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Donna Goudeau: Crime and Unexpected Internet Fame


The name Donna Goudeau might draw a blank for some, but for those active on the internet in 2014, it stirs up memories of a viral video that took the world by storm. Donna Goudeau, a convicted felon from Texas, rose to unexpected stardom after footage of her 2011 arrest made rounds on the internet.

Back in 2011, Donna Goudeau, alongside two male companions, was found guilty of a brutal attack and armed robbery involving Juan Sustiata, a 73-year-old man from Kansas staying at the Driftwood Inn on Memorial Boulevard.

The Incident

Reports from law enforcement indicate that on July 20, 2011, Donna Renee Goudeau, Keyron Elmore (28), and Jeremy Goudeau (20) were on a crime spree at the Driftwood Inn, knocking on doors until Juan Sustiata answered. The trio then forced their way into his room, assaulted him, and made off with his debit card. They reportedly covered Sustiata’s head with a pillowcase and stabbed him multiple times, pressuring him to reveal his debit card PIN.

The assault left Sustiata severely injured, and he could no longer continue his work as a pipefitter, effectively losing his income. The culprits were apprehended soon after when they attempted to buy gas using Sustiata’s credit card.

A fourth person, Devin Hammon (28), was also arrested with the group, though authorities state he was not involved in the assault and robbery. He was merely charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The arrest of the group was recorded and the video went viral in 2014, propelling Donna Goudeau to sudden internet fame.

The Sentencing of Donna Goudeau

All three criminals were found guilty and received lengthy prison sentences. Keyron Elmore was handed a 60-year sentence, Jeremy Goudeau 50 years, and Donna Goudeau 18 years. Donna is not expected to be released until July 29, 2029.

Donna Goudeau’s Viral Arrest Video

The video of Donna Goudeau’s arrest was the catalyst behind her unexpected fame. In the video, Goudeau made several remarks that viewers found amusing. Some of her more memorable lines include:

  • “I can only tell my side of the story. I’m innocent, hey mama I love you, POP hold it down, Pimp Squad baby for life”
  • “They’re saying I was the getaway driver, but I’m legally blind. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”
  • “I’m a woman” (After being mistakenly referred to as “sir” by the interviewer)
  • “Hey, I have something else to say, come to the other side”
  • “My name is Goudeau, I’m not no Goudeau”

Dispelling Donna Goudeau’s Death Hoax

A wave of false information claiming Donna Goudeau’s death has recently flooded the internet. Goudeau, known for her catchphrases such as “P.O.P. Keep it down,” “barely,” and “I’m legally blind,” has unfortunately become the subject of these unfounded rumors.

The misinformation is primarily being spread through social media platforms, where the public consumes news, both real and false, without a second thought. The stories include sensationalized narratives such as Goudeau’s death in prison, with one Twitter user even responding, “Damn guy Donna Goudeau got murdered in prison!”

Donna Goudeau, a 28-year-old woman from Jefferson County, was involved in the assault and robbery of 73-year-old Juan Sustiata. The incident led to her arrest, along with Keyron deWayne Elmore and Jeremy Jomard Goudeau. The incident was covered widely in news footage in July 2011, which later went viral. Goudeau is now serving an 18-year sentence and is set to be released in 2029.

A fabricated story from Huzlers.com further added fuel to the rumors, gaining 2, and 40,000 likes on Facebook and 643 shares on Twitter. The website, known for combining real with satirical news, published a falsified narrative of Donna’s death following a prison argument. The story even named a fellow inmate, Victoria Hendricks, as the murderer.

Is Donna Goudeau still alive?

Despite the chaos, the truth remains that Donna Goudeau is alive and well, serving her sentence at the Dr Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas. She will continue her term until its completion in 2029. The internet’s fascination with Goudeau, stemming from her viral video and interviews, shows no sign of waning. However, for now, the rumors of her death are greatly exaggerated.

Donna Goudeau’s whereabouts – Final word

Donna Goudeau catapulted to internet fame due to a widely circulated video and her comments in an interview. Contrary to some rumors, she is very much alive and currently serving her time at the Dr Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas. Her 18-year sentence is set to end in 2029.

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Aiman Aamir
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