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Top Tech Companies In Chicago You Should Know


Chicago is quickly becoming an epicenter for tech companies, with more than 6,000 IT companies and nearly 400 startups founded in the city over the last five years.

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Oracle have set up shop here while nine Chicago-based startups achieved “unicorn” status in 2021 – a testament to its growing popularity among tech entrepreneurs.

From established businesses to innovative startups, these are some of the best tech companies operating in Chicago today.

Top 10 Tech Companies In Chicago

From start-ups to industry leaders, many tech companies are sprouting up in the heart of America’s Midwest.

Chicago is home to some of the top software companies, providing a vibrant business atmosphere full of opportunities for collaboration and growth.

World-renowned firms such as Sears, McDonald’s, Kraft Heinz and Boeing have actively supported the development of Chicago businesses, offering resources tailored to entrepreneurs in pursuit of technological advancement.

Moreover, key aspects such as accessible talent pools and innovative infrastructure combined with the flourishing economy have served to make Chicago a particularly attractive destination for a variety of software companies.

All in all, it’s no secret that Chicago provides an ideal environment for corporate wealth and success.

Tech companies in Chicago are growing rapidly due to many advantages of setting up shop in the city.

  • Firstly, the cost of living is significantly lower compared to many cities on the coasts, creating a more comfortable lifestyle for employees and lower overhead costs for companies.
  • Secondly, Illinois produces computer science degrees in abundance, giving tech companies access to a large pool of software engineering and development talent.
  • Thirdly, it may be due to the work ethic that Midwesterners are known for – whatever the reason though, there’s no doubt that Chicago is making strides in advancing fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, and information technology (IT).

All these factors make this Windy City an increasingly attractive place for tech giants.

Top tech companies in Chicago

10. DealRoom

DealRoom is a due diligence management platform that brings centralized data and processes in one secure, comprehensive space.

By working with this virtual data room, companies can reduce due diligence time by 25-40% and streamline communication through its powerful project data analytics tool.

What’s more, DealRoom features machine learning capabilities that help to reduce questions and tasks that require manual input, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Investing in DealRoom is an excellent way to ensure tech companies are optimally prepared for due diligence initiatives.

9. Popular Pays

Popular Pays is the ideal tech solution for businesses looking to boost their influence and reach on digital platforms.

With more than 85,000 content creators available to collaborate with, the platform offers an effective way for brands to succeed in the competitive world of influencer marketing.

Best of all, Popular Pays’s comprehensive dashboard allows for direct communication and powerful analytics that tech companies can rely on for successful campaigns.

Companies can even tap into their team of strategists for creative ideas and strategies to increase engagement. Popular Pays is truly a must-have tech partner when it comes to connecting businesses with quality influencers.

8. Printavo

Printavo is a tech company that helps printing, embroidery and sign businesses simplify everyday operations. Whether you’re managing job schedules and artwork approval, or quoting and payments, Printavo has the software to streamline each step of your workflow.

From tech startups to experienced printers, Printavo’s platform helps screen printing, embroidery and signage companies acquire more customers, maximize online potential, increase sales and grow their business with powerful analytics.

Automation capabilities such as batch processing and calculated shipping options give businesses peace of mind while they focus on the success of their projects.

7. Syndigo

Syndigo is a tech company that offers a comprehensive product information management (PIM) platform. Brands can drive value in real time through this connected commerce ecosystem and its omnichannel capabilities.

This helps retailers and distributors make more informed decisions, promoting higher sales. By optimizing content and data flows and utilizing Syndigo’s extensive two-sided network, tech companies are able to collect valuable data for growth.

With Syndicate, tech companies can also access an end-to-end solution with complete control over their digital assets and product content. Leverage the power of Syndigo to stay competitive in today’s tech environment!

6. Rytr

Rytr is a tech company’s perfect partner when it comes to content creation. The artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant can automatically generate catchy and high-converting copy within seconds, ideal for emails, blogs, ads, and social media requirements.

With over 30 languages available plus more than 20 tones of voice, you can be sure that your messages are highly relevant and effective no matter the target audiences.

Plus, with its rich-text editor built in to correct grammar mistakes and detect plagiarism, you can make sure your translated content remains reliable and original. Unleash the power of Rytr today to create pieces that are not only professional but also smartly written.

5. Smokeball 

Smokeball is more than just tech company providing legal practice management software; it is a tool that elevates the work, efficiency, and profitability of firms all over.

With innovative integrations with Microsoft Word and Outlook, Smokeball enables lawyers to track their time easily and automatically. This fosters productivity and boosts profits without sacrificing the accuracy or quality of their services.

Plus, as implied by its mission statement, adding Smokeball to a practice can result in far less stress when it comes to billing clients, freeing lawyers to focus on their most important work.

4. Keeper Security

Keeper Security is one of the premier tech companies offering a service that aims to protect businesses and individuals from data breaches.

With its password security platform, Keeper generates strong passwords, encrypts sensitive files stored in digital vaults, and securely shares records with teams.

The highlight of the platform is its zero-knowledge security architecture; as a result, all encryption and decryption occur on the user’s device.

By protecting data locally with powerful security measures, tech companies like Keeper Security allow stakeholders to be more confident in their online safety.

3. FourKites

Tech companies have increasingly turned to FourKites as a powerful supply chain visibility solution. By combining real-time data, machine learning, and insights from smarter analysis of supply chain processes, businesses are able to monitor their delivery fleets and track the status of shipments in order to drive up on-time delivery rates and customer satisfaction.

The predictive analytics capabilities of the software help tech companies identify potential problems and take corrective measures to ensure timely deliveries – not only avoiding fines for detention or late rescheduling but also increasing process efficiency and productivity overall.

2. Sprout Social

For tech companies looking to maximize their reach and success within the world of social media, Sprout Social is an invaluable platform.

With features that enable brands to deepen their connection with their audience, streamline workflows for both internal teams and outside clients, collaborate with one another in real-time, and develop comprehensive data sets about their social channels, Sprout Social makes it easier than ever before to take a brand’s social media skills to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for help developing content, monitoring reviews or increasing engagement across platforms, Sprout Social has everything tech companies need for successful social media management.

1. Project44

Project44 is an advanced visibility platform that offers tech companies enhanced capabilities and a smarter delivery experience.

It provides shippers and logistics service providers important shipment information, helps them automate manual processes, and offers noticeable benefits for customers in terms of trust and predictability.

Project44 can also assist tech companies in making positive changes to their operations and performance, bringing the latest technological solutions to the world of logistics. With its holistic approach to delivery management, tech companies can count on project44 for reliable insights at every step of the journey.

Conclusion on Tech Companies In Chicago

Chicago is a tech magnet, its tech hub growing exponentially in the last few years.

Tech startups to software solutions companies and incubators, tech entrepreneurs are taking advantage of all that the city has to offer. There’s no denying how incredibly supportive Chicago’s tech community is.

With tons of tech accelerators, tech companies have lots of opportunities to network and collaborate. The presence of tech companies are testament that the city will continue to remain at the top spot when it comes to tech innovation and Tech Companies In Chicago.

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