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Teen Boy Long Haircuts and Styles in Trends


Top 25 Long Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

For teenage boys looking to express their individuality, long haircuts are a fantastic choice. It is a myth that only girls are concerned about their hairstyles; teenage boys with long locks are equally conscious of their looks.

Long hairstyles are gaining acceptance and popularity among boys, creating curiosity about how to sport such styles and which one would suit them best.

Fashionable Teen boy long haircuts

Any one of these 25 exceptional long haircuts could be the perfect pick for a teenage boy wanting a change. All the haircuts are trendy and up-to-date, perfect for school, dating, and sports.

  • Long and Straight

These days, an increasing number of teenage boys are opting for long hair. For boys with straight hair, this is definitely a low-maintenance choice. A simple comb-through is all that is required!

  • Long Hair with a Touch of Color

A slight hint of color enhances the dark blonde hair of this teenage boy. It is subtle, not as pronounced as full-color treatment, yet allows your boy to experiment with color and express his unique personality!

  • Mid-Length Curls

If your teen boy has naturally curly hair, encourage him to let it grow until it reaches his shoulders. A middle parting is all he needs for this effortless style.

  • Layered and Straight

Long layers lend shape to this straight hairstyle. The hair just about grazes the shoulders and covers the ears, complementing any facial structure beautifully.

  • Neck-length Wavy Braids

For a teenage boy whose hair is neck-length, this braided hairstyle is worth a shot. Four tiny braids run from the hairline to the nape of the neck.

  • Carefree Waves

Another trendy style for teenage boys with long wavy hair is to sport it slightly tousled. The tousled or “just out of bed” look is always in vogue, and they can achieve this look just by running their fingers through their hair.

  • Long and Sun-kissed

Teenage boys will certainly love this long, surfer-styled hair which girls find irresistible! All he has to do is let it stay natural and perhaps apply some hair product to maintain the style throughout the day.

  • Wavy and Voluminous

To offset a slender or elongated face, use a blow dryer to create volume in wavy hair from the front. This gives your boy’s haircut a windblown effect, making it manageable even when worn loose.

  • Long Dreadlocks

Some teenage boys prefer a hassle-free style that does not require regular maintenance. For them, dreadlocks could be the answer. When properly installed and cared for, dreadlock extensions can last for several years.

  • Straight Hair with Side Bangs

This straight haircut reaching the neck offers the best of both short and long styles. The length allows your boy enough hair to style as desired; however, the bangs are short and can be conveniently brushed to the side.

  • Wavy and Loose

Teenage boys who favor lengthy hairstyles and have naturally wavy or curly hair can simply let their curl volume carve out a distinctive design. Shoulder-length hair provides enough length for the curls to be fully expressed, resulting in a relaxed and flowing style that requires minimal maintenance.

  • Boys’ Long Top with Defined Parting

Exhibiting a long top brushed to one side contrasting with a fade introduces an invigorating and enjoyable style. As long as the teenager with long hair adopting this style is not reluctant to utilize sufficient hair product to manage the look, there is minimal probability of it appearing unkempt or unruly.

  • Boys’ Bowl Cut

Longer fringes do not always need to be swept away from the face, particularly for boys desiring a hairstyle they can occasionally run their hands through. By directing fringes forward, there is no need for a defined parting, giving rise to a very relaxed and natural style, perfectly suited for boys with a more laid-back personality.

  • Slicked Back Long Top

A long top does not strictly have to be styled to the side – there is the option to slick it straight back from the face, as demonstrated by this look. Certain long hairstyles for teenage boys involve slicking the longer hair on top away from the face. This style appears very contemporary and cutting-edge, an excellent choice for any boy desiring a style that seems classic yet contains an unexpected twist.

  • Long Hair Maintenance Tips for Teenage Boys

Caring for long hair can be demanding, but with the right approach and tools, the task can be simplified. Regardless of whether your hair is curly, straight, or prone to frizz, these guidelines can help manage it without causing a dent in your schedule or personality.

  • Adopt a Healthy Eating Habit

Your diet has a significant impact on your hair’s health. Consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals reflects positively on your hair, as these nutrients eventually reach your hair follicles. Make sure to include ample multivitamins, fruits, and vegetables in your diet for healthier, shinier hair.

  • Regularly Comb Your Scalp

Gently combing your scalp every few days can help keep dandruff at bay. Remember to be soft to avoid scalp injuries or potential harm to your hair follicles.

  • Experiment with Hair Products

A plethora of hair products are available catering to different hair types. Your hair might respond well to curl creams, leave-in conditioners, or anti-frizz products. Do not hesitate to try out various products to find the one that suits you best.

  • Handle with Care

You need to treat your hair delicately to avoid damaging your hair follicles, which could lead to hair loss. Although an aggressive scalp massage would not cause substantial hair loss, it could lead to discomfort and minor loss.

  • Regular Hair Trims

Regular trims help maintain your hair’s health and shine, keeping it free from split ends. While trimming might not directly benefit the hair on the top of your head, it definitely helps eliminate dullness caused by split ends.

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