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The Story of Lena the Plug


Lena Nersesian, known popularly as Lena the Plug, has not followed a traditional path to success. Yet, she has managed to garner a significant following in quite a short span of time. Her primary strategy has been to cater to the specific tastes of her audience, which, in turn, has fueled the expansion of her brand.

When Lena embarked on her journey, she did not foresee the success that awaited her. Today, she boasts 1.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and 2.6 million followers on Instagram. This article delves into Lena’s professional journey, her various controversial instances, and her latest ventures.

Lena the Plug Wishes for Her Traditional Christian Parents to Accept Her Profession

Born on 1 July 1991 into an Armenian family, Lena was raised strictly in accordance to the principles of Christianity. This meant that her TV viewing options were heavily monitored as a child. For example, watching an innocuous show like Boy Meets World would have landed her in hot water.

Upon completing high school, Lena enrolled in the University of California to study Psychology. She earned her degree in 2013 and had intentions to pursue post-graduate studies in the same field. However, due to financial constraints, she decided to join Lund University in Sweden. Recounting her experiences in Sweden, Lena said,

“I had the opportunity to study in a quaint University town in the South of Sweden, just a short train ride away from Copenhagen, Denmark. The place, its people, and their laws are beautiful. The food is just about okay, but their desserts are heavenly. Swedes are quite friendly, albeit somewhat reserved.”

After a year in Sweden, Lena returned to the US, and took up various odd jobs. It was during her tenure at a social media startup, Arsenic, that she acquired the moniker ‘Lena the Plug’. Eventually, disenchanted with the poor pay of regular jobs, Lena began working as a Snapchat model. She shared with Heavy that her choice was not well-received by her family,

“I can’t really blame them. It is difficult for them to come to terms with it. However, I firmly believe they will eventually accept it once they get past the initial shock.”

Lena Rejects Proposals from Adult Film Companies Citing Insufficient Remuneration

Although Lena’s online content is sexually suggestive, she clarifies that she has zero interest in venturing into the porn industry. Despite multiple propositions, she remains unsaid. In her debut YouTube video, she expressed;

“I hold no grudges against the adult film industry. Some of my friends are in it and they do an outstanding job. But it’s just not for me. I’m not comfortable yet with the idea of having an intimate scene being filmed in front of a room full of people, while I have to deliver a perfect performance. Even filming this video makes me a bit nervous.”

Lena admits that her profession is not her passion – it is simply a means to earn a living. This mindset keeps her unfazed by the critics. For Lena, it is strictly business and she fails to comprehend the hostility from certain quarters. Sharing her thoughts with Heavy, she revealed;

“I was once a stickler for rules, doing everything expected of me. But it didn’t bring me happiness. My current way of earning might not be something I am zealous about, but it provides me with the financial leeway and time to pursue things I truly love… I also wonder why nudity stirs up such a fuss.”

Personal Life, Academic Background, and Career

The YouTube sensation Lena Nersesian, widely known as Lena The Plug, was born on July 1, 1991, in California, USA. She is of American descent and identifies as Christian, with her ethnicity being white. Lena has always kept her family life private, with very little information about her parents available, only that she is an only child.

She was raised in California, where she completed her high school education in 2009 before pursuing a degree in psychology at a prestigious Californian college. After graduation, Lena explored different jobs including babysitting, Uber driving, and a stint at a grocery store. However, in 2016, she decided to venture into social media, creating her YouTube channel.

Lena quickly gained an international following, thanks to her intriguing lifestyle vlogs and fitness videos. Her fitness tutorials and workout videos have particularly resonated with her audience. Today, Lena’s YouTube channel, “Lena The Plug,” boasts over 1.4 million subscribers and has amassed over 136 million views.

Like many other social media personalities, Lena has faced several controversies, including rumors about sex tapes, similar to those involving Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. However, she has continually refuted these claims, urging her followers to dismiss such rumors.

Lena’s Personal Relationships

In terms of her personal life, Lena has been in a longstanding relationship with fellow YouTuber Adam Grandmaison, also known as Adam22, since 2016. The couple seems to enjoy a strong bond, with no signs of any issues or breakup rumors.

Adam22, like Lena, has a strong YouTube presence with his own million-subscriber channel, “No Jumpers.” He also manages the BMX website, The Come Up, and owns a clothing and BMX store in Los Angeles.

The couple is renowned for their open sexual lifestyle, often filming and sharing their intimate moments without any qualms. Lena is not concerned about societal opinions and prefers to live life on her own terms. She presently resides with Adam in California and plans to focus on her career and innovate in her YouTube channel content before thinking about marriage.

Lena The Plug’s Financial Status

Lena The Plug, an influential social media personality, has amassed significant wealth and notoriety throughout her career. Her primary income source comes from her massive social media following, particularly on platforms like YouTube, making her a millionaire with a net worth of around $1 million.

Despite the controversy surrounding some of her content, Lena remains unfazed and committed to entertaining her global fan base. As her popularity continues to grow, so too will her net worth. Beyond her YouTube earnings, Lena also profits from various sponsorships and advertising partnerships, which contribute to her income. Her social media platforms are teeming with followers, further increasing her visibility and earning potential.

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