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The Tale of Ryker Webb Now


Where is Ryker Webb Now? In a striking tale of survival, Ryker Webb, a pre-school aged child, spent two grueling days alone in the Montana wilderness in June 2022. He disappeared while at play with his family’s pet dog, only to be found two days later in a cabin that lay about two miles from his homestead.

The image of his drained, battered, and weary appearance circulated widely online, making him a known figure. His condition after two days in the wild bore testimony to the harsh, freezing weather he braved.

Sheriff Darren Short of Lincoln County, who spoke with Today, conveyed the immense fear that Ryker experienced during this ordeal. “He was terribly frightened,” Sheriff Short said. “His eyes reflected his fear until he was reunited with his parents.”

Ryker Webb Now: Surviving a Two-Day Ordeal in a Predator-Laden Forest

Despite limited updates on Ryker Webb, it is believed that he is alive and doing well. The identity of his parents has been kept confidential, and it remains unknown whether they continue to live in Troy, Montana.

Sheriff Short offered assurance that no foul play was suspected but did mention an ongoing investigation into the delay in reporting Ryker’s disappearance. The Sheriff stated, “We are looking into the reasons behind his disappearance and the lack of supervision at that time.”

The two-hour delay in reporting Ryker’s disappearance led to speculation online about the parents’ potential negligence or complicity. However, Ryker’s evident relief upon seeing his parents suggests a strong familial bond.

Ryker shared with Sheriff Short that he had wandered off for a walk but quickly tired. As the weather deteriorated, he sought refuge in the cabin. Sheriff Short expressed his belief saying, “He was alone, listening to the rain and wind, unsure of finding his way home. I’m convinced he took shelter in that shed from Friday evening until his discovery on Sunday.”

Ryker Webb’s survival tale is all the more incredible considering the presence of bears and mountain lions in the forest. Despite the lack of food, drink, and warmth, when found, Ryker seemed to be in good health and high spirits.

Vanishing Act

On July 3rd, 2022, a regular day turned into a nightmare when little Ryker Webb, just three years old, disappeared from his home in Troy, Montana. Ryker had been enjoying time in the yard with his father and pets when his father stepped inside the house for a moment. In that short span of time, Ryker disappeared. A worried neighbor alerted the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 16:53, initiating a massive search. However, details about Ryker’s clothes at the time of his disappearance were unclear.

Search teams, equipped with ground personnel, ATVs, drones, canine units, and boat crews, battled poor weather and dense vegetation in their attempt to locate Ryker. Meanwhile, a code red alert was issued, asking all neighborhood residents to check their properties for any sign of the missing toddler.

The Joyful Return

On July 6, 2022, amidst the ongoing search involving 53 personnel, a glimmer of hope appeared when a couple reported hearing faint crying sounds from a shed. The authorities were quick to respond and found Ryker in an unexpected hiding spot – tucked inside a lawnmower bag, presumably to keep warm in the near-freezing temperatures. This spot was a considerable distance – 2.4 miles (3.9km) – from Ryker’s home. Upon further tests and DNA confirmation, it was verified that the child found was indeed Ryker. Interestingly, he was found wearing an unfamiliar, ripped and dirty blue onesie.

Upon questioning, Ryker casually mentioned that he had gone for a walk and had grown tired. His fascination with bugs was also noted, as he had been observed overturning rocks on the path to the shed.

Ryker Webb Now Found Safe after Two Days Lost in Montana Woodlands

In a surprising turn of events, a 3-year-old boy who strayed from his home in Montana was found safe and sound after spending two nights alone in the wilderness. The child, named Ryker Webb, had wandered two miles away from home and was found sheltering in a shed, according to recent details provided by the authorities.

Ryker was discovered when a family heard his faint cries emanating from a shed near their cabin in Troy, Lincoln County, Sheriff Darren Short reported to TODAY. “They heard a child’s voice from the shed where they store their generator,” Short said. “Upon investigation, they found him.”

The family promptly alerted the police. When Sheriff Short arrived at the scene, he found the child visibly shaken. “He was terrified until he was reunited with his parents,” Short told reporters.

Ryker had managed to survive two nights in the forest as heavy thunderstorms rolled in, and the temperature dropped to the 40s. The area is known to be home to mountain lions and bears, Short added.

According to the young boy’s account to the police, he went on a long walk alone but grew tired. Fortunately, Ryker was found in good health, albeit “hungry, thirsty and cold,” following a frenzied 48-hour search effort involving multiple agencies, ground crews, ATV units, dog teams, drones, helicopters, and a boat unit.

Despite their best efforts, the aerial search teams were forced to turn back due to dreadful weather conditions, including rain, low visibility, and a low ceiling, the sheriff’s office reported.

Ryker was taken to Cabinet Peaks Medical Center for a check-up and was subsequently released.

Sheriff Short mentioned that the incident is still under investigation, including why it took the parents two hours to report Ryker’s disappearance. “We’re trying to figure out the circumstances of his disappearance and why he wasn’t under careful supervision,” Short added.

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