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Stitches Rapper Wife, Erica Duarte


Who is Stiched rapper wife? Well, soft-spoken and strikingly beautiful, Erica Duarte attracted significant public attention when she began a romantic relationship with renowned American rapper, Stitches, eventually leading to their marriage. Erica, known for her quiet demeanor, is often a topic of intrigue for fans who are curious about her connection to the outspoken and controversial rapper Stitches.

Primarily recognized as Stitches’ former spouse, Erica has also carved her own path, establishing her career and navigating life in America as an intelligent, attractive woman with ambitions. Here is everything you need to know about Erica Duarte.

Stitches Rapper Wife

Born as Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis, the rapper known as Stitches has an intriguing backstory. He was born to parents Alex and Esther Katsabanis in Miami, Florida. His parents divorced when he was just a year old, leaving him with his two older brothers, Alex Jr and Dimitri.

Phillip’s rebellious nature was evident from a young age. He attended G. Holmes Braddock High School in Miami-Dade County, but was later expelled for assaulting the principal. This incident led to his arrest and marked the beginning of his solo journey. He left his hometown for South Beach, Florida, in search of success. Despite financial struggles, Phillip resorted to selling illicit substances and weapons to scrape by.

Fueled by his hardships, Phillip channeled his life experiences into his music and found success in the hip-hop genre. He released a series of influential mixtapes, including “Brick Bible” and “Supply and Demand”. These releases paved the way for his debut album, which featured the hit track “Brick In Yo Face”. This track catapulted him into the limelight, amassing over 28 million views on YouTube. His popularity surged with the help of the WorldStarHipHop website and collaboration with renowned DJs, such as DJ Cinemax and DJ Ace.

Stitches rapper tattoos

Not everyone appreciates rapper Stitches’ bold decision to adorn his face with numerous tattoos, with some even deeming them thoughtless. However, each tattoo tells a story and holds a particular significance for Stitches. One such tattoo is the AK-47 inked on his face, which he got when he was merely 16. His reason for this daring tattoo? The AK-47 is his firearm of choice, and he did not mind branding it on his jawbone. Other notable tattoos include a teddy bear emblazoned on his forehead and the stitch marks across his mouth, potentially an allusion to his stage name. After the birth of his first son in 2017, Stitches tattooed his son’s face on his cheek as a tribute to the transformative impact his son had on his life.

Many speculate that Stitches’ tattoo collection draws heavy inspiration from the Joker, a comic book character known for his eclectic array of tattoos, including facial ones. Seeing Stitches often reminds people of the eccentric Joker character. Many wonder what Stitches looked like before his tattoo journey began. Photos of his tattoo-free face are scarce as he began his body and face artistry soon after stepping into the limelight. However, Stitches recently unveiled a photo from 2009 as part of a 10-year challenge, offering a glimpse into his pre-tattooed self.

Her Stint on Paris Hilton’s Reality Show, My New BFF

Erica Duarte is widely recognized as the former wife of rapper Stitches, born Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis. However, few are aware of her participation in a reality show. In 2008, Erica appeared on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, a reality TV series that aired on MTV. The show, established by notable American celebrity Paris Hilton, sought to find a new best friend from a pool of 18 contestants, including Erica.

Despite her participation, Erica did not reach the final stages and thus did not become Paris Hilton’s BFF. While the show did not significantly boost her fame across America, it did provide her with some degree of exposure.

Stitches Rapper wife and her meeting

Erica Duarte’s life took a dramatic turn when she crossed paths with Stitches. Leveraging his popularity, she quickly rose to prominence and became a figure of interest herself.

Reports suggest that Erica and Stitches first met while she was participating in Paris Hilton’s My New BFF reality show. Their relationship raised eyebrows due to their stark contrast in nature: Erica was perceived as calm and reserved, while Stitches was seen as provocative and conspicuous with his face and body covered in tattooed stitches. Despite their differences, they developed a deep bond.

The couple dated for several years before tying the knot in a private ceremony on October 31, 2012. However, their marriage ended in 2017. To date, neither Erica nor Stitches has publicly discussed the reasons behind their separation.

Erica Duarte and Stitches are Parents to Three Kids

During their marriage, Erica Duarte and Stitches brought three beautiful children into the world; a daughter, Evelyn Katsabanis, and two sons, Rocco and Rex Katsabanis. Both parents share a deep affection for their children, with Stitches frequently displaying them on his social media platforms.

Erica Duarte is Stitches’ Senior by 11 Years!

One intriguing aspect of Erica Duarte and Stitches’ relationship was their substantial age gap. Reports indicate that Erica is 11 years older than Stitches. However, this significant age difference did not deter their love story, and they remained united for five years before parting ways. Post-divorce, Erica has maintained a low-key presence, with little known about her current life.

Did the rapper Stitches pass away?

At a certain point, social media was buzzing with speculations stating the death of the rapper Stitches. The story was that he had been tragically shot near Miami Gentlemen’s club. Various articles and photos were circulated on social platforms, causing people to believe that Stitches had indeed met his untimely demise. Yet, it was later revealed that these rumors were mere publicity tactics, intended to garner attention. Regardless, these stories served their purpose, promoting the rapper’s career significantly. Thus, to clear the air – Stitches is very much alive and his career is on a successful trajectory.

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