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Suri Cruise – Tom Cruise’s Youngest Daughter


Suri Cruise, the daughter of Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has grown up in the public eye. Born in April of 2004, she is now 17-years-old and has ventured into the world of fashion. The mother-daughter duo were recently seen together in the 2022 film Alone Together, and have remained close despite Suri being estranged from her father. Tom Cruise is reported to still support his daughter financially with child support payments.

Suri Cruise Profile

NameSuri Cruise
Date of BirthApril 18, 2006
Place of BirthSanta Monica, California, USA
ParentsTom Cruise and Katie Holmes
EducationPrivate School
Notable AchievementsN/A

Tom Cruise Daughter Suri


Oh, Suri Cruise – we’ve seen her grow up right before our very eyes. From a tiny baby cradled by her Hollywood parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, to a young woman paving her own way in the world. But let’s be real, her childhood was anything but normal with the constant media attention and public scrutiny. Poor kid couldn’t even go for a stroll without being hounded by paparazzi. But now, as she enters adulthood, Suri seems to be shaking off the weight of her parents’ fame and carving out her own path. Good for her. Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next big thing in Hollywood – or maybe she’ll just live a simple, quiet life away from the spotlight. Either way, we’ll be watching.

How old is Suri Cruise


Oh Suri, you’re all grown up now! Can you believe it? This starlet turned 17 on April 18th, and she’s definitely blossomed into a young woman. Seen more frequently with her mom in New York City, this duo has got some fabulous style that always turns heads. They spent the pandemic together, quarantining, and binge-watching some of Holmes’ iconic TV shows. And what did they watch, you ask? Not just one, not two, but plenty of shows! Including Dawson’s Creek – the hit show that launched Holmes’ career. Although, I’m sure Suri finds it kind of weird watching her mom on TV as a teenager. But hey, at least they had some good laughs about it right? Here’s to hoping Suri continues to thrive in all aspects of her life. Happy birthday, girl!

Her estranged relationship with dad Tom Cruise


Oh, Tom, Tom, Tom. What’s the deal with this whole holiday card debacle? Are you really that estranged from your own daughter, Suri? According to actress Brooke Shields, who was once a lucky recipient of your annual tradition, the card started out as a family affair with you, Katie Holmes, and Suri. But over time, it turned into a “no Suri, no Katie, just Tom” situation, and eventually, the Christmas cake even stopped coming. Ouch. Reports suggest that you’re not very involved in your daughter’s life, but come on, man. She’s your flesh and blood! Don’t let holiday cards be the only way you keep in touch with her. Make a phone call, send a text, do something. It’s never too late to repair a damaged relationship.

It feels like just yesterday we were watching her take her first steps and now she’s all grown up and making her own way in the world. Of course, her childhood wasn’t without its drama, with the paparazzi constantly hounding her famous parents and turning her into a mini-celebrity herself. But hey, she’s still standing and looking gorgeous as ever. Go Suri!

Will she study fashion at university?

Oh, the suspense! Will Suri Cruise, New York City’s own tiny fashion icon, pursue her passion for style at university? According to sources, the celebrity spawn has been busy applying to schools all over the country, but will she ultimately choose to stay close to her mama bear? With a fashion sense that rivals some of the most seasoned style icons out there, it’s no surprise that many are convinced that Suri will take the fashion world by storm. But with her mother’s commitment to protecting her from the public eye, who knows what the future holds for this budding designer. Let the countdown to Suri’s big decision begin!

Mother of Suri Cruise


Katie Holmes is the proud mother of Suri Cruise, the 17-year-old daughter of Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Despite the fact that Suri is estranged from her father, the mother-daughter duo has remained close. Together, they recently made an appearance in the 2022 film Alone Together. Katie is also credited with protecting her daughter from the public eye, allowing her to grow up and make decisions for herself. All of this is likely to have contributed towards Suri’s success, as she is now applying to universities across the US, possibly to study fashion.

Suri Cruise social media accounts

When it comes to social media, Suri Cruise is all but absent. Despite being the daughter of two Hollywood superstars, she has never had any public profiles. This has allowed her to stay out of the spotlight during her formative years, to focus on her studies, and to make decisions for herself. Although we may never get to experience the world through Suri’s eyes, her mother Katie Holmes has done an incredible job at keeping her away from the public eye.

Tom Cruise Children

Tom Cruise is the proud father of three children: Isabella Jane, 24, Connor Cruise, 22, and Suri Cruise, 17. His two eldest children were adopted during his marriage to Nicole Kidman, while his youngest daughter, Suri, is his only child with ex-wife Katie Holmes. Despite being estranged from her father, Suri has still managed to make a name for herself, appearing in the 2022 film Alone Together and venturing into the world of fashion. Tom is believed to still be providing financial support to his daughter, proving that he is still proud of her and her accomplishments.


Suri Cruise is a 17-year-old celebrity-spawn, whose life has been filled with paparazzi and public scrutiny since she was a baby. She and her mother have maintained a strong bond throughout the years, and even worked together in the 2022 film Alone Together. Though her relationship with her father Tom Cruise is estranged, he still provides child support payments. With her immense fashion sense, Suri is now applying to universities across the US, and the world awaits her big decision. Whether she enters the fashion world or decides to remain out of the spotlight, we know that Suri will be a great success.

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