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The Hidden Life Of Dr Donald Cline Wife


Looking for Dr Donald Cline wife? Well, ‘Our Father’ is a gripping new documentary on Netflix that dives into the shocking true story of Dr Donald Cline, a now-retired fertility specialist from Zionsville, Indiana who fathered at least 94 children through artificial insemination without knowledge or consent of his patients.

The story takes an even more personal turn when Jacoba Ballard, one of the donor babies discovers that Cline is her biological father and she’s not alone.

With this startling revelation comes questions about Dr Cline’s wife Audrey Susie Cline – what did she know about her husband’s actions?

Directed by Lucie Jourdan, this documentary attempts to answer these questions and uncover the truth behind Dr Donald Cline actions and his relationship with Audrey Susie Cline.

Who is Dr Donald Cline Wife?

Dr Donald Cline wife Susie, who is actually named Audrey, gained significant notoriety during the 70s and 80s as a reputed fertility specialist in Indianapolis.

Cline was known to have great success with artificial insemination through fresh sperm, so many couples dealing with fertility issues flocked to his clinic.

Not only was Cline successful in his career, but he and his family were heavily involved in their local church community, often hosting baptisms in their swimming pool.

Beyond their son Doug, the couple had a daughter Donna, who worked as a nurse at her father’s clinic.

Everything seemed to be going well for them until 2014 when Jacoba Ballard, a 34-year-old woman from Seattle, uncovered something disturbing that revealed Dr Cline was not as squeaky clean as originally thought.

Where is Audrey Cline Now?

Dr Donald Cline wife, Audrey sought to maintain a low profile since his trial in 2017, advised by their lawyer.

However, in a rare interview in May 2019, the couple made a statement that spoke volumes.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing, Audrey defended her husband and seemed to lack remorse for his actions: “It’s old news…It’s just that one woman who’s upset that she has a life.”

Since then, Mrs. Cline has become somewhat of an enigma as she stays away from media attention and reportedly avoids social media.

Although no certain information is known about her whereabouts and lifestyle today, it is speculated that she is living out her golden years with Dr. Cline near Zionsville, Indianapolis in relative privacy.


Our Father is a gripping documentary that sheds light on the unconventional actions of Dr Donald Cline, who fathered 94 children through artificial insemination without knowledge or consent of his patients.

His wife Audrey Susie Cline has been relatively unknown throughout this entire ordeal, but her statement during an interview spoke volumes about her lack of remorse for the situation and defense of her husband’s actions.

While there isn’t any certain information known about where she is now or what she’s doing with her life, it can be speculated that Mrs.

Cline remains close to Dr Cline near Zionsville, Indiana living out their golden years in relative privacy away from media attention.

We hope that you must have got the idea about Dr Donald Cline wife and enjoyed reading the article.

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