we present is a complex coffee and cream brown mohawk, complemented by a silver forehead accessory and matching earrings.

  • Creativity with Box Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This design begins with box braids that merge into a jumbo sized three-strand braid, creating an illusion of a fauxhawk. The outcome is truly breathtaking. The mix of different braid styles is innovative and truly inspiring.

  • The Janelle Monae Look

Singer and actress Janelle Monae is another celebrity enamored by the braided mohawk. At the Met Gala, she looked nothing short of majestic in her customary black and white attire, topped off with a mohawk.

  • The Bohemian Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

A bohemian braided mohawk should echo your creative and feminine spirit by being playful and a bit untidy. It’s an ideal hairstyle for a relaxed wedding or a summer party.

  • Mohawk Braids in Vibrant Iris Shade

The intoxicating shade of iris purple has garnered immense popularity in recent times. For a bold and authentic mohawk feel, consider shaving the sides of your head and braiding the rest. The more genuine, the greater the impact!

  • Mohawk Braids for Little Girls

If you have a little adventurous princess at home who looks up to Belle, Moana, Mulan, and Pocahontas, perhaps she would adore a braided mohawk as her new hairdo. The addition of golden hair embellishments simply amplifies its cuteness.

  • Natural Hair Braided Mohawk

Currently in vogue, this color blend is a must-try for any fashion-savvy individual. Make a dash to your stylist for this blend of spicy ginger copper and luxurious burgundy – the two most sought-after shades of the year.

  • Pastel Rainbow Mohawk Braid

Nonconventional colors still hold their ground in the fashion world, so do not be hesitant to experiment. Here is an example of rainbow hair, composed of pastel hues of your favored colors, expertly blended together to achieve this stunning Technicolor effect.

  • Peacock-Inspired Mohawk Braid

If you are keen on adding color, but not ready to embrace the full spectrum of a rainbow, consider an elegant alternative – the peacock hairstyle. Begin with a natural base like brown, brunette or blonde and incorporate shades seen in a peacock’s opulent tail, such as teal, blue, and a hint of purple.

Wrapping Up

Braided mohawks are not for those who are traditionally inclined. Embracing this style requires a bold personality and a touch of whimsy. It is a hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd, earning you many a compliment. So, how do you feel about the braided mohawk?

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