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Top 10 Tech Companies in New York You Should Know


New York City is one of the premier destinations for tech companies in the United States. With several Silicon Valley giants setting up offices in NYC, there has been a surge in available jobs for software engineers looking to build their careers in technology.

Tech companies are offering plenty of opportunities for software engineers from all over the country to join them and be part of this city’s growth story.

In this article, we will look at some of the best tech companies to work for as a software engineer if you are exploring a career in New York City (NYC).

10 Best Tech Companies in New York to Work

Tech companies in New York continue to thrive with giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook continually ranked amongst the best places to work. However, there is a long list of other high-ranking organizations to choose from.

For software engineers looking for exciting opportunities, we have put together a list of 10 top tech companies to work for in NYC.

Choosing from this range of enterprises and start-ups can provide software engineers with both well-established security and flourishing outlets for innovation.

Many of these organizations have enjoyed recent success stories and create their own buzz within the tech world.

Tech enthusiasts should not miss out on any of these opportunities!


Adode Inc. is a tech company that offers software solutions for a variety of creative fields like graphics, animation, and multimedia.

From its best-selling software Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Illustrator, Adode has continued to expand their tech offerings with the recent addition to Customer Experience Management.

Constantly delivering cutting-edge innovation, it’s no wonder the average software engineer salary at Adobe is a staggering $129,471 per year. With tech giants like this in NYC’s tech industry, New York City is one of the leading tech cities in the world!


NVIDIA is one of the tech industry’s top tech companies, and their commitment to innovation has established them as a leader in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and System on a Chip Unit (SoC) markets.

Their success in the gaming sector, through their GPUs, and the automotive and mobile computing sectors, via their SoCs, have ensured that NVIDIA remains on the cutting edge of tech development.

This tech ingenuity led to their greatest accomplishment yet—the groundbreaking acquisition of Arm Ltd. from Softbank for $40 billion in September of 2020. This deal merited NVIDIA’s place on any list of best tech companies to work for in NYC and cemented NVIDIA as a global force in tech.


For tech companies in NYC, Salesforce stands out for many reasons. It has been recognized for its impressive enterprise cloud computing software solutions, particularly its customer relationship management solutions.

In addition to CRM services, it also provides users with marketing automation, application development and growth analytics.

Tech industry professionals interested in joining the team at Salesforce will be pleased to know that the average software engineer salary is $125,126 per year.

With such competitive salaries and a great selection of services on offer, there’s no doubt that Salesforce is a top choice for tech companies in NYC.


With more businesses seeking to reduce costs and operate at peak efficiency, tech companies like VMware are continuing to develop smarter tech solutions.

VMware is a prime example of a tech giant in NYC, renowned for its virtualization and cloud computing capabilities. For individuals looking to join the tech industry, there is no better company than VMware. 

The company’s acclaimed Hypervisor software offers business users effective enterprise solutions independent of an underlying operating system.

That’s why VMware is one of the foremost providers of virtualization and cloud computing services across the world – and why it remains such an attractive destination for anyone wanting to pursue a career in tech.


Square, or Block Inc., is a valuable tech company located in New York City that has quickly gained widespread notoriety for its forward-thinking services and innovative culture.

Since launching its online platform a decade ago, the company has successfully earned recognition for its commitment to inclusivity and value of talent.

Square’s work environment is stimulating and supportive, encouraging employees to give their best in order to drive meaningful business objectives and successful results.

With such a positive atmosphere promoting creativity and growth, no wonder it’s one of NYC’s most popular tech companies.


There are few jobs that generate as much hype and excitement as a tech job at Twitter.

As one of the most popular social networking and microblogging sites in the world, it is not only known for its excellent benefits and stimulating work environment, but also offers an impressive salary of $143,758 per year for software engineers.

With its expansive office in New York City, Twitter easily ranks among the top tech firms to work for, offering tech professionals a rewarding career and satisfying experience in the tech field.


Working with Procore can make quite an impact on a tech career. As one of the most popular construction management and real estate companies in the US, tech engineers find it to be an ideal environment in their quest for professional growth.

It is no wonder that Procore is quickly earning a reputation as one of the best tech companies in mid-sized company segment in NYC.

Not only does Procore offer state-of-the-art software services but encourages its employees to take ownership in order to fully develop the capabilities they bring to the organization.

The work culture supports hard work and out-of-the-box problem solving, something tech engineers naturally have an affinity for.

Furthermore, having been founded over 15 years ago, tech employees rest assured knowing they gain access to industry expertise backed by results-driven insights when joining Procore’s team – making it a great tech company to start or further build upon a tech career.


Wise is a tech company founded with the original mission of making international money transfers cheaper and easier.

Co-founded in 2011 by Taavet Hinrikus, the first employee at Skype, Wise has gained ground over the years as one of the most sought after tech companies to work for in NYC.

The company’s success can be attributed in part to its mid-sized operations, as well as its commitment to creating new tech solutions for international money remittances and financial services.

Their dedication to remaining competitive within the tech industry is why Wise continues to remain attractive to software engineers and few other tech specialties.

Microsoft – Tech Companies in New York

Microsoft is an iconic tech company in New York City that offers incredible opportunities for software engineers.

It maintains an inclusive and diverse culture, a stimulating work environment and an unbeatable work-life balance for its team members. These features make it one of the most sought-after tech companies to work for.

Additionally, the salary offered to software engineering professionals at Microsoft is fairly lucrative, with the average annual earning being $109,859 per year. If you’re looking to take your tech career to the next level, Microsoft is the place for you!

PayPal – Tech Companies in New York

Paypal stands out among tech companies as it offers more than just technical financial services.

As one of the top places to work for software engineers in NYC, PayPal has an exciting culture and work environment that constantly motivates its tech employees.

The average salary offered to software engineers at PayPal is an impressive $127,610 per year, making it a great choice for tech professionals who are looking for a career that is lucrative and inspiring.

With technology being integral to its business model, PayPal’s services also have opened up new avenues for global marketplaces and helped increased access to innovative financial services.

Thoughts on Tech Companies in New York

New York City is a great destination for tech professionals looking to build their career in technology. With several Silicon Valley giants setting up offices here and the availability of numerous job opportunities, there is no doubt that NYC has become one of the best places to work as a software engineer.

Tech companies such as Twitter, Procore, Wise, Microsoft and PayPal offer not only enticing benefits and stimulating working environment but also an impressive salary package for software engineers making them some of the top choices when it comes to finding excellent employment opportunities in NYC’s thriving tech industry.

So if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in tech or already have experience within this field then consider exploring what these amazing companies can offer you!


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