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Taelyn Dobson – Nick Carter’s Sister


Taelyn Dobson is a name that many may not recognize, but she is the sister of one of the most well-known American celebrities – Nick Carter. Taelyn Carter Dobson was born in Jamestown, New York State USA and holds American nationality. Although she hasn’t shared her date of birth publicly yet, it is said that her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Though Taelyn isn’t famous herself, she has made some headlines due to her sibling being a member of the iconic vocal group Backstreet Boys. Let us take a look at who this mysterious woman really is!

Who is Taelyn Dobson?

Taelyn Dobson is an American celebrity sibling, sister to Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Originally from Jamestown, New York, her zodiac sign is believed to be Scorpio.

Despite her brother’s huge fame and success in the entertainment industry; Taelyn chooses to stay quiet and out of the spotlight, with sparse mentions across social media platforms.

Only recently was it revealed that she has a husband, David Goodman, as well as two adorable children whom she cherishes dearly. It is clear that Taelyn values her privacy and sets a great example for others trying to navigate their way through the world of fame.

Taelyn Dobson Early life and education

Growing up in Westfield, Taelyn had no shortage of love or support from either her parents or siblings. Her father Robert was an entrepreneur who owned the Yankee Rebel bar alongside her mother Jane.

Both of them worked hard to provide for the family, but still made sure that Taelyn and her siblings received a first-rate education in local schools. As a Bright Scholar, Taelyn earned excellent grades at high school and graduated with numerous honors before going onto college.

Growing up, Taelyn was an energetic presence in many activities. Joining the drama club at her school, she appeared in several plays during her years as an active member of the club.

Additionally, Taelyn was a prominent figure on both the volleyball and basketball teams due to her height, aiding them with her skills on the court. By the time she graduated high school sometime during the first half of the 2000s however, there’s been no mention of further education from Taelyn and it can be assumed that she decided not to attend college.

Taelyn Dobson Career

Despite being extremely popular across social media platforms, very little is known about Taelyn’s career. Her lack of information has led to wild speculation regarding the nature of her profession; however, no one can be sure of exactly what it is that she does for a living. What is known, however, is that whatever it is that she does is successful enough to maintain her large following and active lifestyle.

Taelyn Dobson Love life and Boyfriend

Though she’s evasive on the subject, Taelyn has been the subject of plenty of speculation in regards to her love life. With no official communication from the singer on any potential partners, it’s led some of her followers to speculate she may be a lesbian. Nicky’s fans have posited that they’ve spotted her out with someone who could be her girlfriend, but nothing has been confirmed either way. Nevertheless, these rumors continue to buzz around the internet; though whether they possess any truth or not remains unknown.

Taelyn Dobson Hobbies

Taelyn Dobson loves to see and experience new cultures, so traveling with her brother Nick on the Backstreet Boys tours has been huge for her.

Not only has she experienced exciting concert locations around the US, she’s also had the opportunity to explore parts of Europe such as France and Italy. When she isn’t seeing the world, this avid animal lover loves spending time with her two cats. Cats aren’t Taelyn’s only favorite; horses are near and dear to her heart as well.

Taelyn Dobson Age, Height and Net Worth

Taelyn is a well-known celebrity, who has garnered much attention due to her impressive net worth of over $35 million. Despite being relatively young at 35 years of age, she has amassed such wealth and fame through her various business interests and investments.

With her golden blonde hair, brown eyes and an impressive height of 5ft 10ins (1.8m), Taelyn continues to draw attention from all corners. She also maintains a healthy physicality, currently weighing 155lbs (70kgs). Her younger brother Nick’s net worth is estimated to be even higher than hers!

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