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Terry Bradshaw Net Worth, Children, Family & More


Terry Bradshaw has achieved success in both his professional football career and other endeavors. The former American professional football player and TV analyst has a net worth of $45 million, having won four Super Bowl titles with the Pittsburgh Steelers during his playing days.

He is also known for his strong arm, leadership skills and ability to “show up” at big games. Outside of football, Bradshaw has had an illustrious acting career appearing in movies such as Failure to Launch.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look into Terry Bradshaw’s life including his net worth, family and children.

Early Life of Terry Bradshaw

Paxton “Terry” Bradshaw was born on September 2nd of 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Raised alongside two brothers by his mother and his father, a US Navy veteran, Terry set his sights on becoming a professional football player from an early age.

After showcasing his considerable talent in high school, he attended Louisiana Tech University to continue developing his skills. While the first two seasons saw him playing behind Phil “Roxie” Robertson as starting quarterback, Terry’s hard work eventually paid off when he earned the role of starting quarterback for the final two years.

Terry Bradshaw Football Career


Terry Bradshaw’s football career reached new heights after he was chosen by the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 1970 NFL Draft. After replacing the starting QB in his second season, Terry proved his worth and led the Steelers to win eight AFC Central championships and four Super Bowl titles.

He became even more renowned for his game-winning “Immaculate Reception” pass against the Raiders in 1972, and in 1978 earned himself the title of Most Valuable Player. In the 80s, however, Bradshaw started to suffer from recurring elbow problems that required a shot of cortisone before every match.

Despite this obstacle, he managed to play well until 1983 when he finally underwent surgery on his elbow.

Acting Career of Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw’s acting career has been a long standing part of his public profile, extending even to his footballing years. Symbolizing this well is his appearance in an ad for shingles treatment and Tide detergent, which he still stars in today. Beyond adverts, Terry has made appearances in TV shows such as “Brotherly Love,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Married… With Children” and “Modern Family.”

More recently, he had a minor role in the sitcom “Malcolm In the Middle” and even had his own show called ‘Home Team with Terry Bradshaw’ that unfortunately was quickly cancelled. His film appearances consist of movies like “Hooper” and “The Cannonball Run.” Clearly Terry Bradshaw’s acting career holds much more depth than some might expect.

Relationships of Terry Bradshaw


 NFL legend Terry Bradshaw has had 4 marriages throughout his life. His first marriage was to Melissa Babish, Miss Teen America in 1969, and the two were married from 1972-1973. Following that was his union with JoJo Starbuck in 1976; after seven years together, they separated in 1983.

Bradshaw then married Charla Hopkins- his family attorney – with whom he had two children before the relationship ended in 1999. Finally, in 2014 Terry wed his longtime girlfriend Tammy and the two are still happily together today.

 Terry Bradshaw Mental Health

Terry Bradshaw, a retired football player, revealed that he had been suffering from serious mental health issues throughout his career. He experienced crying spells, weight loss, insomnia, and crippling anxiety attacks. These intensified after his third divorce.

In speaking out about depression, he is doing his part to reduce stigma attached to mental illness. Bradshaw’s anxiety was so severe that he could not watch a Steelers game or attend the funeral of team founder Art Rooney until 2002.

His story illustrates how even high-profile individuals can struggle with mental health issues, and how these conditions can lead to difficulty performing basic everyday tasks like attending sporting events or funerals.

Terry Bradshaw Net Worth

Terry Bradshaw net worth is estimated to be $45 million with an annual TV salary $5 million.

Properties of Terry Bradshaw

After retiring from the NFL, Terry invested heavily in real estate. Leading up to the 2008 real estate crash he owned $13 million worth of properties around Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico.

One day, just before the 2008 housing crash occurred, he came home sick to his stomach and could not figure out why. On a hunch, he began selling the properties, suffering a $900,000 loss from the sales.

Had he waited just a few months, the losses would have been 10 times higher and they might have bankrupted Bradshaw. His financial advisor reportedly would later tell him that losing $900k was the smartest investment decision he ever made. 

In 2016, Terry sold a gorgeous home on 12-acres in Hawaii for $2.7 million. This made many people in the industry take notice because it was such an amazing price for the land and house combination. 

In 2014, Bradshaw listed his 744-acre ranch in southern Oklahoma for $10.8 million. The ranch includes 5 ponds, a guest house, and stables. By this we can assume Terry Bradshaw net worth is insane.

Another Way of Income – Flipping Planes


Terry Bradshaw may have been a legendary football player and sportscaster, but he has also made headlines for flipping planes. In an interview, Bradshaw applauded this practice, as it allows people to make money in the same way one might toggle real estate.

He explained that he uses his own funds to buy these aircraft at around $4 or $5 million before getting them operational enough to resurface the market. Any shrewd entrepreneur knows that turning a tidy profit is possible when lining up the right buyer with a subtle renovation along the way!

Terry Bradshaw as an Author

Terry Bradshaw has written eight books that tell stories about his life, his career in American football, and many other interests. One of those books called It’s Only a Game takes a lighter tone as it covers his outside interests such as acting, flipping planes, and making music.

Additionally, he is also a youth minister, cattle-raiser and public speaker who talks about an issue that men do not often address – mental health. This also has created an impact on Terry Bradshaw net worth.

Remain Popular Even After Retirement

Terry Bradshaw thought that the best was behind him when he retired from the National Football League, however, he was wrong – football had just been a platform for his success. Even after retirement, he has remained relevant through commentary and television roles.

In retirement from the NFL, Bradshaw has faced depression himself and aims to destigmatize the concept that speaking openly about mental health issues is something that only women can talk about. He actively works to make it easier for men to find help with mental wellness by addressing their issues head on.

Though he is largely popular now for being genuine and an all-around good person. He has extended his life of fame beyond that of the NFL and continues to be remembered as one of the greats.

Fun Facts on Terry Bradshaw

– Terry Bradshaw is a four-time Super Bowl champion, having won four championships with the Pittsburgh Steelers during his career.

– He was drafted by the Steelers in 1970 and played until 1983, when he retired at age 35.

– His career accolades include the NFL Most Valuable Player Award (1978), the Bert Bell Award (1978), 2 Pro Bowl selections, and 8 All-Pro team selections.

– After retiring from football he pursued a career in television as an analyst for FOX NFL Sunday.

– He also has had a successful acting career, having appeared in movies such as Failure to Launch.

– Bradshaw is also a youth minister and public speaker, addressing issues surrounding mental health.

– Terry Bradshaw has flipped planes, taking his success in football and turning it into a business venture.

– He is also an author of 8 books and has written a song called ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’.

– In 2016, Bradshaw sold a 12-acre property in Hawaii for $2.7 million, which many considered to be the smartest investment decision he ever made.

– He also has a 744-acre ranch located in southern Oklahoma that he listed for $10.8 million in 2014.

– Bradshaw continues to remain popular even after his retirement from football, and he is often remembered as one of the greats.

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