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Tacoma Simmons – Son Of Late Rapper DMX


Tacoma Simmons is an accomplished model, artist, and writer from the United States. He is well-known as the son of DMX, a late American rapper, musician, and performer.

Tacoma has been making waves in the music industry since his father’s passing in 2021. His passion for music can be seen through his work at Guitar Center and as a musical author on Instagram.

In this blog post we will explore Tacoma’s journey to success and look into his age and what he has achieved so far in life. So let’s get started!

Who Is Tacoma Simmons?

Tacoma Simmons, a renowned rapper born on August 27, 1999 in Mount Kisco, New York, is now 22 years old. Both Tacoma and his mother, Tashera, are African American Americans. Tashera is an actress who has had roles in such movies as Iyanla, Fix My Life, and Starter Wives Confidential.

Meanwhile Tacoma is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in teaching and already graduated from Fox Lane High School. While both Tacoma and Tashera are careful not to share much of their personal life on social media, Tashera can sometimes be found blogging online.

Despite the private nature of the family they still make time to support each other in their respective endeavours. They certainly make a formidable team!

Tacoma Simmons Age & Physical Appearance

Tacoma Simmons was born on August 27, 1999 and is now 22 years of age. He is likely below 6 feet in height, but has not officially revealed his exact height. His weight is also unknown, however Tacoma appears young, thin and tall in photos.

He has dark hair and earthy toned eyes and can be considered quite handsome. There is a notable strength about him that continues to draw attention from those around him.

Tacoma Simmons Parents and Siblings

Tacoma Simmons has a powerful family. His father, DMX (also known as Duke Simmons), was an award-winning and prolific rapper in the 1990s and 2000s.

He exploded onto the rap scene with his 1998 debut album “It’s Dark, and Hell Is Hot,” which sold an impressive 250,000 copies in its first week. Over the course of his career, he released four chart-topping albums and appeared in twelve films, including “Romeo Must Die” (2000) and “Last Hour” (2008).

Tacoma’s mother is Tashera, a respected actress who previously starred in films like “Never Die Alone” (2004) and television projects such as “E! Real Hollywood Story” (2009) and “Iyanla Fix My Life” (2013).

More recently she acts as an advanced program manager for The Doug Banks Show. Tacoma’s parents are truly inspiring figures within the entertainment industry.

After graduating from Westchester Community College, Xavier moved on to work at Ball Factory, taking charge of the organization as its manager. His brother Sean pursued a different path, working at the Northern Westchester Boys & Girls Club and later moving on to Red Lobster.

That same year, their parents divorced after a decade-long marriage – their father went on to live with his companion Desiree Lindstrom for the following two years until his passing. Following his father’s death, Tacoma’s new wife had eleven more children with him; this gave Tacoma eleven half-kin siblings all at once – Exodus was one name among them and Aaliyah Haughton was another.

Earl Simmons, also known by his stage name DMX, was another famed Brooklynite that faced a childhood similar to Taco’s: he found himself making trips to jail since he was 14 years old, despite dropping out of school in eighth grade. However, with hard work and determination both Takeru and Earl created successful paths within their respective careers.

In April 2021, rapper Simmons was transported to the hospital after suffering a heart attack at home. It was reported that the attack had been caused by a narcotics overdose and in the weeks since then, his health has regrettably declined even further.

To add to this family’s already-difficult period, on April 9th, Simmons’ father passed away due to significant cardiovascular failure. Reports have gathered that this untimely death too was caused by drug abuse and it is clear that both of these tragedies are intertwined with one another.

Tacoma Simmons Net Worth

Tacoma Simmons is an American rapper with a net worth of approximately $100,000. He has become very successful through his music career, but he has remained tight-lipped about the actual numbers associated with it.

It is speculated that the income he generates from his tracks and concerts have added to his wealth tremendously. He is highly appreciated by fans of rap and hip hop music worldwide and has gained an impressive following in a relatively small amount of time.

Tacoma Simmons continues to work hard and strive for excellence in his craft, so it’s safe to assume that assets will only increase as time goes on.

Tacoma Simmon’s Social Media Following

Tacoma Simmons’ presence on social media is somewhat limited to his Instagram account @tacomasimmons. With just 763 followers, it’s clear his following is still small and growing, held mainly by fellow music aficionados.

While the Tacoma Simmons information that exists is already comprehensive, the article makes it clear that any recent changes or updates to his profile in life or career will be updated as they happen.

His online presence may only be a small part of the picture for now, but it’s certainly one worth monitoring in order to stay up-to-date with Tacoma’s progress in his industry.

Earl Simmons – DMX Rapper, Father of Tacoma Simmons

DMX was a renowned and beloved rapper, songwriter, and actor who made his mark in hip-hop and popular culture from the early 1990s until his untimely passing in 2021.

His unique delivery and emotional lyrics had a deep impact on rap music throughout the decades. DMX’s work inspired generations of fans to express themselves unapologetically through music, often helping to give voice to the voiceless.

His albums consistently debuted at number one on the charts, such as his 1998 debut album ‘It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot’. Memorialized by fellow artists and fans alike, DMX will forever be remembered for his immense contributions to the hip hop culture.

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