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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas: Stunning Centerpiece Ideas


We are offering our top picks for Thanksgiving table centerpieces, featuring fresh flowers, gourds, pumpkins, and more. Enhance your Thanksgiving table arrangement with stylish and easy-to-create centerpiece ideas. These Thanksgiving table adornments, filled with organic elements, candle setups, and more, will surely be a standout on your festive table.

While dishes like turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce may be the main event at your dinner table, it is a beautifully arranged centerpiece with flowers, pumpkins, and other elements inspired by the harvest season that will truly dazzle your guests. Here, we provide our top centerpiece concepts to help you decorate your Thanksgiving table.

Autumn Floral Centerpiece

Centerpieces always make a statement with a display of the season’s finest flowers. Opt for bouquets of autumnal flowers like sunflowers, chrysanthemums, marigolds, or amaranth for a visually stunning centerpiece. Set your autumnal arrangement in a subtle vase and decorate it with petite pumpkins or candles for added charm.

Dried Citrus Fruit Centerpiece

Scattering dried slices of orange along the length of your table is a simple yet chic way to set up for your Thanksgiving feast. Dry your orange slices in the oven on a low setting for about 4-6 hours. Once they’ve dried and cooled down, arrange the slices atop real or artificial eucalyptus, and intersperse some flowers for an added flourish.

Harvest-themed Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is inspired by the harvest season and uses items that you may already have in your home. Arrange miniature pumpkins and gourds in a large wooden bowl, and adorn with sprigs of red oak lettuce and kale. Position this vibrant, fall-themed arrangement in the middle of your table.

Squash Centerpiece

This centerpiece for Thanksgiving showcases the Turks Turban gourd, an ornamental squash variety. If this type of gourd is not available, use gourds of different sizes to spruce up your Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Scatter dried flower petals and candles around the gourds for a more sophisticated touch.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Neutral Toned Gourds

For those who prefer a subtler aesthetic for their Thanksgiving decor, this centerpiece idea is perfect. Arrange miniature gourds in a large bowl surrounding candles of diverse sizes and thicknesses. To achieve the understated look, opt for light-coloured gourds and cream candles. You can place it directly on your table or on a wooden chopping board for additional height and texture.

Innovative Arrangement

Consider a distinctive Thanksgiving centerpiece that incorporates pumpkins, fresh produce, and gourds instead of the traditional floral arrangement. Start by placing 3 to 4 sizeable pumpkins in a wooden tray as the centerpiece’s foundation. Add texture and variety to the display by incorporating bosc pears, artichokes, decorative cabbages, and small gourds. Complete the design with seasonally appropriate flowers like mums.

Food-Focused Centerpiece

A charming, casual Thanksgiving centerpiece can be achieved with a festive cheeseboard, fruit, and a few jars filled with foliage. This setup also doubles as a snacking station before the main meal. Replace the cheeseboard with the turkey when it’s time to serve the main course. Add a touch of fun by creating a mini banner that says ‘CHEESE’ out of paper triangles, hung from wooden skewers over a length of twine.

Fruit-Based Centerpiece

Highlight the beauty of seasonal fruits like pears, clementines, and grapes with a striking Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece. Try to use items you already have or can repurpose later. Enhance your centerpiece’s look by adding a few heads of curly cabbage.

Create a Magnolia Garland

This eye-catching table decoration for Thanksgiving incorporates fresh magnolia leaves, seeded eucalyptus, and other seasonal greenery. Maintain neutral place settings, like the Better Homes & Gardens 16-Piece Dinnerware Set ($54, Walmart). Inject color with bright clementines, golden-yellow billy balls, and red hypericum berries. This stunning magnolia garland can be made more easily than you might think!

Towering Glass Centerpiece

Achieve a unique Thanksgiving table decor look with fall foliage and transparent containers. Group them in the table’s center, and dangle sprigs of berries from the chandelier for a playful touch. This minimalist approach to Thanksgiving decorating is a favorite.

Dried Floral Assembly

This attractive dried floral centerpiece incorporates the hues and blooms of autumn. Start with a transparent glass vase and fill it with brown nuts. Trim the sunflower stems shorter than the rest of the greenery, so they rest at the arrangement’s base. Populate the vase’s center with autumnal grasses and leaves. If you want a centerpiece that you can use annually, consider an arrangement of Better Homes & Gardens Artificial Flowers ($15, Walmart).

Create a Multipurpose Centerpiece Box

Craft a multipurpose centerpiece box that can hold a mix of pumpkins and ornamental foliage. This box can serve as an adaptable centerpiece for Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. When its time as a centerpiece is done, it can function as a charming planter.

Reimagined Squash Centerpiece

Transform butternut squash and sugar pumpkins into an eye-catching centerpiece using a large metallic cake stand and fresh blooms. Hollow out the squash and pumpkins, fill them with water, and arrange seasonal flowers like chrysanthemums, coreopsis, and goldenrod inside.

Craft a Pumpkin Filled With Succulents

Create a stunning, long-lasting holiday decoration with a faux pumpkin filled with succulents. This low-maintenance centerpiece can grace your Thanksgiving table and remain on display through the New Year. To keep the succulents vibrant, just give them a light spray of water occasionally.

Display Pinecones Centerpiece

For a budget-friendly yet stylish centerpiece, collect pinecones and place them around four small tea light candles arranged on an oval white dish. Add a final touch with decorative berries or cranberries. This DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece can be created for less than $10!

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