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The Story of Luke Russert Married – Career, Achievements, and Awards


Luke Russert, a prominent figure in American media, is best known for his work as a news correspondent for the renowned National Broadcasting Company (NBC). His father, Tim Russert, was a stalwart at NBC News, where he spent over two decades, most notably hosting “Meet the Press.” Shortly after his father’s death and fresh out of college, Luke joined NBC News in August 2008.

Unexpectedly, in 2016, Luke departed from NBC News, leaving fans and colleagues taken aback. He clarified that he was not moving to a competing news organization but stepping back from political reporting for some personal time. He attributed his sudden career immersion to his father’s passing and his recent graduation, stating that he had not had the chance to explore, travel, and gain a broader understanding of what he wanted for his future.

As a correspondent based in Washington, D.C., Luke provided coverage of the House of Representatives from Capitol Hill for multiple platforms within NBC, including NBC Nightly News, Today, MSNBC, and NBCNews.com.

Luke’s reportage of the 2008 presidential election earned him considerable public acclaim. He received commendation for his impartial reporting of Democratic and Republican Congressional events. It is said that his reportage on the impact of youth on Barack Obama’s victorious election campaign played a significant role in NBC News receiving the Documentary Emmy Award for their 2008 election night coverage.

In May 2009, Franklin Pierce University presented Luke Russert with the Marlin Fitzwater Award for leadership in public communications. This award celebrates individuals who have made significant contributions to public discourse in a manner that advances democracy.

Three years later, in February 2012, Luke’s prime-time appearance on NBC’s “Dateline,” which investigated the potential wrongful conviction of Jon-Adrian Velazquez in New York’s Sing Sing prison, earned a nomination for the 2013 News and Documentary Emmy

Luke Russert: A Synopsis of His Life and Career

Luke Russert, born Lucas Russert, was born in a family that had a deep love for journalism. His father, Tim Russert, was a well-known figure in television journalism, having the longest tenure as the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and his mother, Maureen Orth, is a respected journalist known for her work with Vanity Fair Magazine and the Marina Orth Foundation.

Luke, who marked his 32nd birthday on August 22, 2017, was born in the year 1985 in Washington D.C. He completed his schooling at St. Albans School in Washington D.C. in 2004 and then pursued a dual degree in History and Communications from Boston College, graduating in 2008. He also holds an honorary doctorate from Wingate University in North Carolina.

Luke’s journalism career took flight during his college days at Boston College, where he worked for ESPN’s show “Pardon the Interruption”. He later co-hosted XM radio show “60/20 Sports” with James Carville. In July 2008, he accepted a role as a correspondent for NBC News, covering the youth perspective on the 2008 presidential elections. He later shifted his focus to cover Congress, especially the House of Representatives, for which he received much acclaim from NBC.

Apart from this, Luke also contributed to multiple MSNBC programs as a guest host, such as “Way Too Early,” “The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd,” “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” “NOW with Alex Wagner,” and “The Cycle.”

Luke Russert Financial Earnings

Luke’s remuneration was reported to be roughly $500,000 annually while his net worth is estimated to exceed $9 million.

Significant Events in Luke Russert Career

One of the defining moments in Luke’s career was when Charlie Rangel, the then-chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, apologized to Russert in 2010. The apology was a result of Rangel lashing out at Russert for his questions about Rangel’s alleged misuse of official congressional stationery for soliciting donations and nondisclosure of his real estate holdings.

In 2011, Russert was once again in the public eye when he became the first journalist to interview Congressman Anthony Weiner following the revelation that Weiner had sent inappropriate pictures to young women on the internet. Weiner resigned from Congress shortly after the interview.

The Passing of Luke’s Father and Its Aftermath

In 2008, a tragedy struck when Luke’s father suffered a heart attack while performing voiceovers for “Meet The Press” at the WRC-TV offices. Despite the paramedics’ immediate response and attempts to resuscitate him thrice, he did not recover. He was taken to a hospital where he was declared deceased at the age of 58. Out of respect for the family, rivals and other networks refrained from announcing his death until the family was notified. Retired anchor Tom Brokaw was the first to break the sad news on NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC, acknowledging his father’s battle with coronary artery disease which he was managing through medication and exercise.

Several months after his father’s demise, Luke was appointed a correspondent for youth issues on NBC. His work there, which included coverage of the 2008 presidential election, earned him an Emmy Award. His hiring by NBC, however, sparked controversy as it was suggested by some critics that he got the position solely because of his family name, not his skills or experience. Undeterred by the criticism, Luke pursued his career with determination, making a mark with his coverage of events like Hurricane Irene among others.

Luke’s Personal Life

Rumors about Luke being gay started circulating when he was heard exclaiming from the Capitol Rotunda’s roof, “He said yes,” referring to his best friend, Jake Sherman. However, it turned out to be an April Fool’s prank. Jake Sherman actually got married to Irene Jefferson on February 15, 2015.

As for Russert’s love life, it remains a mystery whether he is in a romantic relationship as there is no information about him having a girlfriend currently. Although it’s clear that he has never been married, the question, “Who is Luke Russert’s girlfriend?” remains unanswered.

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